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This section contains links to sites relevant and related to Human Language Technologies

Web-Based Tools 19 items
??Web-based Translators 8 items
??Search Engines 2 items
??Multilingual Dictionaries 9 items
Showcase - Demonstrations 26 items
??EC-funded 3 items
??Natural Language Processing 9 items
??Text to Speech 6 items
??Speech Recognition 4 items
??Machine Translation 1 item
??Miscellaneous 3 items
Professional Bodies 22 items
??Language 17 items
??Related 5 items
Language Resources 14 items
Other Language Technology Sites 10 items
EC and Government Agencies 13 items
??EU sites 8 items
??Non-EU 5 items
Newsletters and Journals 16 items
Partner Search 3 items
Multilinguality & Issues 15 items
Technology Transfer - Research to Market 4 items
Newsgroups and Mailing Lists 8 items
Miscellaneous Gems 9 items

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