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  Speech.com: Voxware Secures $2.0 Million Financing
  In-car telematics: Cars That Nudge You to Drive More Safely

  Speech marketing: Hitachi Telecom and Digital Speech Systems Sign Sales Agreement
  Speech recognition application: Voice recognition trumps typing class

  CRM solutions: The New Voice of Tech Support
  Language processing: 'Get me rewrite!' Now, computers can play along

  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech launches the British version of Elan Sayso™

  Speech marketing: VEXIS Systems Partners with Envox to Accelerate Voice Solution Development
  Speech product: Nuance Receives 2003 ''Product of the Year'' Award

  Text-to-speech: RNIB (U.K.) launches voice-enabled book catalogue
  Speaking toys: Advances in tech usher in new generation of learning toys
  Multilinguality: Connexor Machinese Phrase Tagger Version 4.3 Released
  Voice services: French Highway Subsidiary To Speech-Enable Traffic Information Service

  Talking toys: Tech Toys Survive Trial by Tots
  Multilinguality: Connexor & Lingway to Enter a Partnership Agreement
  Speech product: IVoice Delivers IVR Application Generator 2.0

  Speech products: Wizzard Software Signs 21 New Customers to Use Its Speech Technology
  Multilingual speech: LumenVox and Elan Speech Partner For Speech-Enabled Solutions
  Product award: Intervoice Awarded 2003 'Product of the Year' By Inter@ction Solutions Magazine

  Speech recognition: Intervoice Shares the Voice of Good Fortune this Christmas
  Voice services: VeCommerce CRM Solution Reduces Call Time For Suncorp
  Voice feedback: Berlin tests talking bins

  Speech application: Speech Recognition Changes the Way Companies View the Telephone
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical to Provide Speech Synthesis Technology for Motorola VIAMOTO Solution

  Linguistic search: Fast Data Search Deployed on Norwegian Public Sector Information Portal
  Machine translation: Language Weaver Offers New Language Translation Module For Arabic
  Language.com: FAST Ranked As Second Fastest-Growing Technology Company in Europe

  Speech enabled: iVoice Releases Speech Enabled Auto Attendant Version 3.2 for TAPI interface
  Voice activated: VI660 Wireless Phone First in the U.S. Featuring Voice-Activated Status Updates
  Multilingual technologies: Nexidia's 'NEXminer' Features Multi-Language Audio-Video Intelligent Mining

  VoiceXML: Swisscom Systems licenses Voxpilot's Telecom Solution
  Language server: TRADOS Combines Language Technology with the Documentum Content Management Platform
  Voice services: Nuance and Mundwerk Team to Speech-Enable Germany's First Voice-Driven Dating Service

  Voice services: Phonetic Systems Expands Partner Program for Channel
  MacSpeech: Attend Macworld Expo Free with Every iListen Purchase
  Multilingual speech technology: Finnish Deployments for Babear

  Talking to Santa: Three Wise Companies Help Santa Face Peak Season
  Digital speech: WinScribe provides Full Integration for Olympus DS-660 Digital Recorder
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft Speech Solution Increases Efficiency in BMW's Internal IT Hotline

  Microsoft on-board: Microsoft Aims for Software in Every Car
  Voice driven: Speech surfing the web
  Multi-modal interfaces: The Robots are coming

  VoiceXML: VoiceGenie to Market ScanSoft OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0 and Speechify 3.0 on Latest VoiceXML Platform
  Voice services: iVoice Deploying IVR System for Publishing Company
  Speech technology: LingCom's Speech Signal Analysis Software lingWAVES Available for Download

  Speech applications: Philips releases UK MultiMed ConText for hospital-wide speech recognition
  Text-to-speech: Babel Reads SMS, Symbols and Messages for Imagetalk
  Speech.com: Fonix To Acquire LecStar Telecom
  Multilingual tools: Language Learning Best-Seller Now Available For Arabic

  VoiceXML: VoiceGenie and Telisma partner to drive the European VoiceXML market
  Voice authentication: Lloyds TSB trials voice biometrics
  Warehousing: LXE And Voxware Team To Deliver VoiceLogistics On LXE Wireless Computers
  Speech marketing: VoiceGenie and VoiceTrust To Deliver Packaged Speech Applications for Secure User Authentication

  Speech solutions: UK's Royal Mail Uses Voice Automation Solution to Track Special Delivery Packages
  Pocket size TTS: Elan Speech launches PocketSpeech Sayso
  Speech technology: NSC Announces Latest NSCBoard™ Server with Capabilities of Speech Recognition
  Assistive technology - TTS: ScanSoft Allows Visually Impaired People Audio Access to The New Zealand Herald

  Voice Portal: French weather sounds better with Elan Sayso
  Voice XML: Converge Online deploys the SoPHONE VoiceXML platform with Elan Sayso
  Medically speaking: Provox Announces VoxReports(TM) Speech Recognition Based Radiology Reporting

  TTS - Assistive technology: Talking newspapers get human 'voice'
  Speech activated: Voice Signal Ships On New Samsung SCH-i600 Smartphone From Verizon Wireless
  Emotive interaction: Building computers that care
  Voice authentication: DST Retirement Solutions Provides Speaker Verification

  Multimodal interfaces: Kirusa announces a multimodal trial with mobilkom austria
  Voice analysis: esure to Use Voice Risk Analysis to Cut Insurance Fraud
  Speech application: Provox Announces First Tablet PC-Based Medical Speech Recognition Solution
  Speech marketing: Rhetorical and BBN Technologies Sign Speech Technology Licensing Agreement
  Greek TTS: Rhetorical and Dialogos power email reading in Greek

  TTS - Assistive technology: RNIB and Rhetorical announce partnership
  Voice services: Fonix ConnectMe Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant Selected by Law Firm
  Voice services: Nortel Networks IVR Helps Lloyds TSB Customers
  Voice services: BTSLogic Announces Speech-Enabled Directory Assistance Service

  Speech in Warehousing: CooperVision Selects Voxware's VoiceLogistics for Warehouse Labour Optimization
  Speech recognition: ScanSoft Speech Technology Used by Ubisoft in Tom Clancy's Jungle Storm
  Speech for CRM: Computer Talk Technology Selects NMS Communications to Enhance Customer Service Offering
  Text-to-speech: Russian TV Network TNT Selects Sakrament's TTS Engine For TV reality-show

  TTS marketing: VoiceGenie and Elan Speech Partner to Provide Multilingual Speech-Enabled Solutions
  Multimodal interaction: Toys With Tech

  Speech Development Kit: Interlink Licenses iVoice Speech SDK
  Speech application: NCR and ScanSoft Agreement to Speech-Enable ATMs Worldwide
  K9 Speech recognition: Understanding Dog Language Really Isn't So Ruff
  Speech - assistive technology: A Virtual TV Guide for the Visually Impaired

  CRM solutions: Elix and Nü Echo - a perfect match in contact center expertise
  Voice solutions: Orion Telecommunications Selects Metaphor Solutions
  In-car telematics: Cima Selects VOICETEXT™ T0 Power Advanced Phone System For Auto Dealers

  AI - man vs machine: Kasparov Wins in Computer Chess Match
  Voice marketing: Contact Solutions and Intervoice Announce Alliance to Deliver Voice Solutions
  Blowin' in the wind: Nearly extinct whistling language revived

  Speech interaction: Fonix/Epson Speech Solution Selected by TopGrade for Chinese Electronic Dictionary
  Speech markets: Voice Print and CallMiner Join Forces to Provide Full-Time Recording and Audio Mining Capabilities

  Voice interaction: Fonix Voice Command Technology Receives Rave Reviews in Latest Generation of Interactive Games
  Voice identification: The Keys to Keeping Cell-phone Customers
  TTS: Nuance Expands Vocalizer 3.0 Text-to-Speech with Canadian French Voice

  Multilingual issues: Why America is losing the intelligence war

  Speech marketing: The Speech Market Deserves a Break
  Voice commands: Award For TV Voice Control Experiment
  Embedded speech: Fonix/Epson Embedded Speech Solutions Showcased at Embedded Technology 2003

  Speech interface: Kenwood Excelon Music Keg Speaks to Drivers Who Can Tune While Watching the Road
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft Introduces Kyoko - A Female Japanese Voice for TTS Applications
  TTS - Assistive technology: Fonix Partners With a-technic to Provide DECtalk TTS Technology to Disabled
  Multimodal interfaces: The Pen-Based Nokia 3108 Makes Messaging Fun & Expressive

  Speech application: ITS to deploy NSC speech recognition engine
  Speech application: Loquendo and Phonologies sign OEM Agreement

  Voice services: Telewest Broadband Chooses Syntellect's VistaPayment For Credit Card Payments Over the Phone
  Speech interface: Virtual tellers talk to clients
  Multimodal interfaces: Virtual TV studio gets real

  Voice services: ScanSoft to Host Web Seminar on Newly Launched Voice Identity Program
  Digital listening: Let your fingers do the listening
  Speech interface: Talk the talk

  Machine translation: U.S. Agencies Surf for Translators
  Voice activated: Cellport's Patented Telematics Technologies Used By European Manufacturers to Launch US Products
  Chinese TTS: Microsoft sets up tech centre in Beijing
  Speech driven: Fonix Delivers Speech Solutions to Renesas’ SH-4 Series Processors
  Robotics: International robotics prize for WorkPartner

  Multimodal interfaces: Smart Move from BenQ - Their New Smartphone Includes ART's smARTwriter
  Speech marketing: Angel.com and Voice Partners Reduce Deployment Time & Cost of Speech Applications
  Mac interfaces: iListen 1.6 - Dictation and Editing Anywhere That You Can Type

  Speech application: ScanSoft Speech Solution Handles More than Eight Million Calls for Dollar Rent A Car
  Voice services: New Knoxville Telephone Deploying iVoice's Speech Enabled Platform
  Voice commands: Microsoft voice-enables handhelds

  Speech interface, TTS: India plans 2.7 billion-dollar technology project to bridge digital divide
  Voice driven: Microsoft launches voice control for mobiles
  Predictive technology: eZiTap Predictive Text Technology Available for Sony Ericsson Smart Phone

  Voice services: VoiceLog(R) Offers Third Party Verification for Wireless Number Portability
  Multilingual web search: Non-English search tool gains outside U.S.
  Mobile Language dictionary: SlovoEd multi-language dictionaries available for Nokia 6600 smartphones

  Speech application: Over $43 Million in Member Loans Using Speech-Enabled Loan Application
  Speech driven: First Microsoft Xbox Games with Fonix Speech Now Available
  Biometrics: Passengers to use facial recognition for Tokyo airport

  Speech interface: Fonix and Seiko Epson Offer Speech Solution on Powerful Processor Chips
  Speech marketing: Loquendo Speech Technologies Integrate with Oracle9i Applications
  Award: Nuance Wins Awards for Advanced Speech Solutions
  Language tool: GlobalAutoIndustry.com and Rosetta Stone to Offer Language-Learning Tool to the Automotive Community

  Tech prize: Finland launches the largest technology prize in the world
  Speech in games: ScanSoft's Speech Technology Selected by Vivendi Universal Games
  Machine translation: Working With Translation Memory

  Voice driven: HandsFreeLink Telematics System for 2004 Acura TL Models
  Speech application: Fonix Speech Technology for Midwestern 511 Road Traffic Information Service
  Text-to-speech: NSC's Speech Recognition Engine Now Supports the Arabic Language

  Voice command: Voice recognition, smart software transform police cruiser
  NL Tools: Alias-i Goes Open Source with LingPipe Natural Language Processing Tools
  Speech warehousing: Supply Chain Improved with a Dual Implementation of Vocollect's Voice Solution
  Speech marketing: RedPrairie and Vocollect Announce Voice-Directed Supply Chain Solution

  Speech interface: Microsoft Invites Fonix to Japan Xbox Xfest
  Speech marketing: Syntellect and Aculab expand market reach
  Voice controlled: ScanSoft Introduces New Suite of Speech Optimization Services
  Spoof Item: Voice Recognition Software Yelled At

  Arabic TTS: Babel releases Arabic Language Version of BrightSpeech
  Standard speech solutions: Edify Overhauls Landstar Communications Operations
  Voice controlled: Elix leverages the Power of Enhanced Call Control
  AI on grass: Farewell lawnmower... hello robot

  Speech wear: XYBERNAUT® Wearable Technologies On Show At 2003 System-World Forum, Germany
  Speech application development: NMS Communications Makes Speech Application Development Easier
  Speech marketing: iVoice Appoints The Support Network UK As Approved Reseller
  Speech solutions: Fonix Teams with Oracle to Provide Distributed Voice Solutions

  NLP Search: iPhrase Provides Self-Service Search and Navigation Across NASDAQ.com
  Search technology: FBI Selects Convera for Search and Sharing of Information Within FBI Database
  Voice services: HTI and Nuance Provide Speech Solutions for Valero Energy Corporation

  Multimodal interfaces: Future troop helmets will protect and connect
  Speech technology: Speech recognition begins to makes itself heard
  Standard speech solutions: Microsoft Goes Mainstream with Speech Tech

  Speech markets: Gartner Says Worldwide Speech Recognition Industry to Reach $130 Million in 2003
  Speech technology: ScanSoft Releases OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0 Software
  Speech support: VoiceGenie announces support for ScanSoft OpenSpeech Recognizer 2.0

  Pervasive computing: Ubiquitous Computing Driving Software Industry
  Multilingual web: Web grows for Latinos
  Speech conference: Bank of America and Verizon Keynote ScanSoft's Fifth Annual Speech Conference

  Voice services: Sun and Lucent Technologies deliver solution for enhanced communications
  Speech in banking: Nuance Speech Technology Deployed by Wells Fargo

  Speech marketing: Aculab and SkunkWorks Australia form strategic alliance
  Text mining: Connexor to Provide ClearForest with Additional Language Capabilities
  Speech recognition: Maxxar Corporation & XP Systems To Provide Users with Voice Recognition Solutions
  Mind interface: Monkeys use mind to move objects

  Belgian announcements: First Belgian Supermarket Announcement System Boosted By BrightSpeech
  Translation tools: Allianz Suisse Deploys TRADOS TM Server and MultiTerm
  AI: Artificial “agents” can model complex systems
  Speech applications: WorkForce Technologies and Nuance Team to Deliver Packaged Speech Apps

  Audio search: Nexidia to Enable Audio Search for Yahoo! NetRoadshow
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft Expands Its Portfolio of TTS Software with Speechify 3.0
  Speech marketing: Envox Worldwide and ScanSoft Partner to Advance Standards-Based Speech Solutions

  I, Robot: Evolution Robotics - Bargain ER1 Robot at $249
  Embedded TTS: Babel’s multi-lingual TTS available in ALVA’s Mobile Phone Organizer
  Speech SDK: Sensory Releases Speech Recognition SDK for Linux
  Product award: Brooktrout's TR1000 Speech Processing Platform Gets Prize

  Voice services: BT and Eckoh Technologies deploy speech recognition solution for TD Waterhouse
  TTS - Assistive technology: New mobile phone caters to blind users
  CRM: Bank Of New York Calls On Phonetic Systems' Speech Recognition Solution
  Speech applications: Microsoft apps talk to Voice Automation
  Speech warehousing: ATA Selects LumenVox Speech Technology for Workforce Automation System

  Voice services: MAP Telecom and Voxpilot join forces to expand VoiceXML hosting business
  Industry awards: Speech Technology Industry Names Top Performers for 2003
  TTS virtual voices: Loquendo Technology selected by LogicJunction Inc
  Machine interface?: Clever motor leads to talking vacuum cleaner

  Speech marketing: Sun Microsystems and VoiceGenie talk up speech services
  CRM: AT&T 'Breakthrough' Speech Technology
  TTS: Nickolodeon Chooses Neospeech Text-To-Speech Engine
  Speech marketing: V-Enable And Phonetic Systems Announce Strategic Alliance
  Speech product: SDC Announces INTELLISPEECH 4

  Computer speech: Machines Learn to Mimic Speech
  Language filtering: Text blocking aid fights bullies

  Speech marketing: Microsoft and Voice Automation Announce Strategic Relationship
  Speech marketing: VoiceGenie and Sun form strategic alliance for speech solutions
  Text-to-speech: Plum Voice Portals Selects Cepstral TTS for Plum VoiceXML IVR
  Text-to-speech: Fonix Announces the Next Generation DECtalk
  Speech marketing: Audium and Holly Australia Team to Provide Integrated IVR Solution
  Speech commands: MacSpeech Releases ScriptPak for Word X

  Speech application: Philips secures major order for SpeechMagic from German State insurers
  Speech resource: Aculab announces development of host media processing resource
  TTS - Assistive Technology: Babel provides Voice Interface for the Owasys22C Mobile Phone
  Speech Development Platform: Brooktrout and VoiceGenie Deliver Integrated Solution for Speech-Enabled Applications

  Speech application: Phonetic Systems Extend’s Speech Access With IBM Technology
  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech Unveils New Elan Sayso Voice
  Standard Speech solutions: Envox Worldwide and Metaphor Solutions Partner
  Speech marketing: Loquendo selected by Sonat Corporation to provide Speech Technology
  Speech marketing: VoiceGenie and Loquendo Team Up to Empower Speech-Enabled Services Worldwide

  Standard speech solutions: Visibridge Deploys Brightspeech In VoiceXML Gateway Server
  Building speech applications: enGenic Selects LumenVox's Speech Recognition
  CRM with speech interface: DTE Energy Awards Contract for Contact Center Featuring Speech Recognition Technology
  Speech.com: SVOX successfully concludes second financing round

  Speech Wearables: Xybernaut Granted European Patent for Mobile Computer
  Speech technology: LumenVox To Announce LV Speech Tuner at SpeechTEK 2003
  Speech markets: SpeechWorks and ScanSoft Combined Speech Recognition Company Leader in Speech Recognition Market in 2002

  Voice services: Comverse And Angel.com Team To Offer Voice-Activated Services
  Speech marketing: TRADOS Management Appointment to Meet Growing Demand for Enterprise Solutions in Europe
  Speech technology: Voice Portals and Multimodal Technology
  Mobile TTS: Fonix Joins Symbian Platinum Program

  Text mining: TEMIS and IBM sign agreement to deliver innovative solutions for Life Sciences
  Voice services: Desjardins chooses Elix for its interactive voice response services
  Voice Standards: VoiceXML Forum Adds New Leadership

  Standard speech solutions: Visibridge deploys BrightSpeech in VoiceXML Gateway Server
  Speech systems: LumenVox Announces Version 4.0 at SpeechTEK 2003
  Speech application: North Bronx Healthcare Network Integrates Speech Recognition
  Standard speech solutions: VoiceGenie introduces new PervasiveGenie speech recognition solution

  In-car language technology: LTC Technology in the Automotive Industry
  Voice directed: Babel and Navigation Technologies cooperate on Voice-enabling Navigation System
  TTS - Assistive technology: WizCom Launches the New English Reading Pen

  Voice services: Idylic Launches New Voice Portal in Senegal
  Speech recognition: Voice Signal Provides Advanced Speech Recognition Software on New Motorola Color
  Multi-language tools: Microsoft unveils multilingual Tablets

  TTS application: iVoice and Wizzard Software Collaborate to Develop Voice Enabled Text-to-Speech E-Mail Reader
  Voice services: Convergys to Provide Interactive Voice Response to Federal Jobs Web Site
  Lo-cost, but not lo-tech: India Officially Launches Simputer
  SMS Takes off: Airline lauches onboard SMS

  Speech driven: Epson and Fonix Announce New Speech Platform
  Speech application: VOXIT Mailer Version 3.0 Now Available
  Speech marketing: TARGUSinfo Elected as Member of New Microsoft Speech Partner Program

  Speech markets: Gold Europe and Phonetic Systems Expand Voice Driven Solutions Offerings in Europe
  Display technologies: Look Ma, No Projection Screen
  K9 Translator: TheDogTranslator.com Ships World's First Dog Translator Device To U.S., Canada

  Multimodal, multilingual interfaces: Microsoft extends multilanguage support for the Tablet PC
  TTS application: 2112 Chooses NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech for Flagship Golf Application
  Voice command: Connect Logistics Installs Vocollect's Voice-Directed Distribution System

  Speech identification: High-Tech Hearing Aid 'Thinks' For Wearers
  Standard voice solutions: Plum Voice Portals Announces Update of VoiceXML IVR Platform
  Localization: ScanSoft Ships PaperPort Pro 9 Office for Germany, Belgium, France and Spain

  Speech marketing: Gold Europe & VoiceGenie to drive voice-enabled applications and services in Europe
  Speech application: Doctors Hospital to Deploy Speech-Activated Paging from Amcom
  Text-to-speech application: O2 Germany Selects Webraska's SmartZone Navigation
  Standard speech solutions: VoiceGenie introduces GenieFactory advanced graphical voice application management system
  Translation management: RedDot Offers Multilingual Support and Content Translation Functionality

  Text-to-speech: Sakrament TTS Engine for PDA Devices
  Speech recognition: Speak easier - Voice Signal helps phones know what you’re saying
  Voice driven: 21st Century Cars Hit the Road
  Text-to-speech: Apropos Technology Announces Speech-Enabled Self Service for PeopleSoft CRM 8.8
  Speech interaction: The Evolution Of ART - The Last Word in Embedded Speaker Independent Speech Interface Solutions

  Speech technology: Now hear this!
  Language issues: Computer game boosts children's' language skills
  Text mining: TEMIS acquires Xerox linguistic products - confirms its position as European leader in Text Mining
  CRM Benchmarking: Elix offers contact centers opportunity to compare metrics

  NLP: Spanlink Acquires Discern Communications
  Search technology: Ann Taylor Selects EasyAsk
  Machine translation: GMSI and StreamSage Win Air Force Research Laboratory Contract
  Voice services: Mpower Communications Forms Strategic Alliance with SpeechPhone
  Speech applications: Voice Recruiting Hits Stride
  Speech solutions: ART Presents the Latest Addition to the smARTspeak family

  Speech technologies: Clarity software tunes in race drivers
  Speech deals: Syntellect to Become North American Master Distributor for Nuance
  Voice interfaces: Voiceobjects Establishes New Voice User Interface Design Group

  Speech solutions: Pronexus To Deliver Speech Solutions For The Japanese Market
  Speech events: SpeechTEK Announces Participants in Conference Keynotes

  Speech integration: Smooth Talkers
  Voice services: ScanSoft and Comfort Launch Asia's First Taxi Booking Service Using Text-to-Speech
  Speech applications: iVoice Speech Enables bConvergent's OpenVoice Soft-PBX
  Speech deals: LumenVox and NeoSpeech Announce Partnership
  Interview: Q&A with Fluency CEO Alex Green

  Voice services: Voice-Activated Services Gaining Attention
  Multilinguality: Window to desi opportunity
  Speech deals: Vocera, Mobixell Secure Funds

  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical hosts world's first text-to-speech conference
  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech launches Speechissimo

  Speech applications: Spectel Takes Web Conferencing Mobile
  Voice services: iVoice Installs Order Tracing IVR System at Bilkay's
  Speech solutions: Pulse Joins Microsoft Speech Partner Program
  EU R&D: European funding brings major research results on deafness
  HLT deals: GlobalWare AG in GEDYS-DISKUS Ltd takeover
  Multilinguality: Opera Increases Language Support in 7.2 Beta
  Speech synthesis: Babel Announces BrightSpeech Studio

  Telematics: ScanSoft Speech Recognition Engine Selected By PEIKER
  Multilingual search: Endeca Teams with Basis Technology to Deliver Multilingual Search Solutions
  Speech solutions: Sound Advantage Provides Speech-Enabled Unified Office Solution to Technology Assurance Group
  Intelligent interfaces: Machine Thinks, Therefore It Is
  Biometrics: Scan 'em, Then Ban 'em
  Biometrics: Passport biometric trials point way for ID cards

  Speech events: Zelos Group and SpeechTEK to Host First Ever Development Competition
  Voice services: Wells Fargo & Company Leverages Speech Technology to Maximise the Service Experience
  Voice authentication: Vocent Launches Confirmed Caller 2.0
  Voice services: Avaya and ScanSoft Develop Innovative Speech Service for Qantas Airways
  Speech boards: VoiceGenie Selects Brooktrout's Speech Processing Board for Developer Workshop
  Speech platforms: Maxxar Corporation Introduces Total Natural Transaction Solution
  Speech applications: Active Voice Introduces New "Seven" Speech Recognition System

  Multimodal solutions: Kirusa and Elan Speech Partner to Deliver Multimodal Solutions
  Speech solutions: Edify to Showcase Leading Edge Voice Recognition Technology at Catalyst 2003
  Speech applications: Defence science gets vocal about transcripts
  Search technology: Ask Jeeves Serves Up New Answers
  Information management: iPhrase Named One of the Fastest Growing Companies in New England
  Biometrics: Acsys Biometrics Technology Is Part Of $51 Million Biometric Project

  Multilingual Voice services: Touring Club Switzerland launches voice-based traffic information system
  Language issues: Mind your tongue - Strategies emerge to combat language extinction
  TTS applications: ATA Selects NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech for Workforce Automation System
  CRM: Nuasis and VoiceGenie Partner to Deliver Complete Contact Center Solution

  Speech applications: ScanSoft and Microsoft to Enable Paperless Medical Records
  Speech marketing: TuVox Joins Genesys Interacts Partner Program
  Web Seminar: Nuance Webcast - Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 19:00 hrs CET

  Text-to-speech: Assistive Tech Needs a Hand in D.C.
  Speech.com: Vocalis on the rocks

  Speech marketing: Rhetorical Systems announces partnership with US based Phonetic Systems
  Speech.com: Fluency Voice Technology to acquire Vocalis Ltd
  Voice patents: InternetSpeech Receives Patent on Voice Internet

  NLP: Connexor Announces a License Agreement with Pearson Education Ltd.
  NLP: Connexor Releases Machinese Phrase Tagger v. 4.0
  NLP: Connexor’s New Demo Pages
  Speech recognition: US Social Security Administration Selects ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Streamline Processes

  Language search: FAST and the University of Bielefeld Form Strategic Partnership
  Speech technology: LumenVox Releases SRE v3.5 Beta for Linux
  Voice services: iVoice Speech Enables JVC Customer Service Center

  Speech markets: Datamonitor White Paper Predicts Voice Automation to Transform Everyday Tasks By 2023
  Multilinguality issues: A tongue-twister at the EU

  Stress on voice: Lie Detectors Go On Trial
  Voice services: U.K.'s Royal Mail Automates A Million Calls A Year Using Speech Portal

  Machine translation: Can You Speak Doglish ?
  Language issues: Plain Hinglish

  Multilingual technology: Nuance's Multilingual Speech Deployments Translate to Business Success - in Any Language
  Multimodal interaction: Electronic glove aims to translate sign language into speech

  Pain-in-the-TTS #1: Marx Toys Receives It's First Interactive Toy Line Order
  Pain-in-the-TTS #2: VoiceShot Chooses NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech Product for Dynamic Notifications
  Speech.com: ScanSoft and SpeechWorks Shareholders Approve Merger
  Standard voice solutions: Comverse Server To Deliver Next-Generation VoiceXML Speech Recognition Applications To Carrier Networks

  Speech marketing: Philips and Winscribe’s partnership strengthens the market position in the US
  Translator's Portal: Eurotexte creates Translators' Portal
  Voice services: Property24 Launches Speech–Enabled Home Searching Service

  Speech.com: Eckoh to Pay $14.3m for Intelliplus
  Voice activated: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 to Bundle with Sony's Portable Digital Voice Recorders
  Speech.com: ScanSoft Plans Share Repurchase Following Close of SpeechWorks Acquisition
  Voice 'n' text: Voxpilot and eTX launch 'London Taxi Point': Black Cabs for mobile users

  TTS Event: Rhetorical organizes Text-to-Speech World to spotlight the power of text-to-speech
  Voice services: Thanks to new tech, entertainment's at home in any room
  Speech activated: Voice Signal's Voice-Activated Phonebook Ships With New Samsung Camera Phone

  Voice services: Nuance and SemanticEdge Power Speech Recognition-Based Services for German Bank
  Speech marketing: Envox & Phonetic Systems Announce Strategic Alliance
  Voice services: SandCherry Announces Voice Solutions With BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1

  Search technology: Insightful Corporation Launches InFact 2.5 With Powerful Relationship Search Capability
  Voice services: Loquendo and IT Deusto sign VAR Agreement
  Multimodal interaction: Saying It All With a Gesture

  Machine translation: PROMT Releases Its Latest @promt Office translation system
  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech high-end TTS technology available in Spanish
  Information mining: Business-Intelligence Market Crawls Forward

  Text-to-speech: India's Simputer offers computers for masses
  Speech.com: SYSTRAN First Semester 2003 Interim Report - Positive outlook
  Multimodal interfaces: Virtual reality conquers sense of taste
  Text search: Sees all, knows all: Is it God or Google?

  Speech application: First European hospitals install speech recognition throughout all departments
  Multi-language solutions: Loquendo Presents Loquendo Language Guesser
  In-car speech: Putting the high-tech comforts of home on wheels

  Voice services: LumenVox's Speech Recognition Engine Incorporated Into VoiceWise's Product Line
  Multimodal interfaces: Synaptics and NXT to Develop Integrated Audio Solutions for Laptop Computers
  Speech.com: VoiceGenie Closes $10 Million 2nd Round Venture Capital Funding

  Ambient intelligence: Everything is watching You (registration required)
  Voice services: Datria Offers Field service Application on the Nuance Voice Platform
  Product award: ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking Wins 2003 Law Office Computing Readers' Award

  Text-to-speech: Babel's next-generation TTS incorporated in Voxpilot's VoiceXML Gateway products
  Multilingual speech tools: LumenVox Introduces Spanish
  Talkin' eBanking: RealSpeak to Create Talking ATMs that Assist Visually Impaired with Remote Banking

  Voice Application: Expedia Selects Empirix For New Speech-Based Customer Service Application
  Web Conference: Nuance Webcast - Wednesday, July 23, 2003, 19:00 hrs CET

  Speech applications: TuVox to Participate in the Speech Solutions Challenge
  Speech Awards: Most Innovative Speech Tech Solutions

  Speech applications: Smooth Talkers
  eBanking: Speech Recognition - Technology Moving Full Steam Ahead

  Multilinguality issues: France Bids Adieu to 'E-Mail'

  Stress on speech: Software Searches for Truth in Voice Changes
  Voice command: 99¢ Only Stores Selects VoiceLogistics™ from Voxware

  Voice identification: Maxxar Corporation Announces Speaker Verification Component on its Speech Recognition Platform
  Language interpretation: Japanese toymaker offers cat-language interpreter
  Speech.com: Wizzard Software Expands Tools & Engines Division

  Voice services: Elix and Nu Echo Team Up to Provide Contact Center and Speech Expertise
  Speech.com: L&H founders hit
  Voice command: TiVo Implements TuVox Conversational Voice Response Solution

  German TTS: ScanSoft RealSpeak - the Voice for Microsoft's Educational Initiative in Germany
  Assistive technology: Boston Public School District Using Mobile/Wearable Computers
  Speech solutions: NSC's Speech Recognition to Expand IBM WebSphere Voice Response Platform

  Voice recognition: PCs recognise users' laughter
  Txt lang: Trying to make sense of instant message language
  Machine translation: Student's invention translates food orders into mother tongues

  MS Speech Server: Talking computers nearing reality
  Ambient intelligence?: Big Brother Gets a Brain
  Speech transcription: Wizzard Software to Offer Transcription Solutions With IBM ViaVoice
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks Provides Unique Support to Microsoft Speech Partner Program Participants

  Machine translation: USC Researchers Build Machine Translation System For Hindi in Less Than a Month
  Speech.com: Q&A with Volker Jantzen of SVOX

  Voice services: White Stone Group Selects ScanSoft to Automate Its VoiCert Healthcare Transactions
  Italian Voices -TTS: Meet Luca, the new Italian male voice of Loquendo TTS
  Speech markets: Leading U.S. Market Share Position for Speechworks

  Language tool: Inxight ThingFinder 3.5 - Powerful New Information Retrieval and Analysis Tool
  Speech markets: New Speech Applications For the Small-Office Home-Office (SOHO) Market

  LT Marketing: Celer Pawlowsky becomes official TRADOS reseller
  Voice services: Eway Selects BaBel For eVOX 2.0 Voice Server Solution

  Voice driven: Phonetic Systems Releases Hebrew Version Of Its Voice Search Engine
  Voice surfing: InternetSpeech and NFB Team to Bring Web Access to the Blind
  Multimodal interaction: Reaching Through the Net to Touch
  Assistive technology - TTS: Engineer's focus - accessible technology for all

  Voice services: Al Jazeera unveils voice portal service in UAE
  Virtual Agent: Elan Speech gives voice to "Lola", a cyber-agent for Avis Rentals (in French)
  Speech technology: Aculab’s Prosody with support for InfoTalk-Recognizer 8.0

  Speech.com: Mycrom Becomes WinScribe Europe following Inter Company Share Swap
  Speech.com: Voxware Closes $5.6 Million Financing
  Towards Ambient intelligence: Sensors of the World, Unite!
  European R&D: ANITA EU-funded IST R&D project launches
  Multi-language tools: ScanSoft Expands Language Support for Its Speech Solutions

  Multi-language TTS: Elan Sayso™ golden tones in Spanish
  Text-to-speech: Elan Sayso™ gives a voice to the Citroën C3 Pluriel "Wi-Fi"
  Voice driven: Nuance Ships Nuance Call Steering 1.0

  Text-to-speech: Babel’S Text-To-Speech Technology 'PocketBabil' Now Available For Symbian
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo Technology Powers JoeKnowsIt Online Training Offering

  Speech recognition: LumenVox Becomes Speech Recognition Provider to Parallax Technologies
  Multi-modal interfaces: Pogo Mobile chooses ART's handwriting recognition for nVoy
  Machine translation: Internet-based Sharing of Translation Memory

  Speech survey: Speech Satisfies a Broad Consumer Market, Landmark Harris Interactive Survey Shows
  Standard-based apps: Sandcherry™ Announces VoiceXML Browser
  TTS applications: Citrix and GW Micro Help the Visually Impaired Access To Computer Applications
  MacSpeech: MacSpeech announces major step forward in Speech Recognition for Apple's Mac OS X

  Speech standards: Neospeech Joins SALT Forum
  Standard solutions: VoiceXML Forum to Offer Developer Certification Program
  Speech applications: SALT - New Proposal Paves the Way for Speech Applications on Portable Devices

  Text-to-speech: The Last Word On The Internet Will Be Spoken And Not Typed Claims UK Company
  Language technology: Ex-Dragon Systems Executives Launch Audiotrieve, To Sort, Index And Retrieve
  Speech recognition: ScanSoft Announces Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Developer Toolkits for Windows Mobile 2003

  Text-to-speech applications: Talking Dictionaries
  Voice authentication: Biometrics Meets E-Commerce
  Virtual Sound Instrument: How to Pluck a Cymbal

  TTS applications: Wizzard Software Issues Marketing Report For Talking ATMs
  Voice driven: SpeechStudio and Acoustic Magic To Develop the Market for Voice Control of Computers
  Web workshop: Nuance Webcast - Wednesday, June 25, 2003, 18:00 CET

  Speech marketing: NeoSpeech Announces Reseller Agreement with Babel Technologies
  Test-to-speech: Microvocal Selects Brightspeech For Europe's First Reading Kiosks
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks Provides America’s Favorite Speech Personality “Julie, the Voice of
  Voice activated: ScanSoft VoiceRequest 2.0 Brings Productivity of Voice-Activated Call Routing

  Speech application: Lister InHealth Streamlines Radiology Consultancy with Digital Dictation
  Future of Man-Machine interfaces: Technology Elite Are Focusing Next on Human Body (Registration required)
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks Receives Highest Marks in Independent Testing of TTS Software

  Assistive technology - TTS: IBM tech targets baby boomers
  Man-machine interaction: The New Pet Craze - Robovacs
  Multilinguality issues: Multilingual mathematics dictionary launched
  Language technologies: Philips and Dolbey announce partnership and the release of Fusion Text

  Text-to-speech: Project Sponsored By NASA To Use NEOSPEECH'S Speech Engine
  Text-to-speech: VoiceObjects AG expands operations by appointing UK and Regional Director Europe
  Assistive technology - TTS: GPS to Help the Blind Navigate

  Voice services: VOICE.TRUST and SpeechWorks Power Secure Self–Service Solutions
  Text-to-speech: Vodafone Selects SpeechWorks to Power Speech–Enabled Application for the Visually Impaired
  Assitive speech technology: ScanSoft Teams with Microsoft In the Use of Assistive Products Based on Speech Recognition
  Text-to-speech: Sakrament announces the beta release of Sakrament TTS Engine for UK English

  Language & Computing: Healthcare Informatics magazine names L&C a ‘company to keep an eye on’
  Future eBusiness: THE WIRED 40 - companies that are reshaping the global economy
  Ambient Technology: Glass That Glows and Gives Stock Information (Registration Required)

  Speech.com: ScanSoft and SpeechWorks Announce Termination of Waiting Period for Pending Merger
  Speech techlology: Nuance Recognized for Innovation in Speech Technology
  Machine Translation: The Translation Challenge

  Machine Translation: Pick a Language, Any Language
  Multi-language interface?: Goldtouch Technologies Launches Arabic/English Keyboard

  Just Think it!: Browser Boosts Brain Interface

  Voice services: Fluency Voice and Nuance Team to Deliver Speech Applications for the Travel and Transportation Markets
  Language issues: 'Every Time We Lose a Language, We Lose One Vision Of The World'

  Voice recognition: Brooktrout Partners with WRSystems and Diaphonics to Deploy National Security Application Test Site
  Multilingual tools: Bowne Localizes Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 for Use in Multiple Languages
  Voice recognition application: A better way for computers to understand language

  Speech recognition application: Brooktrout product features for surveillance and monitoring applications
  Voice services: Group Voyagers Unveils Successful Speech Recognition System
  MT: China's Web Sites Automatically Translated Into Korean Language

  TTS: The Medical Learning Company Chooses NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech Product
  NL Search: iPhrase Search and Navigation Software Selected by National Semiconductor

  Voice command: Soldier of the future will be wired
  Language interface: Artificial Intelligence To Help Increase Online Customer Transactions
  Voice interface: Human traits make robots likeable

  Multi-modal interfaces: Gesture Your Mouse Goodbye
  Voice service: JobFlash Hailed in Las Vegas as Successful Phone-Based Recruiting Solution
  Voice services: SpeechWorks and NetCentrex Deliver France's First Speech-Enabled Trading Service for Credit Lyonnais
  Character animation: DA Group and Rhetorical add shock element to viral marketing campaign
  Speech deals: Eckoh Technologies signs exclusive 5-year UK contract with Twenty First Century Communications
  Text-to-speech: Expansion drives 70% increase in Rhetorical's turnover
  Voice services: Eckoh Technologies to re-launch L!VE TV on Sky Digital

  Language technology: Tell-Eureka Wins ‘Innovative Solutions Award’
  Speech Recognition centre: Philips and AnNoText to launch European speech recognition competence centre
  Voice driven: Voice-enabled marketing campaign for Austrian elections

  Speech standards: ScanSoft Brings Accurate Speech Recognition to Platforms Based on VoiceXML and SALT Standards
  Language technologies: Big Changes for Search Engines
  Speech applications: Cobbetts Creates 'Virtual Office' with SRC/WinScribe Digital Dictation Roll Out
  Accessibility: Dictionary of Finnish Sign Language Comes Alive On The Internet

  Greek to me: Meet Afroditi, the New Greek Female Voice
  Unusual interface: Working Remotely, Robots in Place
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical develops Spanish voice for the American market

  Multimodal interfaces: Can a Keyboard Light the Way?
  Speech techlology: MIT Gives Peek at Future Tech
  Language technology: Google - Powerful Tool Has Altered Work, Social Habits, And Increased Privacy Concerns
  Multi-modal interaction: Assistive Technology and Your Child

  CRM solutions: Edify Powered Solution Earns Speech Technology Magazine's Award
  Voice routing: SpeechWorks Solution Services Over One Million Calls for Credit Lyonnais
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft RealSpeak Reads Short Message Service Messages to KPN Users
  Text-to-speech: Avaya Selects Babel's BrightSpeech
  Text-to-speech: Babel Increases Language Options for BrightSpeech TTS Engine

  Text-to-speech: No hable? No Problem! Rhetorical develops English/Spanish voice for American market
  Language technology: Canoo's Morphology Software now available for Italian
  Language issues: Will a Spell-Check Check Gàidhlig?
  Language technology: Computers That Speak Your Language
  Sound tech: Sound technology turns the way you hear on its ear

  Voice standards: Tell–Eureka Announces Support for VoiceXML 2.0 Standard
  Revenue from Speech: Demand for Speech Solutions Increases Fonix Revenue
  Speech awards: SpeechWorks Systems Win Innovative Solutions Awards
  Voice services: SRC Launches Marketing Service Consultancy to Aid Mass-Marketing Campaigns
  Speech applications: Audentify Brings Understanding To Contact Centres

  NL Interfaces: Nokia's 'what if' project could be the One
  Speech markets: Nuance Named Speech Recognition Market Leader by Frost & Sullivan
  Language issues: Web Wakes Up to Hispanic Audience
  Voice services: SandCherry and Voxpilot Sign VAR Agreement

  Localization: RWS GROUP (translate.com) Co-sponsors LISA Forum Europe 2003
  Translation tools: TRADOS Selected to Present at TiEcon 2003
  Text-to-speech: Wizzard Software Launches Web Store for AT&T's Natural Voices® Text-To-Speech Software
  Speech technology: NetByTel Recognized for Extraordinary Innovation and Leadership in Speech Technology
  Multilinguality: e-Governance brings local languages to the fore

  Voice services: Jet Multimédia counts on Elan Sayso™ for its high-end consumer speech-enabled services
  Text-to-speech: SVOX listed by TORNADO INSIDER as one of Europe’s top 100 growing companies
  Text-to-speech: MAAF Vie customers can manage their account by phone 24/7 via VoiceXML and text to speech
  Localization: Moravia Delivers Multilingual Web Solution to Toshiba Europe
  Voice services: Map Télécom : Real time traffic bulletin in Paris and its suburbs with Elan Sayso™
  Speaker verification: SpeechWorks Introduces SpeechSecure™ Server
  Text-to-speech: Time critical information : Com2I choose Elan Speech for driver guidance or docker information
  Text-to-speech: Elan Sayso™ available for Mac OS X

  Translation tools: TRADOS TM Server Now Released
  Search technologies: U.S. Robotics Empowers Customers with iPhrase One Step
  Machine translation: Syracuse University works on anti-terror computer translator
  Speech recognition: SER’s Call Validation and Quality Monitoring Solution Awarded “Product of the Year”
  Speech solutions: ART's smARTspeak XGTM brings its speaker independent speech solutions to TI's wireless chipsets

  Knowledge management: EU funded project develops forum to boost European knowledge-based economy
  Search technologies: NativeMinds Introduces Virtual Representative Application
  Voice services: Fandango Launches New 1-800-FANDANGO Voice Recognition Service

  The eyes say it all: Airport security scanners to look into your eyes
  Text-to-speech: Voice of experience
  Language issues: Monkeys Don't Write Shakespeare
  Machine Translation: Troops use high-tech translator

  Language IT: Local language IT market to boom
  Speech-to-speech transaltion: IBM developing translation software
  Speaking money holes: Wizzard Adds Canadian Bank to List of ``Talking ATM'' Providers

  Intelligent robots: Smart Robot Autos Tough It Out
  Voice command: Domino's Pizza franchisees use Jacent's voice-ordering systems
  Standard speech solutions: VoiceGenie Announces GenieBuilder(TM) IVR Graphical Application Development Environment
  Intelligent search: Intel to release machine learning libraries
  Text-to-speech: Franklin Electronic Publishers Selects Babel’s TTS Engine

  Speech technology: Computer that understands speech launched
  Speech products: Empirix to Demo Hammer Dynamic Speech For Advanced Speech Applications
  Speech in warehousing: Tractor Supply Company Installs Vocollect's Talkman System
  Standard speech solutions: VoiceGenie Launches New SpeechGenie VoiceXML Platform
  Multilinguality: UN helps translate Afghan languages onto digital highway

  Text-to-speech: 'Xerox Copier Assistant' Wins National Information Technology Award
  In-car telematics: Microsoft revs up in-car web services
  Multilinguality: Arabic E-Mail Reader Service to Be Launched Soon
  Interface technologies: Japanese products coup for NXT
  Voice services: AIXPLAIN AG and sonicson GmbH co-operate in providing music content to mobile phone users

  Knowledge management: Connexor Enters into an OEM Agreement with Textology
  Voice platforms: Nuance Voice Platform to Support Sun ONE
  Natural vs artificial: Making Intelligence a Bit Less Artificial (registration required)
  Localization: SDL International acquires Lomac
  Localization tools: SDLinsight 2003 Launched
  Limiting search: Putting Controls On Fed's Automated Intelligence Gathering

  Talking, emoting robots: Six Technologies That Will Change the World
  NLP: SysMedia to incorporate Aurix® detector from 20/20 Speech in subtitling software
  Speech products: 20/20 Speech’s two-way speech interface tool available online
  Speech standards: What constitutes a worthwhile improvement in recognition performance?
  Voice searching: The Grammar of Sound

  Knowledge management: European Court of Human Rights Saves Time and Money, Increases Productivity with Hummingbird Enterprise™ Solution
  Voice services: Walmart.com Continues to 'Talk the Talk' With NetByTel's Speech Recognition
  Read my lips: Intel teaches computers to lip-read
  Speech products: Fonix ConnectMe 2.0 Now Available
  Localization: Babel signed up by iFone after recent Vodafone deal
  Speech kits: Sensory Unveils Speech Recognition Kit
  Speech applications: Active Voice to Integrate Nuance Speech Recognition Into Its Unified Communications Solutions
  Speech deals: Apptera Secures $5.6 Million in Second Round Funding
  Speech awards: Strong Financial Corporation and Bell Canada Win 2003 Nuance Voice Industry Awards
  EUROMAP Newsletter: Final Normal Edition

  Emulating HAL: Intel Researchers Teach Computers to 'Read Lips' to Improve Accuracy of Speech Recognition Software
  Voice data: Navigation Technologies Unveils Map Voice Data for Spain and France
  Speech Products: SpeechWorks Announces SpeakFreely 2.0
  Localization: SDL International Announces Contract With Dell Computer Corporation
  Speech markets: Envox and SpeechWorks Partner To Deliver Enhanced Communications Solutions

  Speech markets: ScanSoft Shrinks the Speech Recognition Market
  Text-to-speech: Multilingual Language technology support for edutainment and assistive software with Elan Sayso™
  The Plough as language technology?: Ancient languages may have spread with the plough
  Speech recognition: Sun tackles privacy, speech recognition
  Speech technologies: ScanSoft and IBM to Expand Server, Embedded and Desktop Speech Offerings

  Text-to-speech SDK: Wizzard Software Sole Distributor of AT&T's ``Natural Voices''
  Speech.com: ScanSoft and SpeechWorks Merger is Definitive
  Robotics: Wakamaru Bot at Your Service
  Voice services: Eckoh Technologies selected by Wyevale Garden Centres to streamline customer services
  Voice services: Ladbrokes raises the stakes for the Martell Grand National with VeCommerce’s VeBet solution
  Speech kits: Chant Updates SpeechKit 4.0 for the Microsoft .NET

  Intelligent solutions: Nokia Acquires Eizel To Enhance Mobile Enterprise Portfolio
  Ouch!: Jeeves Scales Back Natural Language with Latest Facelift
  Voice markets: Voxware Appoints New Marketing Vice President for Voice-powered Logistics
  Interview: Q&A with Andrew Ormsby of Lexicle
  Multilingualty: Multilingualism in Healthcare a Prescription for Failure
  Speech.com: ScanSoft and SpeechWorks to Merge
  Speech in warehousing: Somerfield Expands Its VoiceLogistics Implementation

  TTS: SpeechWorks Releases ETI-Eloquence Small Footprint Text-to-Speech Engine
  Natural Language search: Want Revamped Search? Just Ask
  eCommerce: Online Biz Is Booming in Estonia
  Wider interfaces: Women need widescreen for virtual navigation
  Mobile applications: Nokia Targets Enterprises with Eizel Acquisition
  Speech recognition: Canon Research and Be4 Join ARM PrimeXsys Community Program

  Language interface: Ask Jeeves Introduces Intuitive Approach to Search with Latest Ask.com
  Speech in fashion: Speech Recognition To Power Wireless Fashion Phone
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft RealSpeak - The Voice of the Maryland State Highway Safety Service
  Voice services: Interactive Intelligence Wins Product of the Year Award for Contact Center
  Localization: SDL Expands Relationship With SAP
  Voice services: Natural language SMS solution comes to France
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical voices delight over 70% rise in turnover
  Multilinguality: SDL International announces contract with Echostar International Corporation

  Translation tools: TRADOS Launches TRADOS 6

  Speech application: US Patent Office Selects ScanSoft's Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  Voice services: OnCall Systems launches the first speech-based recruiting platform
  Machine Translation: FBI Deploys TRADOS Solutions
  Language Issues: Complying With European Language Requirements

  Voice services: Vocollect's Voice-Directed Distribution System to Support Zanios Foods
  Speech marketing: Wizzard and IBM Extend Agreement
  Product Award: Genesys Awarded 'Best Contact Center Functionality' At AVIOS SpeechTEK
  Multimodal interaction: Synaptek Unveils New Text Input Technology for the Pocket PC

  Voice services: Assurland chooses Voxpilot for telephone-based insurance service
  LT Markets: ATRIL opens its first office in the USA
  Fashion ware: ART is in Fashion for the New Xelibri Fashion Accessory Phones
  Speech applications: ScanSoft Ships Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 Medical
  Text-to-speech: Xerox Software Makes Digital Copiers Accessible To Blind or Visually Impaired Workers

  4G NLP: Jeeves Solutions Sets New Standard for Search and Self-Service with JeevesOne 3.0
  Speech recognition: SITEL Teams up With SRC to Deliver Data Capture Service for High Call Volumes
  Search technologies: Overture Kicks Off 2003 International Expansion
  Gesture recognition: UK Police Consider Lie Detector Tests
  Voice routing: Nuance Announces Nuance Call Steering 1.0
  Speech processing: Virage News Monitoring Solution Wins Two Best of Show Awards at NAB 2003
  Voice services: Australian Tax Office Implements NICE Solution to Enable Filing by Telephone

  Machine Translation: High-tech translation
  NLP: Natural Language Processing
  Speech product: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 Receives Editors' Choice Award
  Voice activated: Military fashioning high-tech combat suits
  NLP: Connexor Announces a License Agreement with LangSoft
  Speech applications: Loquendo Technology Powers QualiLife's Innovative Solutions For People With Disabilities
  Multilinguality: SDL International Announces New Office in Norway
  Voice services: Automated Dialogue System Opens Door to 24/7 Multilingual Information Access

  Conversing bots: World's Largest Chatter Bot Competition Underway at ChatterBoxChallenge.com
  Language technology: Morphology Software becomes Multilingual - WMTrans Products Now Available for English
  Multilingual issues: German professors declare war on English
  Tutorial - speech tech: System Architectures For Speech - A Practical Guide To Lowering Costs
  Speech synthesis: Fake voice recordings easy to make, hard to detect
  Speech applications: 20/20 Speech's technology further embedded in US legal software market

  Speech markets: Speech recognition set for boost
  Dream interface: The Dream Machine
  Speech recognition: GSM Cellphone Manufacturer Chooses ART's Advanced Speech Recognition Technology
  Speech awards: AVIOS/SpeechTEK Awards Recognize Outstanding Accomplishments
  Localization: Vision Forms Alliance to Market its HRM Software in Europe
  Voice services: Iwatsu America and Esna Technologies Release a New Unified Communications Platform With Automatic Speech Recognition
  Speech recognition: Sykes Chooses NetByTel to Add Advanced Speech Recognition
  Accent on speech: Scottish Volunteers Sought For Speech Recognition
  NLP: L&C launches TeSSI for Healthcare and Life Sciences

  Voice tagging: Panasonic Introduces Video 'Voice Tagging'
  Speech interaction: Voice-enabled interactive quiz to raise charity money for Red Nose Day
  Speech application: OnCall Systems Launches the First Speech-Based Recruiting Platform
  Voice access: Audiopoint and Simply Wireless Partner to Distribute Voice Terminal Service 2.0
  Localization: KJ International Joins Growing List of SDLX 2003 Converts
  Future interfaces: Inventor Imagines Future Phones

  Speech patents: SpeechWorks Secures New Patents for Speaker Verification Software
  Text-to-speech: Siemens' SURPASS out to surpass itself
  Speech marketing: Brooktrout Technology Offers Early Access Program for Voice and Fax Products
  Speech techlology: etalk and Utopy to Provide Enhanced Quality Monitoring and Speech Analytics Solutions to Contact
  Speech markets: Growing End-User Awareness of Benefits Drives Adoption of Core Speech Technologies
  Speech applications: Panasonic Introduces Video 'Voice Tagging'
  EUROMAP Newsletter #20 Published

  Speech application: Hands-Free E-Mail Product from Domain Dynamics Wins Microsoft Award
  Speech technology: Philips and Sectra Announce Partnership Regarding Speech Recognition
  Award: VoiceGenie Named in List of Top 100 Canadian Software Companies
  Voice authentication: Vocent's Voiceprint Applications Enable VoiceXML Environments To Automate Voice
  Voice applications: Web speech effort gets new voice

  Machine Translation: Speaking a different language - but we've got the Phrasealator
  Unusual multimodal interface: PC screen turns into speaker
  Multilingual speech tools: Growing Success of VoiceLogistics Leads Voxware to Further Expansion in Europe
  Voice dialing: iVoice Introduces Revolutionary Voice Dialing Capabilities
  Speech recognition: Intermec 700 Color Mobile Computers Now Available With Speech Recognition

  Multilingual search: Inxight Announces Licensing Agreement With Plumtree
  Search technologies: Analyst: Jeeves to sell enterprise unit
  Voice services: Swedish Banking Group SEB chooses Syntellect to deploy speech recognition system
  Speech awards: Fonix VoiceDial(TM) Wins AVIOS Best Consumer Product Award
  Voice devices: Transmeta Scores Voice Device Deal
  Speech recognition: Z–Tech and SpeechWorks Assisting Census Bureau
  Interview: Q&A with Chris Hart of SRC

  Voice solutions: NMS Communications Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement With Shenzhen Founder Technology
  Robotics: Evolution Robotics™ Announces New Linux and Windows Versions of SDK for ERSP™
  Intelligent fabrics: Clever stuff
  Text-to-speech: Eckoh Technologies Voices Up Text with Rhetorical
  Voice services: Rhetorical Looks to Bright Future with Orange
  Speech deals: Nortel Networks Periphonics Signs Reseller Agreement with Rhetorical
  Voice services: Coral Place Sure Bet on SRC Speech Recognition for Grand National
  Speech standards: Intervoice Releases VoiceXML Creation Environment
  Voice web: Web Developers Bring Speech Technology to the Mainstream With SALT
  Localization: Lionbridge Wins Multi-Year Exclusive Contract with LODESTAR Corporation

  Speech standards: ScanSoft to Grant Royalty-Free Licenses to Patent Claims Essential to VoiceXML 2.0
  Localization: Translation firms grow beyond tech
  Speech recognition: NSC Declares a New Pricing Model for Speech Recognition
  Voice quality: Psytechnics resolves speech recognition hang-ups
  Text-to-speech: Neospeech Announces VoiceText 2.0
  Voice services: EleTel adds speech recognition, .NET support to Callex
  Speech standards: SALT Forum Introduces New Open Membership Structure
  Interface technologies: Finnish interface technology for Italian car design
  Voice services: Loquendo And VRTVStudios Team Up To Provide VRTVMobile MMS Services

  Robotic small talk: Sony Seeks Homes for Robots
  Interactive voice response: Plum Announces VoiceXML IVR System with Information Management GUI
  Interactive voice response: Avaya Chooses NMS' Voice Processing Technology for Next-Generation IVR System
  Ambient intelligence: The kitchen gets connected
  Speech techlology: Avaya Extends Contract With Gold Systems to OEM Vonetix

  Speech - Asia markets: Fonix VoiceDial Now Available From O2
  Speech - European markets: VoiceGenie Expands Global Sales Force
  Voice recognition: FSTC and TouchPoint Launch Voice Authentication Study
  Voice orders: Jacent Technologies to Deliver Integrated Voice-Ordering Solution to Breakaway's Customers
  Voice access: iVoice Announces Enhancements to Speech Recognition Applications for Artisoft
  European R&D: New Commission website to raise the profile of IST research
  Multilinguality: PhatWare Brings Portuguese, Dutch Handwriting Recognition to Pen-Enabled PCs

  Speech applications: Proliferation of Speech Solutions Results in Access to More Information
  Speech technology: ScanSoft Introduces Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 Professional
  Voice access: VoltDelta Europe Awarded Contract for an Automated Directory Assistance Solution
  Speech Development Kit: Microsoft .NET Speech SDK Version 1.0 Beta 2
  Text-to-speech: Making Computers Talk
  Interview: Q&A with Andy Munarriz of VoxSurf
  Finland: Tecnomen Sponsors ’Open Questions’ Exhibition At Heureka

  TTS: iVoice Unveils iVoice LITE 3.2
  Speech & Language Survey: EUROMAP Releases Summary of Comprehensive Report 'Benchmarking HLT progress in Europe'
  Voice driven: Jacent Technologies Announces The World's First Integrated Voice-Ordering System - for Domino's Pizza
  Mulilingual TTS: SpeechWorks Adds New Voices to Speechify Text-to-Speech Software
  Search technology: FAST Sets Enterprise Search Standard With New Release Of Fast Data Search v3.2

  Speech products: Fonix VoiceDial Selected 'Best Application' in MS Mobile Solutions Challenge
  Search technologies: EasyAsk Customer Achieves Top Ranking in E-Commerce Search Report
  Search technologies: JeevesOne Selected by Aventis Oncology to Help Doctors Find Answers to Research and Support Questions
  TTS: Active Voice Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak for Unified Messaging Solutions
  Voice access: Artisoft and Excendia Team to Deliver Interactive Voice Access to Microsoft Outlook
  Voice services: Voice Signal joins Symbian Program to enhance voice services for Symbian OS phones
  Speech technology: Novauris, a Dragon Systems Descendant, Unveils New Speech Technology
  Multilinguality: PHDCC Releases Spy-Server Search Engine for Eleven Western and Asian Languages

  Speech applications: TETCO Tech Launches EVA Speech Recognition Automatic Switchboard
  Speech technology: Fonix, Investors at Critical Juncture
  Speech-to-speech translation: Device: Arabic In, English Out
  Multilinguality: Microsoft XP in Maltese
  NLP tools: New languages / Polderland's 10th anniversary
  Assitive speech technology: Xerox copier can 'talk' to the blind

  Speech event: Nuance V-World 2003 Conference To Feature 10 Case Study Keynotes
  Voice services: VoltDelta Europe Awarded Contract from SNT Nederland
  Interview: Q&A with Nik Philpot of Eckoh Technologies
  Voice authentification: Signs Point to Hussein on Tape, Officials Say
  Multimodal services: Kirusa and NMS Communications Deliver Global Multimodal Mobile Solutions
  Accessibility: Xerox unveils software for the blind

  Speech application: Klett Adopts Babel Speech Recognition Technology
  Assistive technology: Fonix Announces e.Speech - Speech Solutions for Assistive Market
  Voice driven: Fonix VoiceDial(TM) - Voice-Activated Solutions for Microsoft Smartphone and PocketPC
  Call centres: Up To Half Of Customers Lost Through Poor Service
  Localization: SDL International Announces Contract With Toshiba Europe

  Translation tools: SDLX Translation Suite 2003 Launched
  Localization: Babel Sets Record Time with THQ and Climax for Moto GP 2
  Speech deals: US legal industry giant buys into 20/20 Speech
  Text-to-speech as art: Loquendo on Show at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence
  Speech activated: Nuance Speech Recognition Solution Enables Canadians With Voice-Activated Dialing
  Speak to barge-in: iVoice Releases Unique Barge-in Feature with TAPI interface
  Dial-a-sandwich: Ascent Computing and Integrated Speech Solutions Deploy Speech Technology with Subway
  Translation tools: STAR and Langenscheidt Sign Cooperation Agreement

  Audio mining: Clarity and Dspfactory team up to provide Clear Voice Solutions for small portable communication devices
  Multilingual tools: SDL Releases New Version of SDLWorkFlow for Multilingual CM
  TTS application (1): New GPS-based Orientation Tool for the Blind and Visually Impaired from VisuAide
  TTS application (2): Navigation Technologies Powers Motorola's Location-Based Software Solution For Wireless Devices
  Speech technology application: Lightbridge Automated Speech Interface For Wireless Subscriber Approval Process
  Award: SpeechWorks Wins 'Best Global Speech Recognition Solution' from ContactCenterWorld.com

  Text-to-speech: SVOX and Code Factory announce partnership
  Market Report: Global Speech Recognition Markets
  Language technology: Step Away From that Spell-Checker
  ID Authentication: Face-Recognition Technology Improves (Registration required)
  TTS technology: Nuance to Resell ScanSoft RealSpeak in 14 Languages

  Voice dialling: iVoice Releases Enhanced Name Dialer Based on Patent Pending Technology
  Multi-language interfaces: Microsoft announces enhanced language support for Tablet PC
  Natural Language: Jeeves Solutions- reading the questions
  Effing Language: Cursing while you drive may take on an entirely new meaning with Microsoft’s new speech software, Windows CE for Automotive
  Voice standards: Speech & VoiceXML - A Happy Mix
  Voice services: Comverse Establishes Key Relationship With VoiceObjects AG
  Speech technology: Talking washing machine puts CeBIT in a spin
  Localization: Babel ramps up mobile games investment
  Speech applications: ScanSoft Speech Recognition Incorporated in PlayStation®2 Game Operator's Side

  Embedded TTS: Elan Speech Launches Elan Sayso Technology designed for Embedded Platforms
  Voice services: The Blackfoot Telecommunications Group Achieves 58% Automation
  Speech application: Broca Networks and Active Hotels Launch Hotel Booking Service
  Speaker verification: IBM Global Services To Implement Persay's Voice Verification Solution In Bank Leumi Contact
  Call centres: Telenet develops call centre solution for Dresdner Bank using Aculab telephony cards
  Multilinguality: Moravia IT and Axiom Creative Consulting Sign Strategic Alliance

  Multilinguality: SDL moves further ahead with leading Multilingual Content Management System
  Machine translation: SDL announces new installations of its leading Real-time Translation System
  Speech technology: AU call centre growth fuels tech investment - but not in speech recognition
  Multi-language solutions: Fonix VoiceDial 'My Voice, My Device' Solutions for Microsoft Smartphone
  Speech techlology: The Amanda Company Selects LumenVox Speech Recognition Engine
  Text-to-speech: Colligo Announces Easy to Use Assistive Technology
  Speech technology: Brooktrout's speech processing platform integrated with VoiceGenie's VoiceXML gateway
  Speech applications: Loquendo Powers Bertone's Voice Controlled Concept Car
  Speech deals: DAG, Rhetorical and Emblaze announce three way application partnership

  NL Search: BASF Corporation Selects EasyAsk to Simplify Access to Critical Information
  Speech interfaces: iVoice Applications Interact with Callers Through the Use of Natural Speech
  Say it with flowers: Metaphor Solutions and VoiceGenie Automate Retail Shopping By Phone
  Txt spk: The Changing Face of Language
  Speech solutions: Macif chooses speech solution from Telisma and NextiraOne
  Translation tools: TRADOS Announces Launch of TRADOS TM Server
  Biometrics: 3-D Face Scan Distinguishes Twins

  Arabic language tools: Basis Technology Introduces the Rosette Arabic Language Analyser
  Multilingual tools: PhatWare Debuts Multi-lingual PhatSpell For Pocket PC
  Robots as interface: Hospitals Take Robots for a Spin
  Artificial Intelligence: Making Robots More Like Us (registration required)
  Speech techlology: Wizzard Aims To Wow Enterprises With Server-Based Speech-To-Text Converter
  Voice portals: Chronopost International chooses Elan Sayso™ to speech enable new voice portal
  Multilinguality: SDL Desktop Products Celebrates a Year of Solid Growth
  Voice services: Elan Sayso™ golden tone in German
  Text-to-speech: TOPCALL chooses Elan Speech technologies to enhance seamless communications
  Multilinguality: BBC Urdu Online 'the best'

  Voice services: Wizzard Software And IBM Agreement Over New Speech Recognition Products And Services
  Voice authentication: Securing Phone Resources With Speech Recognition
  Txt: Any Place for This New Language?
  Language issues: Internet shaping, tracking evolution of our language

  Voice services: BTS Logic Offers Next Generation Automated Directory Assistance
  Speaker verification: OTG and SpeechWorks Partnership Offers Integrated and Deployed Speaker
  Localization: STAR Proactive 2.0: World’s First Automated Software Localization Solution
  Voice services: Speech Driven Online Brochure Request Service A First For The UK
  Speech banking: Mashreqbank Launches Voice Recognition Banking
  Speech technology: Enterprises Lukewarm Toward Speech-Recognition Tech

  TTS: SVOX demonstrates comprehensive speech technology solutions at CeBIT 2003
  Speech technology: iVoice Develops Intelligent Voice Adaptation Process for Voice Recognition
  TTS Processor: Winbond Launches On-Line Demo of Text-To-Speech Processor Capability
  Speech applications: COHM Selects LumenVox for Speech Recognition Requirements
  Voice services: sunrise introduces SMS audio message
  Speech applications: Speech Recognition Dramatically Reduces Turnaround Times at FirstAssist

  TTS: Pronexus and Aculab to deliver text-to-speech and advanced fax
  NL Search: InQuira Recognized as a Leading Natural Language Search Provider By Datamonitor
  Speech technology: ScanSoft Ships Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7
  IVR: Interactive voice technology boosts Pastel service support
  Localization: Microsoft schedules autumn release for Baltic languages Office suite
  Multimodal applications: SandCherry™ Partners with BEA Systems to bring Speech and Multimodal Capabilities to Web Applications
  EUROMAP Newsletter #19 Published
  Information management: Autonomy Selected By Italian Government

  Speech markets: ScanSoft Reports Record Growth in Q4 2002
  Voice services: iVoice Speech Enables Gold Kist Inc
  Arabic language solutions: Sakhr and Intel to continue cooperation for more Arabic Solutions
  Information extraction: Search tools look for context
  Speech technology: MIT shares artificial intelligence information
  Voice services: Indigo Holidays & Sky Holidays 'Go Live' With UK's First Speech Automated Brochure Lines

  Voice services: Vicorp and SpeechWorks Enhance Teleglobe’s Canada Direct Service
  Multilingual web: Xerox Selects iMarkup Solutions to Localize Web Content
  eContent: Idiom Technologies Gains Traction with Global Content Management Solution
  Speech solutions: Europe's Top Speech Solutions Platform Boosts Call Handling Capabilities With NMS Communications
  Localization: NexPress Selects Lionbridge for Global Rollout of Printing Systems
  Multilinguality: Strategic Partnership for Asian Languages
  Localization: SDL International announces Strategic Partnership with Microsoft
  Translation services: SDL International announces the launch of the new "FreeTranslation.com"
  Multimodal interaction: Bell Mobility and VoiceGenie developing simple voice command technology
  Text-to-speech: Fonix iSpeak(R) 3.0 Now Available

  Search.com: Overture buys Fast search engine in $100m deal
  Speech solutions: Lloyds TSB Pioneers Paperless Employee Share Scheme Registration through Speech Recognition
  Voice services: iVoice Introduces New Feature to its Speech Recognition Solution
  Knowledge management: Connexor Announces an OEM Relationship with Heat Software
  Speech technology: Through the fog... Automated speech recognition
  Voice services: T-Mobile Austria showing Philips, One Voice 3G solution
  Localisation: Language Localization Systems Premieres at NAB 2003

  Speech markets: VeCommerce, SpeechWorks and Genesys create new force in speech landscape
  Voice services: Eckoh and Auctionworld Launch 24-hour TV Phone Shopping Channel
  Audio Search: Verint Announces ULTRA IntelliFind - A New Speech Analysis Solution

  Speech application: German Ministry of Justice Selects ScanSoft's Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  Voice driven: Philips and One Voice to Provide Voice-to-Text SMS Messaging Solution
  Natural interaction: Natural Language Search Solution Targets Disabled Internet Users Searching Federal Web Sites
  Machine translation: Language translation at fingertips

  Speech recognition technology: Speech-recognition software has writer at a loss for words
  Machine translation: 10 technologies to watch
  Machine translation: It translates into big possibilities
  Multimodal interfaces: Robots are starting to mimic human emotions
  Speech recognition: Intel's future chip sets to boost speech recognition
  Voice services: Sprint Canada Secures a three-year agreement with Air Canada
  Speech markets: What Are the Acquisition Drivers for Speech Recognition Systems?

  Search.com: Overture to Acquire Search Engine AltaVista
  in Search for eCommerce: Dell.Com Deploys Search Technology from Fast Search & Transfer
  Emotion in interaction: Robots are getting more sociable
  Voice driven: Witnet International's Mobilick will Feature Voice Command and Control
  Speech recognition: Poland's PTK Centertel Rings Unisys to Get the Message Out
  Voice services: Sound Advantage Unveils Virtual Communications Assistant
  Multilinguality: Macromedia selects TRADOS Content Globalization Solution
  Localization: Welocalize partners with Click2learn
  Voice authentification: ARM And DDL Bring Voice Authentication Security To Smart Wireless Devices
  Translation tools: STAR Technology & Solutions And Reinisch España Sign Distribution Contract

  Speech platform: Nuance Ships Industry's First Software Platform Optimized for Speech Solutions
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks’ Speechify Selected by Boeing for Military Aircraft Warning System
  Voice authentication: IBM Global Services Israel To Implement Persay’s Voice Verification
  Speech deals: Loquendo and V-Enable Announce Strategic Partnership
  Localization: Bowne & Co. Reports Fourth Quarter Loss of 56 Cents Per Share
  UK R&D: IBM donates supercomputer to help fire-hit facility rise from ashes
  Multmodal services: Kirusa and DS Group Target Italian Markets With System Integrator and VAR Agreement
  Voice services: Mashreqbank First in Middle East to Launch Voice Recognition Banking
  Voice services: Motive SmartCall Revolutionizes Call Center Support

  Multi-language Text-to-speech: OUP Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak to Teach Pronunciation to Language Students and Travellers
  Text-to-speech: Fonix Announces the Availability of SVOX’s Text-To-Speech in Fonix VoiceDial 1.2
  Speech application: AlphaCell Licenses Speech Recognition Technologies from ART for Its Mobile Devices
  TTS-on-chips: Winbond Offers Aggressive New Pricing for Its Text-to-Speech Processor
  Text-to-speech: 'SMS Not Just for Wireless' Announce NMS Communications, Sonorys and Swapcom
  Speech marketing: iVoice to Present at TAG's Annual National Convention
  Voice services: Eircom launches fixed-line SMS using LogicaCMG solution

  Language of images: Photo messaging tries to rival txt
  Multilingual knowledge mining: Meaningful Machines Unveils Breakthrough Technology at DEMO 2003
  Language.com: Cross Language NV - Automating Multilingual Communications
  Multilingual web: uefa.com extends multilingual offering
  Voice recognition: Terrorists' Talk: Why All That Chatter Doesn't Tell Us Much
  Information extraction: Ask Jeeves Selects Connotate's Web Mining Solution
  Multimodal services: Kirusa, SandCherry, and Telisma join forces to showcase next-generation speech solutions at 3GSM
  NLP: Lingway and Umanis form technology and commercial partnership for clinical research

  Machine translation ;-): It's the Microsoft Muppet show
  Text search: Ask Jeeves Selects Connotate's Web Mining Solution
  Speech markets: Telisma opens a sales office in Germany, confirming its international expansion strategy
  Robotics: Robots get cheeky
  Voice solutions: Mindscape partners with Ascent Computing Group to provide Voice/IVR solutions
  NLP: Software Learns Language Using Visual Perception
  Speech technology: Arab scientists to unveil 'intelligent systems'
  UK R&D: Edinburgh gets virtual reality centre
  Text-to-speech: SVOX AG demonstrates its speech mobile solutions At 3GSM World Congress

  Language of txt mssging: Linguists Are Mixed About Text Messages
  Speech technology: Fonix(R) Presents Speech Solutions for Mobile & Wireless Devices at 3GSM World Congress
  Voice solutions: Orange France Buys SMS-to-Voice Solution from Bogen's Speech Design Unit
  Localization tools: SDL Desktop Products Backs TMX Industry Awareness Campaign
  Multilinguality: NBC's Saturday Night Live uses BabelFish
  Speech trademarks: 'Freedom of Speech' Fires Feud
  Speech technology: Voice recognition software picks up on what words can't express

  Text-to-speech: NeoSpeech And Automation Intelligence Give Home Automation A Voice
  Speech vocabularies: SRC Wins National Innovation Award for Dragon Professional Vocabularies
  Speech markets: Speech Recognition Market To Exceed $5 Billion by 2008, According to New ABI Study
  Premature award?: Audium 3 Named Product of the Year for 2003
  Voice services: Eckoh & Auctionworld launch 24-hour TV “Phoneworld” Channel
  Multilingual web: World Organization of Webmasters and Web of Culture Announce Partnership for Web Globalization

  Text-to-speech: Text-to-speech device to help crimefighters identify abductions as well as trim truancies
  Standard voice solutions: VoiceObjects Factory© now available on Voxpilot’s VoiceXML Gateway
  Voice identification: Vocent Launches Voice Biometric Solution For Customer Authentication in Call
  Speech marketing: ART and UIQ Technology Announce Cooperation on Speech Recognition
  NLP: OmniViz Announces Faster Analyses for Decision Support
  NLP: Jeeves Solutions Selected by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  Speech markets: Vocollect Exceeds 2002 Revenue Projections - More Than Doubles Sales
  Gender profiling: Scottish Artificial Intelligence Experts Develop 'Sex Machine'

  Automatic speech-to-text, Not: FDfn Awarded US Patent for Innovative Transcription System
  Audio search: ULTRA IntelliFind - A New Speech Analysis Solution For a Searchable Database of Audio Interactions
  Text search: FAST Now Powering Search Capabilities for CareerBuilder
  Report: IDC Study - The State of Language Industry Standards and Their Impact on Information Technology
  Voice services: Loquendo Powers the MART Museum's Automatic Contact Center
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical provides voice behind Freeview, Europe's largest call volume speech enabled service
  E-Mail response management: Xtramind presents the Enterprise Edition of XM-Mailminder at CeBIT

  Interactive agents: Talking Bots with Infinite Agent
  Text-to-speech: Truancy Call Successfully Tackles School Truancy with Innovative Text-to-speech Technology
  EUROMAP Newsletter #18 Published
  Speech application: MailCode Selects ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Sort Mail by Voice for the US Postal Service
  Machine translation: SYSTRAN - Annual Results 2002
  Speech markets: Fonix Announces Re-structuring Plan - Focus on Speech Solutions in Five Market Segments
  Voice services: Intervoice Solution to Enable Voice-Activated Dialing for Customers Across Canada
  Localization: International Players Meet Customer Solutions at LISA Summit
  NLP: A Cure For The Call Centre Blues

  Speech services: Nuance and Aspect Communications Speech System Reduces BA Call Center Costs by 95%
  Speech markets: Speech-Recognition Market Expected To Grow Dramatically
  Voice access: speechvantage and Day-Timers Deploy Speech-Enabled Call Center Solution
  Speech marketing: ScreenFriends and Interactive Networks Form Alliance
  Localization: LISA Launches First in a Series of Surveys Targeting the Asian Market
  Multilinguality: VIVOconcepts Develops EZe-Learning, Software for Multilingual and Off-site Employees
  Handwriting recognition: CIC'S Jot Embedded in Sony Ericsson's New Multimedia Smartphone P800
  Speech recognition: Calling all Scousers!
  Voice services: Chelsea Building Society first UK Building Society to launch voice driven automated transaction service
  Speech recognition: Telisma announces the availability of MRCP and simplifies access to its speech recognition engine for its partners

  Voice standards: Voxpilot announces support for W3C's VoiceXML 2.0 Candidate Recommendation
  Speech application: SRC Chosen To Provide Speech Recognition Service For Freeview
  Multilingual talking heads: Loquendo Powers Anthropics 'Talking Head' Message Service
  Speech technology: Aurix® Activator - a two-way speech interface for Microsoft Windows based PDAs
  Speech solutions: SpeechWorks and VoiceGenie to Deliver Standards-based Speech Solution to McKesson

  Multimodal interfaces: TECH@HOME: Flat Stanley makes a PC
  Information access: IBM takes wraps off Xperanto software
  Voice services: Tell-Eureka Launches LevelOne Customer Care Self-Service Solution
  Voice platforms: IP Unity's Harmony6000 Enhanced Services Platform Speaks Out
  Text-to-speech: Right Seat Software Introduces Unparalleled Enhancements to Vox Proxy™
  Speech standards: VoiceXML Forum Strongly Endorses W3C's Release of VoiceXML 2.0
  Voice services: Elan Sayso™ reads news reports for AFP
  Accessibility: Dictionary of Finnish Sign Language comes alive on the Internet
  Text-to-speech: Perax keeps in touch with on-call teams using Elan Speech Unit
  R&D deals: BT creates research and technology partnership
  Text-to-speech: ElanSpeech .NET: A SAPI 5.1 Compliant TTS Engine for CE.Net is available in 8 languages for download
  Speech technology: IBM ViaVoice: Talk to your documents
  Localisation standards: Moravia Supports OASIS Web Services TC

  Multilingual services: Genesys Enhances Voice Portal Software with Added Support for Multiple Languages
  Multi-language services: PipeBeach and SVOX offer mixed-lingual telephony services
  Voice services: Z-Tel First Local Phone Company to Bundle Voice Recognition with Home Phone Service
  Voice conference: Edify to Present Speech Technology Solution Strategies at Telephony Voice User Interface Conference
  NLP: VanLindon OEMs Connexor Machinese

  Voice services: Broad Daylight Launches Voice-Activated Self-Service Product Using VoiceGenie's VoiceXML Gateway
  Cross-lingual search: UK's Simera Signs OEM Agreement with Convera
  Speech application: Swedish Banking Group SEB Chooses Syntellect to Deploy Speech Recognition System
  Speech.com: ScanSoft Completes Acquisition of Philips Speech Processing Business Units
  Interview: Q&A With Stuart Patterson, SpeechWorks chief
  Intelligent interfaces: VTT Electronics develops intelligent devices based on gesture and speech recognition

  Speech technology: Audiopoint Enhances Voice Terminal Service 2.0 for Business Users
  Embedded speech: 'iPod-alike' announced
  Language translation: Latvian language takes on English
  Semantic web: The Lord Of the Webs
  Speech markets: SpeechWorks Announces Revenues of $9.2 Million for Fourth Quarter 2002
  Information extraction: Public Relations Gets a CRM Lift
  Voice services: Eterra and VoXpoint Collaborate in Speech Recognition and Mobile Solutions

  Speech technologies: Aculab Demonstrates New and Enhanced Products At CEBIT 2003
  Voice awards: Nuance Establishes Voice Industry Awards For Outstanding Business Value and Innovation
  Voice standards: W3C Publishes VoiceXML Specs
  Man vs Machine: Kasparov, Chess Computer Play to Draw
  eContent: Any Text. Anytime. Anywhere. (Any Volunteers?)
  Multimodal applications: SandCherry Simplifies Extending Web Applications With Speech
  Speech synthesis: France Telecom R&D brings research to market
  Voice standards: Dispute could silence VoiceXML
  Messaging: Belgacom launches fixed SMS in February 2003

  Knowledge management: Telecom Italia Mobile deploys Volantis Mariner to launch its Mobile Corporate Portal
  eCommerce: OASIS releases draft of free e-commerce data standard
  Speech applications: Dickinson Dees Selects SRC Digital Dictation to Improve Efficiency for Mobile Workforce
  L&H and after: Flanders speaking
  Speech interfaces: Voice Interfaces - Assessing the Potential
  Speaking agents: Wildfire Communications and Phonetic Systems Partner to Deliver voice-activated Virtual Assistant solutions
  Web with voice: World Wide Web Consortium Issues VoiceXML 2.0 as a W3C Candidate Recommendation

  TTS: Babel to Offer Advanced Text-to-Speech on Texas Instruments’ OMAP Processing
  Speech standards: Tutorial on Building Applications with SALT at AVIOS Speech Conference
  Speech sceptical: Five Not to Grow On in 2003
  Interactive agents: ActiveBuddy Announces HR Agent
  Speech technology: CSC participates in the Academy of Finland Finnish Speech Database project
  Accessibility: Danish Government Launches IT Initative For People With Special Needs

  Speech applications: Aculab sponsors the Interactive Intelligence EMEA partner conference
  Video, text interface: Web consortium to sync text with video
  Assistive technology - TTS: Seeing Shadows, Deciphering Speech
  Localisation: RWS Group Hosts 2003 Multilingual Standard Globalization and LT Seminars
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo TTS reaches China!
  Voice systems: New voice-enabled operating system set for launch
  Voice services: European Speech Firms Launch Voice Portal For 2003 Ski World Championships

  Speech application: Vocollect's Talkman Voice System Leads to 300% Improvement in Picking Accuracy
  Speech applications: Dictaphone Corporation Launches New Suite of Applications
  Artificial Intelligence: Of Pawns, Knights, Bits, Bytes
  Localization: Universal Dialog Provides Spanish Translation for TurboTax®
  Voice business: Contact centres put customer relationships at risk, warns Vocalis study
  Speech games: Fonix® Speech Solution Ships in Microsoft Xbox Development Kit
  Voice applications: Intervoice Offers Four Free Webcasts on Voice Interface Usability
  Speech events: Organizers Say AVIOS-SpeechTEK Union Will Lead to "Strongest Event Ever''

  Speech at Davos: SpeechWorks’ CEO to Join World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting
  The Future according to Microsoft: Run, SPOT, run!
  Mobile games: Supafly - Be Your Best Worst Self
  Interview: Q&A with Peter Lawless and David Horowitz of Vox Generation
  eContent: Lucid'i.t. releases Lucid e-Globalizer 1.0
  eCommerce: Siemens creates 3D world for Internet shops
  Speech application: Bruce Springsteen Concerts Inaugurate Speech Recognition System
  Voice services: Orange Deploys VoiceXML Services in Ivory Coast

  Intelligent search: FAST Further Improves Search Experience on AlltheWeb.Com
  Speech patent: One Voice Technologies Issued Third U.S. Patent
  Txt mssging: Firm Working To Get Out the (Text) Messages
  Voice services: Internet Telephony Magazine Awards SandCherry Product of the Year
  Knowledge management: U.S. Army Deploys Convera's RetrievalWare
  Voice services: Tecnomen introduces new range of services to increase voice mail revenues
  Authoring tools: Duden Launches Linguistic Engine
  Speech applications: ADICOR Launches New Healthcare Solutions

  Information management: Autonomy Launches New Eduction™ Module For Metadata
  Speech interaction: SIVOX RealCall(TM) Brings Real World Interactions to Contact Center Agent Training
  Future scenarios: Tech Predictions for the Decade
  Translation tools: TrAID used to translate the Dewey Classification System into Greek
  Speech standards: Great News from Loquendo C@fé
  Virtual assistants: Virtual Phone Reps Are New Face Of Customer Service
  Voice services: Rogers AT&T Wireless First To Launch Advanced VoiceCommand Service Across Canada

  Text-to-speech: Sakrament launches Sakrament TTS Engine v2.5
  The stress is on voice: New technology identifies truthful
  Voice activated mouse: Seniors bring their technology with them
  Searching for an e-bargain: Will Froogle Be a Google for Shoppers?
  Multilinguality: Universal Dialog Awarded NSF SBIR Phase I Grant
  Voice services: US Census Bureau to Test Changes in Questionnaire, New Response Technology
  Biometrics: Paying it by ear

  Speech solutions: Cellcom and NSC Declare Cooperation in the Field of Automatic Speech Recognition
  Text-to-speech: Bell Canada Introduces Nuance's "Emily" as the Speech Persona for its Customer Call Center
  Speech Tech Award: VoiceGenie Awarded 2002 'Product of the Year' by Internet Telephony Magazine
  Text-to-speech: Xpedite Adds New Features to Its Interactive Transactional Voice Platform
  Knowledge management: Connexor Announces License Agreement with Gurusoft
  EU R&D: EU anti-crime funding website launched

  Text-to-speech: Babel to Offer TTS on OMAP Processing Platform
  Information management: Analyst Research Finds Autonomy The Leader In Pattern Matching Technology
  Localisation: Microsoft may shed 60 Irish jobs
  Speech Technology: Speech Solutions Awards and Top Ten Leaders in Speech
  Search technology: Fast and Espotting Strike European Search Distribution Agreement
  In-car telematics: NHTSA chief wary of high-tech devices in vehicles
  Speech technology: Hype vs. Effective Speech Technology

  Txt mssging: Pope spreads the word by SMS
  Voice services: UK Insurance Partnership Bolsters Customer Service with Speech Recognition Service
  Telematics: ScanSoft Added to Telematics Valley to Promote Adoption of Telematics Solutions
  Voice services: One Voice Awarded Carrier Contract for MobileVoice in Europe
  The Allure of Voice: Yahoo offers video, voice dating
  Multilinguality: Wanted: What's His Name Again?
  Biometrics: The European Commission chooses Steria's biometrics know-how to process asylum requests and fight illegal immigration

  World of languages: Cosmic message in a bottle
  Intelligent search: EasyAsk's Search and Navigation Capabilities For the Enterprise
  Predictive text input: Zi to Market with Hindi-Based Predictive Text Input Products for Mobile Phone Users in India
  Information search: EDS Selects Convera to Provide Advanced Search and Information Discovery to the U.S. Navy
  Multimodality: Speechworks and Ford Design Multimodal Interface For Ford's Model U Concept SUV
  Voice services: Washington State DOT Launches Voice-Driven Portal for Travel Information
  Voice games: The Sun and News of the World team up with Eckoh Technologies to offer great cash prizes with “Cluedo on the phone”

  Multilingual document management: ``Best Search Technology'' Gaining Momentum in Germany
  Multimodal interfaces: The Digital Pen Isn't Mightier
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo TTS broadens its offering for German
  European R&D: Europe must collaborate to compete with US

  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft RealSpeak Selected as the Voice for German Freemail Portal
  Speech recognition: Wizzard Software Delivers its Transcription Master
  Voice controlled: ArialPhone's Wearable Device Brings Wireless Voice Control to X10 Home Automation Environments
  Speech awards: Brooktrout's Speech Recognition Platform Awarded Internet Telephony Product of the Year
  Speech applications: Digital Dictation Productivity Sparks Extended Roll Out at Irwin Mitchell

  Telephone speech study: LDC Telephone Speech Collection Project
  Speech applications: Cellcom and NSC to Cooperate in Automatic Speech Recognition
  Speech application: Voice Information Retrieval from VoiceBox Technologies
  Voice applications: VoiceObjects Factory 1.5 Now Supports IBM WebSphere Voice Response and Comverse Telago
  EUROMAP Newsletter #17 Published
  Virtual financial agent: Say 'hello' to Cara
  Speech interaction: Bandai Signs Agreement with Evolution Robotics to Develop New Personal Robot Product

  Study - survey: Speech Technology Research Validates Very High Caller Satisfaction
  Voice services: E*TRADE Financial to Deploy Wildfire Virtual Assistant
  Future: A life in bits and bytes
  Speech input devices: Noise-Canceling B2B Technology Goes Mainstream
  Voice services: MAAF Assurances Group reads its email using Elan Sayso
  Multilinguality: Connexor licenses Dutch and Italian analyzers to Toshiba Corporation
  Text-to-speech: TTS modern language learning with Softease
  Speech applications: Speech Engine 4.2 opening up multimedia speaking applications

  Call center solution: Intervoice Receives $6.9M Order For Automated Call Center Solution
  Voice recognition: iLIANT Adds Microsoft Award-Winning Voice Recognition Solution
  Towards ambient intelligence: Getting Down to Business in High-Tech Hotel Rooms
  Sound application: Hear That? The Fridge Is Chilling
  Speech recognition for Mac: OS X Odyssey 236 - IBM ViaVoice 3.0.2 Upgrade for Mac
  Voice services: Eckoh Technologies interacts over iDTV with a2a

  Information mining: New software instantly connects key bits of data that once eluded teams of researchers
  Intelligence filter: Turing tests filter spam email
  Voice driven: TuVox to Provide Voice-Enabled Call Routing
  Multilinguality: IBM's Translator Makes Handhelds Multilingual
  NLP: Nieman Marcus Uses Natural Language Search to Boost Online Sales
  Tech transfer: Microsoft: from research to reality
  Voice services: Customer self service spreads across industries
  Speech markets: Speech Recognition Makes Strong Case for New Year
  Speech recognition: VeCommerce Finds An International Voice
  Translation solutions: STAR Launches Translation Solution for AutoCAD

  Language issues: Lab chimp speaks his own language
  Comes with text-to-speech: ER1 - Robot around the house
  CRM: Help yourself - Customer self-service spreads across industries

  Intelligent interfaces: Zi Corporation's eZiText Embedded In New Mobile Handsets
  In-car voice services: Hyundai and IBM to develop new-generation telematics
  Multimodal interfaces: Feeling Blue? This Robot Knows It

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