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  Talking heads: Virtual Characters With Speech and Expressions for Online Greeting Cards
  The language of email: E-Mail Replacing Face-to-Face Communication, Survey Shows
  Multilingual web: Newstream en Espanol Launched by Business Wire and Medialink
  Txt mssgng: Casino gambles on text messaging

  Voice authentication: VoiceVault Achieves A First Under EU Directive
  Machine Translation service: TranslationWave.com Announces Agreement with GreenBank Partners

  Multimodal interfaces: Compal unveils Windows-powered Smartphone

  Speech interface: 'No-Touch' Typing for Disabled
  Maid, without the chatter: Forget a Maid, This Robot Vacuums

  Voice solutions: One Voice DVD Feature Reaches Millions During Microsoft Holiday Tour
  Speech applications: GTECH Signs Online Lottery Agreement with Spanish National Organization for the Blind
  Multimedia content management: Researchers create 3D art database
  European RTD: Benchmarking national research policies conference
  Text-to-speech: Firm gets your computer talking
  Audio search technology: Fast-Talk Wins ''Best Business Potential Award''

  Voice authentication: Voice holds the key
  Human speech recognition: Scientists mimic ear to improve speech recognition
  Speech recognition: Phone Edition dial-by-voice
  Voice services: Speak Easy
  Voice styles: Posh and Jamies' estuary accents now more liked than Queen's English
  NLP: Study Reveals Retail Web Sites Offer Poor Self-Service
  Knowledge management: EU funded project delivers cutting edge knowledge management tool
  Accessibility standards: W3C sets specs for browser, player accessibility
  Digital pens: DigiPens Search for Write Market
  Speech technology: Sakhr Software Showcases Arabic Automatic Speech Technologies

  Speech in banking: Hard Times Boost Speech-Recognition Systems

  Information search: The return of HotBot
  Speech recognition: Personal tech Visionary - Simplicity is key
  Voice markets: Big Companies Jumping in Voice Technology Market
  Voice services: VacationCoach Unveils ExpertVoice(tm) - New Voice-Powered Recommendation Engines
  Text-to-speech: Jobserve launches Text-to-Voice technology
  Speech recognition: SRC Chosen to Provide Europe's Largest Call Volume Speech Recognition Service for Freeview
  Speech deals: Datria switches products to land $7.5M
  Speech standards: W3C Voice Browser Working Group appoints Loquendo

  Text-to-Speech: INOV Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak Text-to-Speech for IVR Applications
  Voice services: Voice business - telcos deaf to an opportunity
  Natural Language search: FAST Enhances Search Relevancy for Its Portal Customers
  Intelligent interfaces: Personal tech Visionary - Tech yet to hit the wall
  Multilinguality: Lingway Joins KEO - UNESCO's Project Of The 21st Century
  Speech application: Loquendo's VoxNauta Platform Powers InternetQ's New Dating Service

  Voice Portal Service: Nuance Speech Software Drives TU-KA Cellular's New Voice Portal
  Voice command: Associated Grocers Rolls Out Voice-Directed Selection in Distribution Center
  IVR: Atlantic Coast Federal Upgrades to Maxxar's Voice Response System
  Localization: OASIS Members to Develop Web Services Standard for Translation
  Multilingual web: Multilingual top-level domains are far off, ICANN says
  Content management: Content Management and Retrieval Applications Will Outpace Overall Spend
  TTS: Nuance Delivers Vocalizer 2.0 Text-to-Speech Software Down Under

  TTS: NMS Communications to Offer ScanSoft RealSpeak Text-to-Speech with NMS HearSay
  Information Mining: iNetgen Licenses Mohomine Resume Extraction Technology for Its Human Resource Management
  Localisation: Translations.com Acquires Globalization Management System From Convey Software
  Text-to-speech: Nortel Networks and ScanSoft Offer Customers Broad Language Support
  On-board speech processing: Intel in race for next chip
  Knowledge management: Connexor Wins an OEM Deal with Crawdad
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical increases presence in the U.S. by opening office in Boston, MA
  Speech standards: Dexem, Eureka Soft, JD-Labtech, MAP Telecom and Telisma join forces to promote VoiceXML

  Speech interface: Advanced Speech Technologies are Changing the Perception of the Telephone
  Technology for disabled: SMS Keeps The Deaf In Touch
  Search technology: State enhances portal search capability with Jeeves technology (Registration required)
  Phonetic search engine: The power of voice
  Tech transfer: Commission funds technology transfer cooperation between UK and Russia
  eCommerce: So, You Could Ask Jeeves About the Price
  Voice portals: Voice portal technology for education

  Language markets: Language and Markets in the U.S.
  Speech application: Voice-Recognition Technology to Record Court Appearance
  Voice solutions: Fonix launches Speak@Me Suite of Voice-Automated Phone Solutions
  Speec.com: LocusDialog Acquires Speech Technology Assets From InfoSpace
  Language issues: A language is made of patterns and speech-feeling
  Interactive posters: Movie Posters That Talk Back (Registration Required)

  Information management: PSA Peugeot Citroën Selects Convera's RetrievalWare for Extranet & Intranet Initiative
  NLP: Bookette Selects Connexor Machinese
  Speech technology: SPIRIT Announces Speaker Verification Software
  Talking robot: Would You Buy a Car From a Robot?
  Text-to-speech: Nortel Networks and ScanSoft Offer Customers Broad Language Support
  Localisation services: Broad Daylight Introduces Multi-Lingual eService Software
  Voice services: Trio and SpeechCraft sign agreement for voice enabled applications

  Voice query language: Voice-Insight Selects ScanSoft to Provide Data Access by Voice
  Language issues:
  Speech interface: Fonix VoiceDial Now Available for Pocket PC Phone
  Speech markets: Advances in Speech Recognition Technology to Rejuvenate IVR Market
  Speech technology: TTPCom Opts For ART'S Revolutionary Speech Recognition Technology

  Speech technology: SRI Announces A Speech Recognition Engine for Computer-Based Education Tools
  Voice authentication: Vocent Announces Voice Secure - Password Reset 2.0
  Language of eCommerce: Ask Jeeves and PriceGrabber.com Introduce Comparative Shopping Service
  Added speech: Keep talkin'- .NET Speech SDK 1.0 beta
  Voice services: Nuance-Powered 511 Service Gives Bay Area Commuters All Things Travel
  Txt eBiz: Businesses turn to texting
  Information management: Autonomy Announces New Million Dollar Revenue From U.S. Intelligence Agencies

  Voice services: Voice-activated service gives traffic information
  Speech.com: Bankruptcy court OKs Lernout & Hauspie SEC settlement
  Language issues: Swiss fight encroaching English, but some substitutes look unwieldy
  Feature article: Language Technology in Agribusiness Manufacturing
  Feature article: Crossing The Chasm - Speech Technology The Finnish Way
  Voice services: Loquendo technologies automate Targasys bConnect Contact Center

  Talking washing machines: Vox In The Box
  Voice services: Office Depot Renews Agreement With NetByTel for Voice-Enabled Self-Service
  Smart clothes: Smart Fatigues Hear Enemy Coming
  Hppy bday 2 U: UK hails 10th birthday of SMS
  Speech applications: Datria Systems and Nuance to Deliver Voice-Enabled Workforce Management Applications to TELUS
  Voice services: Pronexus Inc. and Mitel Networks announce Distribution Agreement
  Messaging: The Appliance Studio Launches The SMS tXTboard
  EUROMAP Newsletter #16 Published

  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical Breaks into German Market
  Mulimodal interfaces: How China Is Making the Pen as Mighty as the PC
  Voice driven: Datria Systems and Nuance to Deliver Voice-Enabled Workforce Management Applications
  Information management: Taylor & Francis Selects Convera and Semantico
  Voice recgnition: Voice recognition - a sound investment
  Voice interaction: IBM Bolts Voice Support Onto Existing Applications
  Voice University?: Nuance Launches Industry's First Speech Certification Program
  Text-to-speech: BaBel releases BrightSpeech - A Human Sounding Text-To-Speech Application
  Speech technology: voice robots and SPUeNTRUP CTI launch new concept for PBX integration

  Text-to-speech: IM Speak! Enables Users to Turn Text Messages Into Audio Conversations
  Voice interface: IBM touts voice, handheld tools
  Machine translation: Maui Web translator speaks to the world in many languages
  Language of e-business: Global e-business lost in translation
  Standard voice apps: Standards-based VoiceXML speech development will drive next gen wireless devices
  Voice recognition: Doubt Cast on bin Laden Tape
  Localization: FileNET selects SDL International in major outsourced Testing Contract

  Speech markets: Speech Applications to Boost Solution Provider Revenues
  Multilingual tool: Inxight's LinguistX Platform Adds Support for Seven New Languages
  NLP application: Primus Launches Primus Answer Engine Version 3.0
  Text processing tools: Wordmap and Mohomine Launch Integrated Taxonomy Solution
  Language learning on the move: Berlitz and Airborne Entertainment Speak the Same Language
  Language issues: Greece- Minority Languages, Plea For More Recognition (Part I)
  Content management: Autonomy Wins Multi-Million Dollar Infrastructure Deployment Deal From Telecom Italia
  Voice portals: Loquendo Text-to-speech Powers Gradiente's Mediz Service
  Text-to-speech: Speech Cube 4.2 reduces implementation costs and increases customer satisfaction

  Machine translation: Sign Language Goes Gobbledygeek
  Speech recognition app: Tablet PC- Great freedom, but gimme more
  Speech recognition app: DeJarnette and Dictaphone Partner for PACS Voice Recognition
  Voice services: Elan Sayso™ talks Sea, Health and Salsa for Eloquant
  Voice services: Rhetorical provides New Zealand Meteorological service with voice of the weather
  Multilinguality: VideoToWeb New10 solution gives your documentation more voice
  Speech applications: Discover Digalo.com, the smart-talking software portal
  Text-to-speech: New : Elan Virtual Speaker designed by Elan Sayso
  Voice services: Elan Speech alerts Météorage Lightning subscribers

  Language issues: Authors bolster battle to save native language of Luxembourg

  Localisation: TRADOS to provide John Deere with Enterprise platform
  Voice identification: Voiceprints provide mobile encryption keys
  NLP: Lingway and Orian Partner To Improve Analysis Of Drug Side Effects
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical Breaks into Lucrative German Market
  NLP: SecondGuess Launches Predictive Spelling Tool for Danish
  Speech technology: Aculab Demonstrates New Additions To Its Portfolio At Telecom Asia 2002
  EU Language issues: Copenhagen Summit to tackle EU's 'Tower of Babel'
  Multilingual web: EurActiv launches German-language version

  Natural Language Processing: German Word Analysis and Generation for more than Two Million Words
  Personal Information Management: Weblicon and Voxpilot bring voice-enabled PIM to the European market
  Ultimate Weblog: Now Here's a Really Big Idea
  Text-to-speech: Fonix Speech Technology Transforms Type-to-Talk Product from ZYGO
  European RT&D: EC funded project to deliver the world's most advanced human language technology
  Speech platforms: VoiceObjects Factory 1.1 Extends Speech Platform Support and Functions

  Multi-lingual, multi-accent: Speech recognition for Nokia's Series 60
  Language issues: Deciphering language of the ancients, for fun
  Speech recognition: Voice Mouse Turns Silent Computer Screens into 'Talkies'
  Speech applications: Loquendo Text-To-Speech Integrated By InfoSpeech In Services For Blind Users
  Localization: SDL International Announces New Centre for Outsourced Testing
  Speech input device: NASA Selects Andrea's Digital Microphone Technologies
  Extended memory: Software aims to put your life on a disk
  Voice Standard applications: Elix Integrates VoiceXML Into Its IVR Platform
  European R&D: European industry warns on R&D spending

  Text-to-speech: Polkomtel Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak For Mobile E-mail Access in Poland
  Text-to-speech: BaBel Releases BrightSpeech
  Mulimodal interfaces: Tablet PC turns voice, handwriting into typed notes
  Voice services: Broca Networks & Synavant Deploy Speech-Driven Call Reporting Service
  Speech application: iVoice Installs Store Locator IVR for Perfumania
  Finland: Fuzzy-Search Introduced In The PIKI-Net Library

  Speech for Mobiles I: Speech Technology to Drive Mobile Computing
  Speech for Mobiles II: SALT to Reinvigorate Mobile Computing
  Voice services: United Airlines and SpeechWorks Deploy Japan's First Bilingual Speech-Enabled Flight Information Service
  Localisation: Bowne translates strategy into growth
  EU Language issues: How to Deal with Ten More Storeys to the EU’s Tower of Babel
  Business before language: Visa Suit - Dictionary Discredited
  Speech strategy: SpeechWorks Delivers OpenSpeech Technologies
  Multilinguality: SDL Benelux formed
  E-commerce: E-trade laws under fire

  Directory assistance: Phonetic Systems' Finnish Voice Directory Assistance System Wins Award at SpeechTEK
  Speech Development Kit: iVoice Releases Speech Software Developers Kit version 3.0
  Speech input: VW Automates Inspections with ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  Semantic Web: Reading Your Virtual Mind - Discussion on Advanced Search Engines at COMDEX Fall 2002
  ASR advice: Can you advise on voice recognition software?
  Speech mega-applications: SpeechWorks Honors "Milions of calls Via Speech" Clients
  Pre-packaged speech apps: Nuance Unveils Complete Speech Solutions Approach
  Translation tools: iLangua Announces TransMC Project Manager
  Mobile applications: Mobile Search Engines White Paper Available For Download

  Multilingual speech solution: Voice Signal Deploys Speech Recognition for Smartphone Platform
  Ambient intelligence: Gates Gives Sneak Preview of New Devices and Applications at COMDEX
  Search strategies: Spider-Based Search Better Than Human-Edited Directories?
  Semantic web: For W3C, it's a question of semantics
  Speech activated: Clarity for the vision impaired
  Localization: Moravia IT Extends Partnership with TRADOS, Signs Letter of Intent
  Multilinguality: PricewaterhouseCoopers and SYSTRAN Combine to Add Multilingual Technologies to XBRL Financial Reporting Format
  Voice services: Navigation Technologies Unveils Voice Data for Italy

  Speech marketing: Fonix Selects NLU Products as Sales and Marketing Distributor
  The Sound of Sign Language: Hands On Launches Video Relay Service
  Multimodal interaction: Map Data Goes Live With Voice, Gesture-Based Computer System
  Voice services: USPS talks up help desk system
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo Text-to-Speech Powers Frequentis ATIS system
  European R&TD: European business leaders join the Commission in growing call for urgent hike in research spending

  Machine translation: New DoCoMo handset includes Japanese-English translation
  Speech application: Wizzard to Speech Enable Anti-Money Laundering Software
  Speech standards: MAP Telecom opens first European VoiceXML training center
  Text-to-Speech: Computer Talk & SpeechWorks Support CNIB With Bilingual VisuNEWS
  Voice authentication: Voice Analysis Lacks Accuracy
  Evolving language: Latest Word - 'Klingons' in, 'Muggles' Not Quite
  European R&TD: The age of ambient intelligence
  Speech solutions: Eckoh Technologies and BT Create Exclusive Speech Recognition Alliance
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical selected by Adacel Inc. to provide voice synthesis for critical air traffic controller training programs

  Localisation: STAR Group Expands Operation in Europe - in Benelux and Ireland
  NL Interface: Edify Multi-Channel CRM Solutions Help RAC Earn Vision Award
  Speech applications: Fonix Partners With Gus Communications
  Voice authentication: Vocent and Courion Partner to Deliver Biometric-Based Password Management
  Voice services: Audiopoint Launches First Wireless Voice Terminal Service for End-Users
  Wearable computing: avodaq Incorporates Xybernaut for Microsoft TechNet Security Roadshow in Germany
  Translation tools: SDL International supports launch of Volvo Pan-European dealer information system

  Speech interface: ART and SVOX introduce complete speech interface for Symbian platform
  Multilingual search: AltaVista Advances Internet Search For Precision Searching
  Speech applications: Georgia Technology Authority Shifts Into High Gear With Nuance Speech Software
  Speech interfaces: Handsfree Car Kit with Bluetooth Connection at ARS Electronica 2002
  European HLT R&TD: European Union supports impressive development of human language technologies
  Speech technology: Microsoft tries out beta speech

  Speaker authentication: Speaker Verification For SAS Employees
  A screen too far: Why does my typing appear on my neighbour's PC?
  European RT&D: Study Reports - What happens to EU Research Funding?
  Speech interfaces: Why it's getting easier to talk to your PC
  Virtual human agents: Pulse Ships Pulse Veepers(TM) 3.0 - Virtual Human Creation Software

  Speech markets: Wizzard's European Speech Market Spells Increased Revenue For U.S. Company
  Multimodal interaction: Tablet PC Launched By Fujitsu Siemens
  Multilingual web services: Multilingual Web Site Facilitates Access to CHEP Supply Chain Solutions
  Multilingual web: Multilingual Content Management Solution From Obtree Technologies for AXA
  Voice driven: IBM in race for voice controlled cars
  Spain: New multilingual website highlights Spanish innovation
  Speech recognition: World-class Speech Recognition In Orion Intelligent Home System
  Multilinguality: Helping Europe remember
  Finland: New Technology Programme To Feature Language Technologies, Knowledge Management

  Speech technology: Voice Signal Offers Its Speech Recognition Software On TI’S OMAP Platform
  Speech application environment: Voice Web Solutions Introduces Advanced Speech Capabilities For Dreamweaver MX
  Translation tools: SDL launches new online translation service site
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical breaks new ground with Greek voice
  EUROMAP Newsletter #15 published
  Betting on speech: VeCommerce enters into agreement with UK's Blue Square
  Speech Tablet: Philips and One Voice to Offer Voice Solutions for Tablet PC Market
  Speech Tablet: ScanSoft Joins Microsoft in Tablet PC Launch Activities

  Intelligent interfaces: New chips for keeping up with the Joneses
  Speech applications: Brooktrout and Philips Partner on Voice-Driven Messaging Applications
  Speech applications: Spectel Showcases Self-Service Conferencing Based on Instant Messaging, Speech Recognition and Wireless
  Voice authentication: Nuance To Use e-Gap Remote Access Solution for Secure Web Access to Microsoft OWA
  Speech technology: Making speech recognition mainstream
  Speech technology: IBM Licenses ScanSoft RealSpeak Text-to-Speech
  Speech application: Travis Credit Union Goes Live with Maxxar's Speech Recognition System
  Speech application: Convergys to Support Real-Time Monitoring of Election Day Activities Nationwide
  SMS-to-speech: Text messaging for the blind
  IST 2002 event: Language Technologies Feature in IST Grand Prizewinners
  Telematics: Temic Speech Dialog Systems Opens US Office
  Speech applications: IBM Announces Expanded Availability of ViaVoice Dictation Software in Europe
  Multimodal applications: Rapid Deployment of Multimodal Speech Applications with the StarRec Dialog Development System

  Knowledge mananagement: Open Text Introduces New KM Tools for Large Organizations
  Voice services: Nuance to Provide Voice Dialing Capability for AT&T Wireless
  Multilinguality: DNS Chaos Feared on Account of Multilingual Domains
  Voice services: Navigation Technologies Launches Voice Enabled Map Data For The US
  Text-to-speech: Interactive Intelligence and Loquendo Sign OEM Agreement
  Speech applications: Brooktrout Technology, Loquendo and Netcom Team up to Deliver Speech-Enabled Applications
  Voice portals: Philips’ Speech Technology Enhances Deutsche Bank’s Nationwide Banking Portal
  NLP: WMTrans Lemmatizer now available as platform-independent Java implementation
  Voice portals: Genesys Announces First European Customer For Voice Portal Solution

  Speech applications: Convergys Speech Solution to Support Real-Time Monitoring of Election
  Speech technology: Speech Technology Industry Names Top Performers for 2002
  Speech standards: ScanSoft Joins the SALT Forum
  Speech deals: ScanSoft Signs $10 Million Revolving Credit Facility with Silicon Valley Bank
  Voice services: Powergen makes the switch to voice
  Knowledge management: Fortis Bank Selects Convera to Power Corporate Intranet
  Content management: AXA Rosenberg selects Obtree's Multilingual Content Management Solution
  NLP: iPhrase Self-Service Search and Navigation Software Selected by Hewitt Associates
  Knowledge management: Mindfabric Announces Financial Services Knowledgebase

  Voice services: Telisma, SVOX, D-Link and voice robots launch Speech Server
  Standard solutions: Syntellect and speechvantage Partner to Deliver VoiceXML-Based Speech Solutions
  Speech.com: ScanSoft Announces Record Quarterly Revenue - Up 68% Year-On-Year
  Voice-mouse interface: Commodio Announces Voice Mouse
  Multimodal applications: IBM Announces Growing Developer Support for Multimodal Applications, X+V
  Speech development kit: .Net finds its voice
  Speech processing: Philips Joins Wind River Partner Program
  Telematics: Telefónica Links With Citroën
  Multilinguality: CELER PAWLOWSKY SL (CPSL) announces the birth of LUCAS

  Voice services: Computer Talk Technology helps customer service with 'ice'
  Speech technology: ART joins Symbian's Platinum Partner Program
  Voice services: Voice Generated Payment - Yes Please!
  Voice interface: CIBC Introduces Audio Access ABMs
  Future visions: Microsoft and IBM Share Visions for the Future At SpeechTEK 2002
  Voice services: Vocalocity Launches SALT/VoiceXML Gateway and Tools
  Tech transfer: Scottish science link praised

  Voice technology: XVoice Voice Animation Brings New Dimension To Entertainment
  Voice services: Improved Customer Service With Speech Solution From Nuance and WorkForce Technologies
  Voice verification: Nuance Voice Authentication Software Deployed by Bell Canada
  Voice services: INFONXX Announces DuPont Corporate Directory Assistance Services Agreement
  Multimodal applications: Kirusa Gets Into Iberia
  Multilinguality: Qvadis Releases Lexica Pro for Palm-Powered Handhelds
  Speech solutions: SandCherry And Telisma Partner To Redefine Advanced Speech Solutions
  Speech deals: NeoSpeech And Conversay Announce Strategic Partnership
  Speech technologies: Atos Origin incorporates Telisma's carrier-grade speech technologies

  Market report: Consumer Report on Speech Solutions to Be Released at SpeechTEK
  Voice services: Elan Speech and Telisma partner to aim at the voice services mass market
  Mobile applications: Lucent Technologies adds Elan TTS to its MiLife™ VoiceXML Gateway solution
  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech launches the Arabic version of Elan Tempo
  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech launches the American version of Elan Sayso
  Report - voice services: Empirix Report on Major U.S. Banks' Web and Voice Self-Service Applications
  Speech application: The U.S. District Court of Florida to Implement Speech-Enabled TelePath Solution
  Information management: Sapient and Autonomy Partner to Help Manage Information

  Voice authentication: Voicevault Signs Reseller Agreement With VAS
  Speech markets: Datamonitor Report Tracks Growth Potential of Speech Recognition Around Globe
  Speech interfaces: Fonix VoiceDirector(TM) for Windows Enables PC Navigation by Voice Command
  Multimodal interaction: PDA for the Blind- Cost Out of Sight?
  Voice services: Vail Launches Versay Solutions in Commitment to Speech
  Ambient intelligence: Implantable Chip, On Sale Now
  e-AirMail: Airlines set to install inflight e-mail
  Knowledge management: European Knowledge Management Market Steams Ahead, says IDC

  CRM: Say Hello to Sanjeep, Er, Sam
  Voice services: Europe's ADAC Auto Club And ScanSoft to Provide Voice-Enabled-Traffic Information Service
  Speech technology: LocusDialog Provides Front End Speech Telephony Solution To Campus College
  Multilingual language tools: FAST Incorporates Basis Technology's Analyzers to Support Asian Languages
  Speech technology: LumenVox Announces Version 3.0 at SpeechTek 2002
  Voice recognition: Elmo-Tech & Persay to Develop a Voice Verification Product for the Corrections
  Information management: Connexor licenses Machinese analyzers to Human Genome Center
  Multilinguality: VTT Develops a Service for Multilingual eBusiness

  Multi-language text-to-speech: SVOX TTS engine vailable on Voxpilot’s VoiceXML channel
  Audio eContent: Toshiba and Audible to Offer Spoken Audio to Cable Subscribers
  Voice authentication: Mobiles get a voice of their own
  Language.com: SYSTRAN Q3 Revenue Release - Increase Reflects Partial Recovery
  Speech applications: SyberNet Develops Speech Recognition Application for Irish Market
  Voice services: Loquendo TTS News : Meet Paola, the New Italian Female Voice
  Speech applications: Telephonetics launches the latest version of ContactPortal
  Translation and Localisation: iLangua Offers Translation System Integration and Data Conversion Skills

  Ambient intelligence: MG Rover drivers get out of a jam with clock alert
  On-board speech: NEC Electronics and Fonix Announce Speech Recognition Software For NEC's Microprocessors
  Speech application: Clarity and Dspfactory to Provide Clear Sound For Portable Devices
  Information management: FAST Data Search Deployed on Freeserve.com
  Speech markets: NeoSpeech Debuts As New U.S. Provider Of Speech-Enabled Technologies
  Speech telematics: Toyota Motor Corporation Selects Nuance to Speech-Enable Japanese Telematics
  Speech recognition basics: Scientists mimic ear to improve speech recognition
  Speech technology: iTouch Chooses Elix for its Worldwide Voice Platform Deployment
  Natural language search: Autonomy enlisted in war on terror

  Speech.com profile: Wizzard Software quietly carves out market in speech recognition
  Bilingual by Law: Language law alarms some, amuses others in Romania
  Voice recognition: Voice-authentication company Vocent makes deal with Visa
  Speech application: Verizon Wireless Gives Business Customers Voice Access To E-mail
  Speech technology: Fonix Delivers Speech Solution to Motorola's mGT5100 Platform
  Speech application: New Speech-Activated Service to Make Home Loan Shopping and Comparisons Easier
  Localization: WRQ Integrates SDL Localization Suite to Automate Software Localization Process
  Knowledge management: ‘SMART’ Solcara receives award from the DTI
  Translation services: QSD accreditation for LinguaPoint

  TTS: Aculab releases latest text-to-speech software
  Voice command: Edy's Grand Ice Cream Facility Uses Vocollect's Talkman Voice System
  Speech Recognition EL: Autonomy Announces Greek Voice Recognition Technology
  Conference: LangTech 2002 - Language Technologies Toward ‘Natural’ Interfaces
  Voice authentication: Visa gets behind voice recognition for e-commerce
  Speech recognition: Diaphonics Chooses Brooktrout Platform to Help Reduce Fraud
  Localization: Moravia IT Recipient of Microsoft's Prestigious Premier Vendor Status
  Speech technology: ScanSoft and Interactive Solutions Team to Convert Speech into Sign Language

  Voice authentication: Voiceprints make crypto keys
  Coloured speech: Cell Phones More Than Just Talk
  Speech interaction: InternetSpeech Launches Voice i-Mode Service in Japan
  Speech standards: Intel, Microsoft Dip into Speech with SALT
  Voice driven: Glenayre Announces Versera(TM) Voice Services Suite
  Clear speech: Clarity's CVC(TM) Technology Selected By BIA for ITS Bluetooth Hands-free System
  eContent: SDL delivers .NET support with release of Microsoft Content Management Server 2002
  Knowledge management: Acetic Releases New Version Of Tropes Zoom Natural Language Software

  Voice services: VoiceXML Solution from NewVoiceMedia and Aculab
  Speech applications: D-Link and SVOX Launch Speech Server
  Voice services: Ydilo Unveils Voice Productivity Suite
  Natural interfaces: What to Wear - Why Not a Computer?
  Unusual interfaces: The keyboard that isn't there
  Augmented reality: Wearables - More Than Sci-Fi Stuff
  Text-to-speech: Incredible shrinking PCs appear at LinuxExpo
  Speech.com: Siemens Invests in Swiss Text-to-Speech specialist SVOX
  Text-to-speech: Babel Technologies Demonstrates New TTS Platforms At Speechtek 2002

  Voice portals: Nuance and Huawei Deliver Voice Portal for China Netcom
  Speech events: Management Perspective Gets SpeechTEK's Attention
  NLP: edocs Launches eaCare for Customer Self-Service
  Speech technology: Conversay Announces First Commercial Deployment of Distributed Speech Recognition
  Voice services: Aliant Telecom Mobility launches VoiceNet™
  LangTech 2002: Mature Speech & Language Technology Sector Advances Toward 'Natural' Human Interfaces
  Knowledge management: Sweden's Leading Subscription-Based News Archive Chooses Convera
  NLP applications: eAssist and CMG Join Forces to Penetrate European Contact Center Market

  NLP: iPhrase Announces One Step 4.0 With Interaction Advantage
  Localization: Reality Test and Academy of Languages Announce Strategic Partnership
  Speech platforms: NSC Introduces a Complete ``All in One'' Voice Platform
  Speech technology: Intel, Microsoft Dip into Speech with SALT
  Multilinguality: Connexor provides language analyzers for text-to-speech synthesis to Toshiba
  Text-to-speech: Elan's Sayso gives voice to France's leading business daily
  Rodent free: Hand gestures set to kill off the mouse

  Speech recognition: ScanSoft's Technology Selected for Sony's New PlayStation 2 Title
  Speaker verification: Convergys Offers Automated Solution Using SpeechWorks Technology
  Voice services: SpeechWorks Deploys Speech-Enabled Instant Loan Application
  Voice services: Amtrak Completes Strategic Nationwide Roll Out for 1.800.USA RAIL
  Biometrics: Quantum Signal Wins NIST Advanced Technology Program Award
  Speech recognition: SpeechWorks Introduces OpenSpeech MediaServer
  Speech deals: Telisma Successfully Completes EUR 10.5 million Private Placement
  Multilinguality: NEC Computers International to Utilize Kaidara Solution to Streamline Customer Care
  Proofing tools: Fix your Swedish with Svefix
  Localization: LinguaPoint Prepares for New Quality Standard Certification Audit
  Speech recognition: NSC Successfully Integrates its Solution with NMS Telephony Products
  Localization: Bowne Global Solutions Earns Microsoft's Premier Vendor Status
  I18N (Internationalization): The Free Standards Group Announces OpenI18N Certification Program
  Speech technology: ScanSoft Joins Microsoft Tablet PC Early ISV Program

  Speech applications: VoiceGenie & Fluency to drive voice-enabled applications and services in Europe
  Virtual newsreader: This Avatar's Got News for You
  Voice markets: HeyAnita Launches Operations in Europe
  Natural interface for some: New Telecom Connections for the Deaf
  Speech technology: IBM Ready With Speech Recognition Prototype
  Multilinguality: French CRM Vendor Mounts U.S. Push
  Voice portals: Intel launches Arabic speech recognition service

  Pocket speech engine: Speech Engine for Win CE, Pocket PC, Win CE for Autos
  Speech.com: One Voice CEO Comments On ScanSoft Acquisition of Parts of Philips Speech Portfolio
  Voice services: Theatre chain speech-enables its contact centre with VoiceGenie VoiceXML Gateway
  Voice applications: Cigna International Looks to Gold Systems to Assist Customer Service
  Call centres: Half Britain's Call Centre Staff Now Being Offered Stress Counselling
  Voice services: Telefónica Móviles Selects Comverse As Global Technological Partner

  Speech-enabled applications: speechvantage Launches OLIVE
  Audio search: Dictaphone and Fast-Talk to Provide High-Speed Audio Search Technology
  Voice identification: SpeechWorks and Vocent Integrate Voice Authentication Products
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks Expands Voice Offerings for Speechify
  Speech applications: Healthcare Providers Choose SDC's IntelliSPEECH Speech Recognition Directory Solution
  Text-to-speech: Aculab’s Head of Speech Technology to Address Key Issues at SpeechTek 2002
  GIL services: IDC Midyear Update: Worldwide and U.S. Globalization, Internationalization, and Localization Services
  Knowledge management: Xerox MKMS launches XeLDA 2.0
  Translation: New trade association set to enhance the image of the translation industry

  Machine translation: Translators trample on language barriers
  Multilinguality: Is language really the only barrier in Europe?
  TTS - Next stop: Automated voice system to call out bus stops
  EU R&D: KPN research activities to become part of TNO
  Natural interface?: Human Handshake Opens Data Stream
  Speech solutions: Intervoice, Microsoft Team Up
  EUROMAP Newsletter #14 published
  Speech.com: Philips to sell speech processing ops to ScanSoft for 36 million euro
  Multilingual Text-to-speech: Multilingual speech synthesizer made

  Speech applications: TuVox Launches New Conversational Call Automation System
  Speech wear: Xybernaut Wearable Computers Approved as Component of U.S. Navy Program
  Text-to-speech: Fonix Delivers Speech Solution To Eintech’s Translation Device
  VUI: Speech technology makes the telephone a new medium
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo Text-to-speech introduces Catalan
  Speech applications: Republica Provides Tools for Publishing Material for Visually Impaired

  Speech technology: ART's Name-Dialing Solution Enabled On QUALCOMM Chipsets
  Speech deals: speechvantage Secures Investment From PA Early Stage
  Speech business: Wizzard Sees Increase in Business
  Multilinguality: System gives housekeeping at hotels a handheld hand
  Audio mining: Senate gets ready to stream hearings
  Search technologies: FAST Unveils New Specialized Search Options
  Knowledge management: Patented semantic technologies for content discovery

  Speech recognition: ScanSoft Brings Advanced Speech Recognition to Automotive, Mobile and PC Applications
  Voice services: Phonetic Systems Brings Speech Recognition Solutions to Education Market
  eBusiness: Retek Exhibits Solutions At Retail Automation Conference
  NLP: Computer-Human Conversation Closer to Reality
  Biometrics: AcSys Biometrics and GAITS Partner for Facial Recognition
  Speech markets: Voicenet finds words to explain woes to market
  Venture capital: SEP bucks trend with £7m funding

  Multilinguality: OASIS and LISA Collaborate on Global e-Business Survey
  Voice services: SpeechWorks Selects LocusDialogSTS Platform for SpeechSite™ 3.0
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft Ships RealSpeak Telephony 3.5
  Speech recognition: LumenVox Announces New Training Service
  Text-to-speech: Navtech takes Elan Sayso on board for the Paris motor show
  Speech applications: SPA uses Elan Speech as a playful way to learn
  Text-to-speech: Texte et Relief's Ugo reads out loud with Elan Sayso
  Speaker verification: Aculab Launches its First Speaker Verification Software
  Voice services: Idylic: another successful integration for Elan Sayso

  Speech.com: Pentech Ventures Lands £5million EIF investment
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks and Intervoice Celebrate Over 100 Jointly Deployed Speech Solutions
  Voice applications: Adomo Voice Gateway Enables To Easily Voice-Enable Any Application
  Speech recognition: Sakrament launches Sakrament Speech Recognition Engine
  Speech standards: Guru speaks up for VoiceXML
  NLP: Connexor announces deal with Namni Group AB, Sweden
  Knowledge management: Inxight SmartDiscovery Sets New Standard for Enterprise Information Retrieval
  Knowledge management: Peru's Largest Daily Newspaper Selects Convera
  Speech technology: Speech recognition in a spin for Labour

  Canine-speech-to-text: Dog language device proves a hit
  Voice service: Philips & Celforce Launch Gujarat's First Voice Portal
  Voice controlled home: ArialPhone And Lantronix Announce Home Automation Development Partnership
  Multimodal interaction: Logitech hot to jot with new digital pen
  Tablets of babel: Tablet PC speaks in tongues, but not all
  Voice services: Loquendo launches the new VAD - Corporate Service
  Translation tools: SAP hosts First Independent TRADOS User Conference in Europe
  Text-to-speech: Siemens' accelerator backs Zurich-based SVOX

  Voice services: HeyAnita Announces FreeSpeech Gateway Server 3.0
  Not-if-speech-technology-can-help: 3% Of Britain's Working Population To Work In Call Centers By 2007
  NLP application: iPhrase One Step to Deliver Self-Service Search Solution
  Voice applications: Ai-Logix & enGenic Simplify Voice Application Development

  Voice services: Prosodie And ISx Announce Alliance to Develop Directory and IVR Related
  Voice services: SyberNet Launches Speech Driven Telephony Solution
  Evaluation: The Value of Usability Testing for Speech-Enabled Applications
  Evaluation: Forrester Research Ranks Oracle Highest for Multilingual, Multinational CRM

  Multilinguality: Independent Research Firm Ranks Oracle Highest for Multilingual CRM
  Voice verification: Voiceprints taking place of PIN numbers
  Natural interactivity: Talking research with Microsoft's Rick Rashid
  US R&D: DARPA seeks ‘total information awareness’
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo Technology powers Crédit Mutuel "Telsanté" service
  NLP: iPhrase Announces Partner Program
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks and Lucent Deliver Voice–Driven Messaging
  Voice services: Sparks Medical Center Prescribes Nuance Speech Software
  Voice services: TS Telefonica Sistemas Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak for IVR System

  CRM Tool: Teltone Unveils Voice Solution For Telework & Virtual Contact Centers
  Speech marketing: LocusDialog And NACR to Market Speech Telephony Solutions
  Voice access: CTT To Provide IVR Technology To The Government Of Ontario
  Voice services: VoiceGenie and Vesta Announce Progressive Call Management Voice Solution
  Localization: apps4biz Positions Its Business Applications For European SMEs
  Knowledge management: Convera Helps The Royal Library of Sweden Preserve 17th Century History

  Speech survey: Speech Technology Magazine To Sponsor Comprehensive User Acceptance Study
  Handheld translation: IBM Offers Language Translator for Handhelds
  Language translation: Bulgarian Patent - Method For Computer Inter Lingual Translation
  Speech technology: Speech Patent Has One Voice
  Secure interfaces: Merlin and iView Systems Add Facial Recognition to SecurDVR Access System
  Knowledge management: Hyperwave releases advanced knowledge management platform
  Translation: TRADOS Launches New TranslationZone.com
  Technology lifestyles: Infineon launches its “Agenda 5-to1” program for future growth

  Speech.com: General Magic to Discontinue Operations
  Localization markets: ScanSoft Ships OmniPage Pro 12 for Germany and France
  Multi-language content: Virage Rolls Out Foreign Language Support for Newest Products
  Speech-wear: Wearable computers see the way forward
  Speech technology: Clarity expands sales reach to United Kingdom
  Localization: Everquest® prepares to captivate Chinese market
  Machine translation: viaLanguage and HEISOFT AG add the human touch to automation
  Machine translation: Think in English, E-Mail in French
  Finland: USIX develops user-friendly information technology
  Voice services: Poly Information and NSC Partner to Improve Speech-driven Services

  Speech-wear: Vocera Communications Unveils Wearable, Instant Voice Communications Application
  Voice services: Consumers gain voice power
  Finland: Communications Technologies, the VTT Roadmaps
  Speech recognition: Speereo Voice Organizer Nominated by Pocket PC Magazine
  Finland: New version of WWW-Lemmie now available
  Speech application: IBM gives handhelds multilingual voice
  Voice services: E*TRADE Uses InfoTalk’s Technologies to Build Voice Platform
  Speech markets: Speech Industry Says 'The Future is Now!'

  Knowledge management: Convera & Fujitsu Partner in Knowledge Management System for UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  Speech-to-text: Harris Adds Multilingual Speech Recognition To Media Asset Management
  Old tech: Fast-Talk's Audio Searching Software for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  Speech Development Kit: Sensory Announces Release of Fluent Speech SDK
  Speech application: JetBlue Passengers Use Speech Recognition
  Voice services: SRC Launches Data Capture Services To Automate Contact Centre Functions
  Speech recognition: Dremedia Wins Innovation Award

  Language filtering: Words to the wise on the Web
  Text-to-speech: ISPs give e-mail a voice
  Speech.com: ScanSoft Completes Lernout & Hauspie Share Repurchase
  Speech quality: New Research- Mobile Phone Companies Want Clearer Voice
  Text-to-speech: U.S. Office of Personnel Management Incorporates ScanSoft RealSpeak
  Speech applications: Chesterton Praises Digital Dictation After Successful Six Month Pilot
  Voice web: VoiceGenie and VoxSurf Announce Speech-Driven Multi-Channel Communication Solution
  Speech technology: Banter becomes work of art
  Finland: Conexor changes name to Connexor and launches a new web site

  Speech applications: Speech-recognition systems let you do the talking
  Voice services: iVoice Announces New Scholastic IVR Outdialer for 3Com
  Interactions of a different kind: Man, Machine: Can't We Get Along?
  Speech technology: Loquendo Speech Technologies In New Telecom Italia Future Centre
  Search technologies: Help Test an Adaptive Search Engine
  Speech markets: InfoTalk Becomes HP Mobile ISV Alliance Member

  Multimodal computing: Wearable PCs Hasten Pentagon Fix
  Machine translation - the enemy?: AltaVista and Google to Fight Chinese Censorship
  Localisation: Lionbridge Introduces LionAccess(TM) for Documentum 5
  Localization: Report Says Consolidation Is Creating Better Localization Services
  Multilinguality: TRADOS Secures Strategic Venture Funding From INVISION AG
  Globalization tools: TRADOS Extends Relationship with Lionbridge

  Speech technology: Sakhr Software and Emerging Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership
  Ambient intelligence: IBM, Philips and Telematica Instituut join forces on content delivery research
  Embedded speech tech: Intel developing speech technology
  Voice services: Preferred Voice Approaching Break-Even Point
  Speech markets: LocusDialog Teams Up With NEC Business Network Solutions
  Voice services: RealNetworks plays ball over cell phones
  Voice services: SAS IT And Voice Provider Cooperate With Sweden Post
  Speech technology: Fonix Speech Interface Supports New Intel Wireless Technology
  NLP: RealDialog™ Launches Self-Service Based on Computational Linguistics

  Speech technology: IBM buys rival's patents
  Text-to-speech: Audiopoint to Deploy E-mail by Phone Service
  Text-to-speech: Centrinity Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak Text-To-Speech for its Comms Platform
  Text-to-speech: Nuance Unveils Vocalizer 2.0 Text-to-Speech Software for U.K. Market
  Speech markets: Syntellect And Acclaim Sign Reseller Agreement
  Localisation: WorldPay boosts marketing with iLangua's web localisation services
  Multilinguality: Wordbank Integrates TRADOS GXT To Provide A Complete Globalization Solution

  Speech recognition: U.S. Army Enlists Nuance Speech Recognition Software
  Voice services: SpeechWorks Saves Citibank Customers up to 75 Percent in Transaction Costs
  Language tools: Artificial Life Announces Chinese Language Products
  Speech marketing: Telephonetics Appoints Convergent Systems As Approved Reseller
  Multimedia communication: Nokia Unveils Eye-Catching Imaging Phone
  Multimodal applications: Kirusa and Telisma announce the use of their solutions in a France Telecom trial
  Knowledge management: University of Pisa Leans on Convera for Portal Search Solution

  Speechwear: Hats off to wearable computing
  Speech application: TietoEnator to Improve Efficiency and Cooperation in Healthcare
  Terminology management: Network Associates Selects Bowne Global Solutions for Enterprise Terminology Management
  Voice platform: Plum VoiceXML IVR Announces Touchtone (DTMF) Version of VoiceXML Platform
  Voice services: Grocery Gateway Keeps Things Fresh With Computer Talk Technology

  Speech markets: Syntellect Continues European Distribution Expansion
  Speech applications: PIKA Technologies and SpeechWorks Deliver Speech Technology to Telephony Developers
  Speech applications: Pannone & Partners Moves to SRC for Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition
  Voice services: Eckoh Technologies Cuts the Mustard in Phone Entertainment with Classic Cluedo
  Wearable computing: Smart clothing expected to take off
  Interface technologies: For The Blind, A Computer Navigation System With Its Own "Map"
  Telematics: OSGi Members Race Into Telematics with Product
  Text-to-speech: Sakrament company Introduces Sakrament SpeechBOX for its TTS Engine

  Speech-to-sign: Animated interpreter translates English into sign language for deaf
  Biblical Esperanto?: Did Adam And Eve Speak The Kyrgyz Language?
  Speech technology: Breakthrough speech recognition solution to be used in 2.5G and 3G processor applications
  Voice services: Vicinity and NetByTel Partner for Phone-Based, Voice Recognition Business Locator
  Knowledge management: TEMIS and Mondeca form strategic partnership
  Cross-lingual search: Convera Selected by Top Swiss Insurance Provider to Help Speed Claims Process
  NLP: Toshiba Uses WexTech AnswerWorks to Power Ask IRIS Online Support Site
  Voice services: Travel info goes on auto pilot
  Speech technology: Babel’s Embedded Technology Helps The Disabled To Read & Learn

  Speech technology: IBM Corporation Gains Access to AllVoice's Voice Patents
  Web translation service: A Look at Two Web Translation Portals
  Voice markets: Philips and One Voice Partner to Offer Speech-Enabled Telephony Solutions to European Carriers
  Speech technology: ART's Phonemic Recognition Software Ported to Motorola Processors
  Call centres: ICR Speech Solutions and NMS Communications Increase Call Centre Efficiency More Than 95% With PCid
  eContent: Commission approves EDRA project

  Speech technology: PCs and Speech - A Rocky Marriage
  Tax-to-speech ;-): 'Talking' Tax Forms For Blind Developed
  Language most foul: Rude SMS dictionary sparks outrage
  Web services: IBM and USA Technologies Power Web-enabled Washing Machines
  Globalization: TRADOS Strengthens GXT Platform For The Enterprise
  Text recognition: Syslore and TietoEnator co-operate in library solutions
  Text-to-speech: Mysoft "write and understand" with Elan Speech
  Translation tools: Masters Innovations Ltd to roll out Master Translator Pro 1.0
  Text-to-speech: Native Java client and Speech CUBE JavaSpeech support

  Multilingual CRM: Astea Announces Next Generation Web-based CRM Solution
  Multilingual learning tool: Welocalize delivers six languages simultaneously
  Talking heads: Elan Sayso gets the part for Lucy's voice
  Voice services: Elan Speech gets Elix's powerful platform IVS talking
  Voice recognition: AllVoice Computing and IBM Corporation Enter Into Licence Agreement
  Speech applications: ADI speaks to Europe's children with Elan Speech
  Multimedia communication: Vodafone to Launch Multimedia Messages in October
  Machine translation: Boffins test universal translator

  Speech.com: SPEECHIFY.COM domain becomes available

  Speech.com: Nuance Announces Workforce Reduction
  Speechwear: Xybernaut and Protolex Wearable Computing Solutions
  Speech platform: VoiceGenie Launches VoiceXML Gateway 5.5
  Voice.com: InterVoice-Brite becomes Intervoice
  Old-tech Localisation: Bowne Global Solutions Completes Foreign Language Translation of SAP R/3
  Translation tools: US Army tests portable translator
  R&D: IEEE Spectrum Issues First Global Survey of Top 100 R&D Spenders
  Voice services: William Hill Backs a Winner with Eckoh Technologies

  ex-Speech.com: Judge rules against KPMG in Lernout & Hauspie case
  Voice services: Audiopoint and PatriotNet Sign Agreement to Deploy E-mail by Phone Service
  Text-to-speech: Ectaco Releases New Speech Synthesis System
  Speech platform: PIKA Technologies and Voice Robots partner to deliver speech automation applications
  Localised weather: Instant weather reports, instant messaging

  Speech application: iVoice Speech Enables Technology Assurance Group
  Speech markets: Audium 3 Now Available in Australia and New Zealand
  Voice services: VeCommerce wins the double with Littlewoods Bet Direct
  Interface technologies: Software aims to help disabled
  Multilinguality: Hindi chatbot breaks new ground
  Speech technologies: VoiceGenie Launches VoiceXML Gateway 5.5

  Speech applications: University of Maine Chooses SDC to Speech Enable Campus Call Handling
  Text-to-speech: Sakrament embeds its TTS Engine in Toshiba's TMPR3912 32 –bit microprocessor
  Multilingual web: Obtree Technologies To Enhance Multilingual Websites
  Knowledge management: Commonwealth of Learning Selects Convera Technology to Power Multilingual Content
  NLP: iPhrase and Stellent Partner to Deliver Fast, Accurate Self-Service
  Knowledge management: Sweden's Leading Newspaper Selects Convera for Multiple Projects
  Wearables: Marks and Sparks to go hi-tech

  Hmmm: How uhs and ums have roles in speech
  Multimodal interaction: Glove translates sign language
  Arabic SR: Philips Speech Processing to develop Arabic-language speech recognition solutions
  Speech application: Telephonetics Launches Automated Voice-based Appointment Reminder
  Voice driven: Voice Signal And Samsung to Offer Advanced Voice Activation on Sph-A500 Wireless Phone
  Belgium: Belgacom launches a new Voice SMS service on fixed lines

  Multi-language text-to-speech: CMG Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak as a Voice for its Comms Solution
  Embedded speech: Transmeta teams with Windows CE .Net
  Speech applications: Voxpilot partners with Newfound Communications for voice application development
  Voice technology: U.S. Patent Awarded to One Voice Technologies
  Multimodal interaction: Eyes write - Typing without a keyboard just got faster and easier

  Text-to-speech: InfoTalk-Speaker Successfully Integrates with Edify’s IVR System
  Speech markets: Gold Systems Partners with Rhetorical to Expand Text-to-Speech Market
  Car telematics: The Networked Car
  Speech development environment: Auto Speech Recognition Made Easier
  Speech application: iVoice and Toshiba Announce System Compatibility
  Finland: Tecnomen to supply voice mail system upgrade to South African Cell C

  Speech technology: Rhetorical chairman receives recognition for innovation from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
  Speech technology: Philips & Etisalat To Develop Arabic-language Speech Recognition
  Study: Apes lack gene for speech
  Speech input devices: Plantronics Selected by IBM to Enhance Speech Recognition Applications
  Speech recognition: Speech recognition programs can work
  Text-to-speech: Fonix's iSpeak Assists Drivers and Passengers to Find Music
  Speech verification: Biometrics- the key to call centre fraud?

  Voice services: i3Mobile Offers Voice Access to News, Pronto
  Natural Language Processing: SRI International To Bring Self-service Software to US Government Market
  Voice technology: Phonetic Systems' Voice Search Engine Receives Editors' Choice Award
  Automated excuses: Sierra Pacific Chooses Syntellect's Customer-Facing Self-Service Solution

  Multimodal interfaces: Tablet PC Industry Addresses the Future of Mobile Computing
  Ambient intelligence: The Age of Assisted Cognition
  Language basics: First language gene discovered
  Iconic mnemonics: Picture Your New Password
  Machine translation: Siemens Nederland acquires Trasy Dutch-English MT system
  Knowledge management: Enterprise Taxonomy Management System Upgrades
  Translation tools: TRADOS Partners With Top Defense Firm
  Verlanization: Backward Runs French. Reels the Mind.

  Language theory: Scientist claims robot can prove language theory
  More theory: Single cell may explain the creation of language
  Text-to-speech: Computers Are Talking with ReadPlease
  Text-to-speech: Can You Help Me Talk?
  Market survey: Study Reveals Greater Need for Translation Services by Global Fortune 500
  Speech technology: Wizzard Software Expands Relationship with IBM
  Multimodal applications: SALT Forum Contributes Version 1.0 Specification to W3C

  Future: La Dolce Vita, Internet Style
  Speech recognition, not: Phonetic Audio Searching of Video Depositions Enables Attorneys Better Manage Evidence
  Speech applications: Auralog and Cornelsen to Incorporate ScanSoft Speech Technologies

  Speech.com: Syntellect's Common Shares Delisted From Nasdaq
  Voice services: New York Hospital Chooses IntelliSPEECH To Improve Call Handling
  Speech.com: ScanSoft Agrees to Repurchase $7.0 Million of Its Shares from L&H Bankruptcy Estate
  Speech application: Princeton University Deploys Virage Platform
  Voice Web: Alcatel Completes Acquisition of Telera
  Speech applications: Hill Dickinson Selects SRC for Digital Dictation Pilot

  Voice services: Thetrainline.com cuts call centre costs by one fifth
  Text-to-speech: Fonix(R) Text-To-Speech for DynaVox's DYNAwrite Speech Augmentation Device
  Text-to-speech: SVOX introduces the industry’s first concatenative Text-to-Speech
  Localization: Multilizer releases the First Complete Localization Solution for Microsoft Windows

  Speech processing: Search Engines Break the Sound Barrier
  Speech technology: Dremedia voices an agreement with CNN
  Globalisation: Bowne Agrees To Acquire Berlitz' Globalnet Unit
  Tech transfer: Invention policies go back to the drawing board
  Speech applications: Text-to-Speech and Voice Recognition software for PPC

  Speech recognition: VoiceGenie Announces Expansion In The US & Europe
  Speech technology: Technology can now 'talk the talk'
  Voice services: Edify Provides Cole National Multi-Channel CRM and Voice Self-Service Capability
  Speech standards: Talk to the Hand(held)
  Prize: ScanSoft's Dragon NaturallySpeaking Wins Law Office Computing Readers' Award
  Speech application: Talk to Your Pocket PC Now!
  NLP: Porn spam on the rise
  Voice solutions: VIDISolutions Integrates Video and IM
  Toy story: Chatty doll can see what she's talking about

  Speech application: Amcom To Install Speech Recognition At 29 U.S. Army Bases
  In-car telematics: Sony Ericsson Signs $142 M Telematics Deal
  Speech-to-sign-language: DePaul University Develops Software To Translate Speech Into American Sign
  Speech processing: Fisheries and Oceans Canada Selects SpeechWorks Solution
  Voice solutions: VoiceObjects Factory 1.0; VoiceObjects and IBM Partner
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo text-to-speech introduces new U.S. English voice
  Speech markets: HCL Infosystems partners with ScanSoft in India and South East Asia

  Speech recognition: MobileVoice System Gets Rave Reviews
  Speech.com: ScanSoft Proposes $6.8 Million Buyback of Lernout & Hauspie Shares
  Voice markets: Kelsey Group Names Nuance Leader in Global Telecommunications Market
  NLP: iPhrase and eFORCE Form Strategic Alliance for Customer Self-Service
  Multimodal applications: SnowShore Leads Drive for New Wireless Multimodal & Voice Web Applications
  Speech applications: Fonix Announces VoiceCentral For PocketPC
  Localization: Equilibrium Teams With Magenic Technologies and SDL International in Real-Time Localization

  Voice markets: InfoTalk and Dacom Chollian Form Strategic Alliance
  First steps: Asimo - Honda's New Compact Comes in Peace
  Voice services: Speech-recognition finds a home
  User interfaces: Multimodal promises
  Text mining: Attensity Round of Financing Being Led by In-Q-Tel
  NLP: iPhrase Ranks Second Quarter as the Company's Most Successful
  Knowledge management: Convera Announces Visual RetrievalWare 5.0
  Voice services: InterClubNet rewins £8m football deal
  Knowledge management: Knowledge Management Software in global OEM agreement with Lagan Technologies
  EUROMAP Newsletter #12 published

  Localization: Moravia IT awarded quality assurance project by Symantec
  Speech application: Voice-Activated Contact Manager links to Microsoft Outlook
  Text-to-speech: NowSpeed Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak to Power Apps. for Mobile Users
  Voice services: iVoice Compatibility Certification by NEC America
  In-car speech: Communications May Become Catalyst for Telematics Technologies

  Speech markets: Vocollect Opens New European Office
  Open standards: Aspect Announces First IP-Based Self-Service With VXML Capabilities
  Speech capability: MS unveils new Windows CE .Net
  Speech application: Speech Recognition Trains Next-Generation of Air Traffic Controllers
  Speech technology: LumenVox Improves Its Core Speech Engine
  Localization: Stork Aerospace grants SDL major documentation contract
  NLP: Inktomi Enterprise Search Improves Public Access to Tax Information
  Speech recognition: Teaching Machines to Hear Your Prose and Your Pain
  Speech applications: Targeting Reading Problems
  NLP: Syslore delivers error correction to Sonera Zed
  Speech markets: ScanSoft's Second Quarter Revenue Increases 76 Percent to $26.2 Million

  Toy story: Toys will talk back on IM
  Virtual guide: Virtual human joins Lewisham Council
  Multimodal sound devices: Toying With Musical Instruments
  In-car speech: Did You Ask Your Honda for Directions?
  Speech technology: Philips Launches SpeechPearl 8.0 Speech Recognition Engine
  Knowledge management: Unisys Selects Convera for Advanced Web Search
  Speech recognition: SpeechPoint Server Powers Commonwealth Games Book Sales
  Contact centres: Genesys Launches Voice Portal
  Multilinguality: Chat in 11 languages on Indiatimes

  In-car speech (2): IBM, Honda Accord Brings Speech To Cars
  Speech technology: Andrea Electronics' Digital Array Microphone in Application for Police Cruisers
  Localization: translations.com acquires eTranslate
  NLP: Software AG and Basis Technology Collaborate On Powerful Solutions for Asian Customers
  Multilingual web: Oracle Implements Idiom WorldServer to Strengthen Global Branding, Slash Content Globalization Costs
  Speech recognition: Speech Recognition Trains Next-Generation of Air Traffic Controllers
  NLP: Spam filter: A boon or a bomb?
  Localization: Argo Translation Converts to SDL Localization Suite
  Voice authentication: Speech verification - New age security tool (Requires registration)
  In-car speech (1): A to B, Easy as 1-2-3

  Multimodal web interface: IBM Teams with Opera for Multimodal Browser Development
  Speech recognition on the move: TEMIC and Extended Systems to Add Bluetooth to Speech Recognition Software for Automotive Applications
  Text-to-speech: Instant Messaging Buddies Use AT&T Natural Voices Speech Engine
  Computer-assisted Translation: Is it Greek to you? Let MultiLing help
  Voice services: PIKA Technologies Enables Voice Services In Predictive Dialer

  Voice systems: Voxsuf Kits Itself Out With Professional Services Team
  Money Talks: Cashpoints are getting smarter
  Text-to-speech: Fonix Releases Fonix SpeakThis 2.0
  Prosody: Computers will understand what you say when they know how you feel when you say it
  Telematics: IBM to Enable Honda Drivers to Talk to Cars
  Knowledge management: NSF "Data Mining" Research Supported by Intelligence Community
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo broadens its offering for Spanish-speaking countries

  Text-to-speech: Your computer takes on West Coast accent
  Speech applications: United Airlines uses SpeechWorks SR System to Reach New Customers
  Voice browsing: Avaya Self-Service Solution Accesses Web-Based Information By Telephone
  Smart but not AI: Future Tech - Faking Intelligence
  Speech application: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software in Sony's Portable Digital Voice Recorders
  Multimodal interaction: IBM and Opera Will Create Multimodal Browser
  CRM: Aspect Communications and Network Programs to Provide Contact Center Solutions Throughout India
  Globalization tools: MULTILIZER Wins Best Product Award
  Robotics: New robot to exhibit basic social skills
  Voice web: IBM and Opera make a song and a dance about voice recognition
  Multilingual web: Financial Times - A need to reflect linguistic and cultural variations
  Talking heads: Andrea reaches across the digital divide

  Speech marketing: VoiceGenie, Voxeo and Audium Announce SpeechOne(TM) Alliance
  Speech.com: T-NETIX Completes the Sale of its SpeakEZ Division
  Voice application platform: New Step for Equant IP-Based Voice Services With Telera
  Voice services: TDC to Offer Automated Directory Enquiry Service Based on Philips’ Speech Technology
  Speech standards: SpeechWorks Provides Leading Standards–Based Speech Solutions For Avaya Voice Applications Platform
  Speech markets: In-Stat/MDR Reports IVR Sales Down as Market Reinvents Itself
  Knowledge management: Vivisimo, Inc. Signs Strategic German Partner
  Wearable computing: Infineon cuts deals for wearable chips
  Speech development kit: NSC Introduces Version 3.5 of the NSCBoard Speech Development Kit

  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical puts the Scottish accent into the Executives News Online
  Multi-language Text-to-Speech: AT&T Natural Voices Announces Support for French & U.K. English Languages in TTS Engine
  Unnatural language processing: Yahoo Mail puts words in your mouth
  Multimodal interfaces: Eyematic Unveils Next-Generation 3D Facial Animation Toolset
  Speech platform: Prosodie Integrates Voice Portal, Speech Recognition and Voice XML Technologies
  Voice performance: Highlights from the Empirix Voice Performance Index
  Contact centres: Ineas Uses eGain Software to Deliver Fast Multi-Lingual Customer Service
  Speech technology: SpeechWorks Acquires SpeakEZ Verification Technology and Related Patents
  Interface technologies: Raising the Accessibility Bar
  Speech technology: IBM voices concern about SALT

  Speech application: Listen to Email and Reply By Voice
  Market report: Are Enterprises Ready to Invest in Voice Self-service Solutions?
  Speech application consultancy: Wizzard Software Announces its Speech Developer Program
  Voice browsing: InfoTalk Unveils New Chapter in Internet Browsing Technology
  Translation: SDL announces substantial growth in first half of 2002
  Voice services: Meet Annika, Loquendo's New Swedish Voice
  Contact centres: Auto-talk rides centre boom
  Speech technology: Prosodie adds voice recognition
  Multilingual web: Urdu website breaks new ground

  Speech application: Avaya Voice Name Recognition Software Deployed in Europe
  Voice platform: Active Voice Introduces Repartee(R) for Windows 2000
  Speech platform: Brooktrout and SpeechWorks Deliver Speech Recognition Platform for Telecommunications Market
  Localisation: New Website Educates Advertisers About the Nuances of Hispanic Marketing
  Search services: Ask Jeeves and Google Sign $100 Million Three-Year Deal
  Speech technology: Wizzard Software Announces Speech Developer Program
  Multilingual web: The Online Babble Barrier
  Text-to-speech: Elan TTS sounds the alarm for Topkapi
  Text-to-speech: Elan gets BVRP software talking

  Localization: Moravia IT Appoints Country Manager for Ireland
  NLP: iPhrase Unveils the Latest Version of Self-Service Search and Navigation Software
  Knowledge management: Inktomi buys privately held Quiver
  Multimodal applications: Kirusa and SpeechWorks Announce Trial on Bouygues Telecom's GPRS Network
  Multi-language text-to-speech: Ericsson Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak for Unified Messaging
  Voice services: Edify Ships Its Multi-Channel CRM Platform
  Multimodal interaction: Pen&Internet Announces Final Beta of Wireless riteMail
  Speech applications: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Included in Corel's WordPerfect Pack 4
  Speech marketing: iVoice and ComPort Enter Distribution Agreement
  Voice services: Loquendo Perfects Speaker Verification Technology

  Speech markets: Study Reveals SpeechWorks' Customers Save Over $1 Million Annually
  Speech standards: SALT Forum Publishes Speech Application Language Tags Specification Version 1.0
  Speech applications: LocusDialog Chosen by US National Bank
  Speech interfaces: Microsoft's Automotive Platform Drives In-Car Telematics Systems Worldwide
  Speech solutions: UK Government Agencies Embrace Speech Recognition
  Speech recognition: Philips and Telephonetics enter partnership
  Voice services: Vocalis and Aspect Communications Join Forces for the UK Market
  Voice services: Portugal Telecom Inovaçao chooses Telisma
  Voice portals: NetCentrex and Telisma Give a Boost to Consumer Voice Portals
  Speech tools: VoiceMethods creates Polish and Russian speech recognition system development tools
  Voice services: Cegetel's SFR and NMS HearSay Bring Mobile Messaging to Tour de France
  Speech application: The Santos Logistics Group Deploys Ydilo Solution

  Voice platform: Voxpilot partners with Kirusa to provide multimodal application platform
  Speech applications: Copytalk Unveils New 'Listen and Reply' Service for Email
  Speech technology: NCTI ClearSpeech Technology In 3G Cell Phones From Sharp
  Voice services: ThinkEngine Partners With VoiceGenie For Voice Services Technology Integration
  Text-to-speech: Audiopoint and Nuance Deliver E-mail-By-Phone to EarthLink Users
  Speech.com: Convergys Buys Speech Recognition Division of iBasis
  Speech application: Brown University Selects Phonetic Systems to Voice-Enable Campus Directory
  Standard applications: HeyAnita Announces Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) Browser

  Speech standards: SandCherry Joins SALT Forum
  Speech applications: SRC Speech Recognition Powers Hemscott Sharespeak Telephone Service
  Cool Voice: Kelsey Group Selects One Voice for Industry Showcase At VOX2002
  Speech applications: Omaha (US) Punlic Power District Invests In Syntellect Technology
  Speech markets: SVOX opens representative office in Austria

  Voice application environment: Audium Releases Audium 3 Dynamic VoiceXML Software
  Speech recognition technology: Acoustic Magic Launches USB Version of its Next-Generation Array Microphone
  Speech markets: Voice business: solving current needs and showing ROI
  Multilingual PDA: Houston Unveils Technological Wonder to Assist 2012 Olympic Games
  Speech technology: NCTI Announces Two New Products in ClearSpeech Algorithm Suite

  Digital IPR: Digital copyright protection goes mobile
  Multilingual web: Yopy comes to Europe

  Voice research: Twins Are Sought For Voice Project
  Speech markets: Speech Recognition Industry Will Return to Positive Growth During Q3 2002
  Voice standards: One Voice Joins the SALT Forum
  Speech marketing: General Magic Announces``Voice Enabling the Enterprise'' Webinar

  Speech application: NetXentry to Incorporate NSC ASR Boards into its Call Center Services
  Voice services: Voice Activated Functionality for BlackBerry Unveiled
  Text-to-speech: New NOAA Weather Radio Voices Debut in Washington DC
  Speech application: Voice-Sorting of Postal Mail with ScanSoft's Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  Voice services: NMS Communications and Colibria Give European Operators Voice-Driven Mobile Instant Messaging
  Speech markets: Phone-Or and ART Cooperate to Bring Better Speech Recognition to Market
  AI: The return of artificial intelligence

  Multilingual web tools: Berlitz Deploys Ektron's eWebEditPro Multilingual Web Content Tool
  Voice services: SpeechWorks and America First Credit Union Offer Speech-Enabled Services
  Lip service: LIPSinc Launches LIPSinc Impersonator for Gaming
  NLP application: Centrelink And SpeechWorks to Deliver Natural Language Speech Recognition Solution
  Speech snooping: Fast-Talk Opens Washington D.C. Office
  Voice services: Fujitsu Selects Nuance Speech Recognition Software to Serve Japanese Enterprises

  Language tools: CNet Sweden launches Termado

  NL applications: FAST Selected by Largest ISP In the U.K. For Search Services
  Speech recognition on the move: ART to Offer Its smARTspeak XG Recognition Technology on 2.5G, 3G Mobile Devices
  Speech.com: SpeechWorks Restructures Operations
  Future perfect: "Everyone Wants to Be a VC..."
  eContent: PC World Names Audible.com One of the 'Best of Today's Web'
  Speech solutions: iVoice Announces Digital Telephony Solutions for Nortel Platforms

  Text-to-speech: Neo Car Jukebox MP3 Player Will Feature Fonix iSpeak(R) Text Reader
  Eamil by phone: EarthLink Launches 'EarthLink Email-by-Phone'
  Speech application: Loquendo's Automated Railway information service
  Voice services: Philips Electronics Brings Speech-Enabled Directory Assistance Service to Japan
  Standard speech: PipeBeach and Marand Deliver VoiceXML Platform to Slovenia's Mobitel

  Speech.com: ScanSoft Added to Russell 3000, Russell 2000 Indexes
  Voice services: SpeechWorks Introduces T-S.T.E.P.
  Car telematics: ACUNIA and Flemish government to improve traffic management through telematics
  Voice driven: Put a BlackBerry on Your Ear this Fall
  Speech award: InterVoice-Brite Receives Outstanding Supplier Award

  Speech markets: Radicati Group Projects Fast Growth for Voice-Enabled Services In the US, Europe and Asia
  Voice services: BeVocal and BellSouth to Launch 511 Travel Information Service in Eight States
  Speech application: Wall Street Connect and SpeechWorks to Deliver Voice Recognition Solution
  Speech platform: NSC and TalkerNet to Drive Most Advanced UK Speech Activated Applications
  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech launches its new golden tone TTS technology, Elan Sayso!
  Localisation: Celer Pawlowsky SL opens production centre in Madrid
  Localisation: MULTILIZER® 5.1 released
  Multilinguality: ICT access to Malayalam language
  Wearables: Hotel staff check out wearable PCs

  Voice services: Need info? Talk to the cell phone
  Voice business: Voice Recognition Industry Poised for Revolution
  Telematics: Tiger Telematics, Inc. Acquires Comworxx, Inc.
  Lip synching: Video research at MIT puts words into mouths, with startling results
  Telematics: Hitachi, Denso, CMU Develop Interactive In-Vehicle Voice System
  Talking heads: 3dMe Paves the Way for U.S. MMS
  Speech recognition: Intelliplus & Telephonetics Launch Advanced Speech Recognition Solution
  Translation tools: SDL Announces Seamless Enterprise-level Translation Memory
  Voice services: Aculab Gives Voice to a Norwegian Virtual Switchboard
  Speech on the move: InfoTalk Advances PDA to Revolutionary Speech Era
  Voice CRM: EDIFY And BenchmarkPortal To Provide Real-Time Customer Feedback Data
  Text-to-speech: Elan Speech launches its new golden tone TTS technology, Elan Sayso!

  Voice services: A Phone Service That Lets Your Larynx Do the Surfing
  Multilingual web: Tongue-tied companies
  FP6: Busquin explains new elements in FP6
  Voice identification: VoiceGenie and Phonetic Systems Voice-Enable IVR With Caller Authentication
  Text-to-speech: Fonix to Become First Speech Technology Provider To 2.5G Devices on OMAP
  Text-to-Klingon-speech: Plum VoiceXML IVR Enhanced With Open Source Festival TTS Components
  Toy story: Voice Signal's Speech Recognition Brings 'ALOHA STITCH' Toy to Life
  Learning to speak: Soliloquy Provides Educational Speech Recognition Technology To School
  Speech recognition: Ectaco Releases English-Chinese Voice Translator for PocketPC
  Voice services: Screaming Voice Service Make Mobile Extra Virgins Sing
  Speech services: SpeechWorks S.T.E.P. Program Delivers Results for Over 150 Companies Worldwide
  Voice control: WENR and VCA Develop Voice Controlled DVD Player
  L&H: Lernout & Hauspie executives' request to dismiss lawsuit denied

  Voice commands: You Gotta Hand It to Porn Coders
  NLP applications: Natural Language Tool On Lycos Finance
  Natural interfaces: Metaphor Technology Breaks Barrier to Natural Dialogs in CTI
  Voice services: General Magic Unveils magicTalk Enterprise Platform For Voice Self-Services
  Speech marketing: iVoice and CYGCOM Sign North American Distribution Agreement
  Speech synthesis: Elan Speech Sees The Day
  Speech recognition: Aculab Gives Voice to a Norwegian Virtual Switchboard
  Speech recognition: W3C Publishes Speech Recognition Grammar Specification
  Text-to-speech: Nuance Brings ScanSoft's RealSpeak Text-to-Speech to Its Customers

  His Master's Voice: Latest Sony Robo-Dog Has New Tricks
  Noisy speech: Static - The New Hearing Aid
  Text-to-speech: Premier Programming Solutions to Offer Assistive Technology With Lindows
  Emotional robots are coming: Are you ready for angry robots?
  Voice services: Voxpilot to integrate Loqendo's text-to-speech
  Localization: Basis Technology Helps Cybozu Internationalise Its Office Collaboration Software
  Speech soloutions: Metaphor Technology Breaks Barrier to Natural Dialogs
  Speech solutions: ART and SVOX to Create Exciting New Speech Interface for the Mobile World

  Multilinguality: Breadth of content on Web could improve translation technology
  Multilingual web: The high price of setting up – or not setting up – a global Net presence
  Content management: Cyber secretaries
  Speech recognition: In-Stat/MDR Report Signposts Growing Market For Speech Recognition
  Active character technology: Survival of the fittest characters
  Robot speak: Scientists give language lessons to robots
  Multilingual text-to-speech: Let The Information Speak To Customers
  Speech application: PSC Wireless to Provide Voice Dialing Services to Subscribers

  Speech application: Air Travel Industry Takes Off with InfoTalk-Air
  Text-to-speech: Voiceware to Provide Voice Prompts for Lycos Asia's World Cup
  Multimodal interfaces?: Emotional machines - Do we want them?
  Natural interaction: MIT project shows new interface technologies
  Knowledge management: Searching for solutions
  Localization: yourDictionary.com and GlobalSight Launch Enterprise Global Language Services
  Speech recognition: Wizzard Software Announces New Contracts
  NLP: Natural Language Solution Receives CRM Award

  Wearable devices: Excuse Me, Is Your Tooth Ringing?

  NLP: Natural Language Search For Terra Lycos Portal
  Speech applications: Healthcare Informatics Names ScanSoft a 'Company to Watch'
  Conference: Fonix Speech Solutions at CommunicAsia 2002

  Machine translation: transL8it! - Recently Launched SMS Translation Engine
  Text-to-speech: LifeMode Interactive Introduces Facial Animation with Speech
  Text-to-speech: NetByTel Launches Voice-Enabled Survey Kit
  CRM: Edify Natural Language Solution Receives CRM Excellence Award
  Voice services: WENR and DSG to Provide VoIP with Voice-Activation
  Voice services: Aculab and Pronexus Announce Partnership
  Localisation: Localisation Training Centre launches web site and workshops

  Speech applications: Voice-Activated Dialing for Mexico's Leading Wireless Operator
  Text-to-speech: Fonix Introduces iSpeak(TM) for Pocket PC
  Speech development kit: ScanSoft RealSpeak SDK Adds Multi-Lingual Text-to-Speech to Automotive Applications
  Speech application: BayCare Selects Phonetic Systems for Dynamic Voice Access to Hospital Database
  Multilinguality: Bowne Global Solutions Introduces Enterprise Terminology Management Service
  Knowledge management: Online Guide Comes To The Aid of Technophobes

  NLP: Ask Jeeves rolls out enterprise self-service app
  NLP: Machine learns customer service
  Voice services: Trust5 brings voice authentication technology to Australia
  Speech technology: Telisma listed as one of Europe's top 100 start-ups
  Text-to-speech: Sirsi Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak to Service Libraries Worldwide
  NLP: Lycos Finance Selects iPhrase to Provide Self-service Results
  Voice services: NMS, Nekotec, and NETCOM Enable Voice-Activated Dialing for Pegaso PCS
  Speech technology: Phonetic Systems Announces Major Upgrade to Voice Search Engine
  Localization: Microsoft's Mac Hebrew snub prompts Israeli AntiTrust complaint

  Multimodal interaction: Fifth EC Virtual Reality World Congress
  CRM: Dictaphone to Provide Integration Tools for Voice Recording in Contact Centers
  Voice translation: NEC testing PDA voice translation system
  Speech-to-text: BBC apologises for gobbledegook subtitles

  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft Launches Compact SDK For Automotive and Mobile Applications
  Telematics: Tiger Telematics to Acquire Comworxx
  Multilingual web: VeriSign lays plans for foreign domains
  Voice services: Dial a tax return for trial
  Speech technology: LingCom GmbH releases new feature for lingWAVES
  Knowledge management: WebWare to Incorporate Convera Search Technology
  Standards-based solutions: Plum Group Announces VoiceXML IVR
  Natural interactivity: Presence-Aware Voice IM Solution Unveiled

  In-car telematics: German 'Hands-Free' Car-Kit Provider Licenses Clarity's Voice-Activated CVC
  Voice services: Voice Recognition Phone Self-Service Connects Government to All
  Standards-based solutions: InterVoice-Brite Announces VoiceXML 2.0 Compliant Browser
  Localization: Bowne Global Solutions & Handango Form Alliance to Help Localize Mobile Applications
  Multilingual web: L.L. Bean Launches Japanese Web Site Using Technology From Basis
  Voice solutions: Vocalis Group looks forward with increasing confidence
  Speech applications: Star Trek-inspired earset lets workers boldly go free
  Speech applications: Two More UK Legal Firms Opt for SRC's Dictation Solutions

  Voice-on-a-chip: Analog Devices improves speech input on new Intel desktop board
  Speech interfaces: Natural speech approach on the line
  eContent: Idiom Report Uncovers Millions Wasted On Global Branding
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft's RealSpeak to be Integrated into InfoSpace's Server
  Speech recognition: LumenVox Announces Linux Supported Speech Recognition Engine v2.5
  Voice translation: World Cup: NEC testing PDA voice translation system
  Natural interactivity: Computers with a visual understanding
  Speech.com: Genesys / Telera - voice self-service

  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft RealSpeak Selected for the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  Speech technology: Clarity V/3 product suite enables more natural interaction
  Dictionary applications: Kielikone's dictionary software goes Dutch
  R&D: Bavarian research association for more human interaction launches
  Dictionary applications: Kielikone's MOT dictionary software goes global at Nokia
  Voice services: MicroStrategy's Angel.Com Breakthrough Voice Recognition Service

  NLP: Tech startup revives natural language search
  Voice recognition: Vocent Raises $7.2 million in Venture Capital
  Voice services: Magna Introduces 'Betty' to XpressBet Customers
  Speech.com: Envox secures $5 million in 2nd round funding
  Speech application: VoiceGenie and speechvantage Introduce Voice-Driven Auto Attendan
  Voice services: SkyFlow Voice Self-Service Delivers Customer Satisfaction
  eContent: Integrating TM and MT technologies with automated management facilities

  Speech technology: Whatever You Say
  Speech standards: European Speech Recognition Vocabulary Standard
  Voice services: Telephonetics & Vodat Solutions deliver voice activated dialling on IP networks
  Speech recognition: ScanSoft Launches Dragon NaturallySpeaking XP Edition in Europe
  Speech recognition: Wizzard Announces Two New Products
  Speech recognition: ScanSoft's Dragon NaturallySpeaking Wins VARVision Best Product Award
  Voice services: Best Airport in Asia Selects InfoTalk RSVP

  Speech market: Datamonitor Predicts Speech Recognition Industry's Return to Positive Growth in Q3 2002
  Voice standards: Spirent Communications Delivers Unparalleled Voice Quality Analysis
  Voice services: VoiceGenie and Convergent to Deliver Voice-Enabled Contact Center Solutions
  Localization: Convey Software to Embed Stellent Technology in Localization Solution
  Speech technology: iVoice Speech-enables Intel's Digital Product Line
  Speech application: Philips Launch First Speech-enabled App For Microsoft Pocket PC 2002
  EUROMAP Newsletter #10 published

  Speech technology: Hey, Is Your PDA Talking To You?
  Multilinguality: ILSP launches the first high quality Greek text-to-speech system
  Speech technology: Telisma slashes upfront costs with new pricing model
  eContent: Yahoo hopes to score with World Cup site
  Voice services: Syntellect Wins 2002 CRM Excellence Award
  Voice services: Preferred Voice Launches New Peripheral for the Telco Market
  Natural interfaces: In New Speech Software, The Eyes Have It
  NLP: Autodesk Extends Use of AnswerWorks for Help and Support
  Voice portals: Unisys Launches Highly Scalable & Global Voice Portal Solutions

  Multilingual services: SpeechWorks and Microcell Launch Bilingual Speech-Activated Customer Services
  Speech solutions: Phonetic Systems Offers 'Voice Without Limits' as Antidote to Costly Speech Implementations
  Speech solutions: Glenayre Technologies Adds ScanSoft RealSpeak to Versera Voice Services Suite
  Speech technology: NMS and uReach Launch Integrated Voice-Enabled Messaging Solution
  Speech applications: Lingsoft and Entteri speech enable AssisDent application
  Text-to-speech: Elan TTS sounds the alarm for Axway
  Voice services: Atos Origin's multimedia branch chooses Elan for e-mail reading

  Speech applications: Voice-activated hand for disabled
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft RealSpeak Selected as the Voice for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Portal
  eContent: Audible.com Named No.1 in CNET.com's 'Top 5 Entertainment Applications'
  Speech.com: Syntellect Receives Nasdaq Notification
  Customer Relationship Management: Softel and Aspect to Deliver Speech-based Contact Center Solutions across US and Europe
  EC: Commission invites grant applications to attend FP6 launch event
  Text mining: SAS Text Mining Software Turns Prose Into Profit
  Speech applications: Elix integrates Telisma's speech recognition engine
  Text-to-speech: Elan gets Integro Networks' Voice Portal talking
  Voice services: IDS navigates with PocketSpeech
  Voice services: Com2i and ISMAP speak the way with Elan Speech Cube

  Talking papers: Leading German Newspaper Gives Online News a Voice with ScanSoft RealSpeak
  Speech applications: Incurrent CardSite Suite to Include Enhanced Voice Channel Capabilities
  Telematics: Your Car as a Mobile Device
  Voice services: Alcatel to acquire Telera to enter voice self-service market
  Speech technology: Global Speech Day Attracts Over 5,000 Registrants
  Speech technology: Talkernet to Set Up Shop in Cape
  Multilinguality: GlobalSight First Globalization Vendor to Join UDDI Consortium
  NLP: iPhrase Helps Fortune 500 Web Apps Make Sense to Users

  NLP: Lingway to showcase innovative language technology at Paris event
  NLP: FAST Unveils Advanced Real-Time Information Retrieval Solution
  Voice services: ThinkEngine Networks and Siemens to Offer Advanced 'In-Call' Voice Services
  Voice services: Fluency and First Resort Launch Voice Recognition Booking System
  Voice services: InfoTalk and Jingxin Beidou Launch Carrier-Grade Voice Portal in China

  Multilingual Web: Nuance Scores With Multilingual 2002 World Cup Voice Portal
  Speech applications: ScanSoft to Showcase Speech Technologies for Desktop
  Voice activated: ArialPhone Delivers Wireless, Voice Activated, Earset Communications To ACT
  Information management: FAST Unveils Advanced Real-time Information Management Solution
  Speech technology: Making speech technology mainstream

  "Robot - Get me a beer": A Bot That Knows Where It's Going
  Lip synchronisation: New Video Realistic Speech Animation
  Multilingual technologies: 8hertz and Voxpilot launch first European VoiceXML Dialog Editor
  Multilingual web: New multilingual portal goes online in Denmark
  Speech applications: Irwin Mitchell Rolls Out Digital Dictation Solution from SRC

  Voice services: Voice portals-turning technology into business
  Horse's mouth: Swedish Horse Racing Co 'ATG' Uses Speech Recognition
  Multilingual technologies: Telisma Integrates SVOX Speech Synthesis Into Solution
  Translation tools: TRADOS and Uniscape to Merge
  Speech technology: Sensory Announces Global Expansion

  Speech markets: Vocollect Plans New European Subsidiary
  Text-to-speech: SpeechTime Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak for Voice-Controlled Information Systems
  Voice services: Choicelinx and Voice Channel to Provide Integrated Web and Voice Web Product
  The robots are coming: Evolution Robotics Introduces A Personal Robot System for Consumers
  Text-to-speech: Callware Selects Speechify 2.1 TTS Engine to Power Its Unified Messaging Platform
  Speech recognition: The first Danish speech recognition system comes online at Aalborg Hospital

  Speech application: iHello Announces Voice Access to Microsoft Exchange
  Natural interfaces: Porsche Racing Team Utilizes Wearable Computers
  Voice services: SpeechWorks Deploys Speech–Enabled Services for The Hartford
  Speech recognition: ASCII Picks ScanSoft for New Japanese Versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  Speech markets: Active Signal and Voxpilot Partner to Provide Voice-Driven Applications for Europe
  Speech markets: SpeechWorks Opens German Headquarter Office
  Speech applications: VTT develops new speech controlled portable terminal
  Voice applications: Your Pocket PC and MP3 Player Can Talk to You
  Speech technology: ART'S smARTspeak XG Ported To Texas Instruments' DSP Platform

  Text-to-speech: National Federation of the Blind Makes Newspapers Talk with SpeechWorks
  Multilinguality: Walgreens Offers Prescription Directions in Eight Languages
  Natural interface: VoicePC Selects ScanSoft Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Enable Voice-Activated Computing
  Voice recognition: Nuance Ranked No.1 Biometrics Vendor of Voice Authentication Technology
  Dictionary applications: New HLT project to develop intelligent dictionary software
  Voice services: NMS Communications & Voxsurf Partner in Messaging Services
  Speech markets: An Open Season on iVoice

  Text-to-speech: Fonix Award-Winning iSpeak To Be Bundled With irock! MP3 Players
  Unnatural interface: Robotic Marketing at the Internet World in Berlin
  Natural computing: PC Industry Veterans Launch Motion Computing Inc
  Speech technology: ThinkEngine Launches Integrated Platform for Advanced Voice Services
  Speech technology: MotionBuilder 4.0 is character-building
  Robotics: Robots with a friendly manner
  Voice platforms: iBasis, Inc. announces SpeechPortTM VoiceXML 2.0 platform
  Speech applications: iHello Announces Voice Access to Microsoft Exchange

  Speech recognition: Nuance Invites the Industry to Establish Benchmark Testing
  Voice systems: More firms replace operators with software
  Voice services: Recognizing a Market Niche When They Hear It

  Multimodal interfaces: Virtual reality lets parents "touch" fetus in womb
  Speech tools: Chant Keeps the World Talking with Latest Tool Set
  Multilinguality: India tackles the digital divide
  Knowledge management: Pioneering Software Finds Safe Home
  Speech applications: ScanSoft's Dragon MediaIndexer Wins Award
  Translation: Spanish as a Translation Language - First International Congress
  Signal processing: Clarity's Clear Voice Capture(TM) Gets Award at AVIOS 2002

  Virtual Keyboard: Prototype Projection Keyboard Unveiled
  Voice solutions: Travel Club Deploys Ydilo Voice Solution for its Call Centre
  Speech technology: Speech recognition technology blossoms
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks Introduces Speechify Solo Text–to–Speech Engine
  Speech technology: QualiLife Selects ScanSoft to Help People with Disabilities
  Text-to-speech: Fonix VoiceAlert(TM) Available for Microsoft PocketPC Devices
  Natural interaction: Jeeves Wins Best Solution Award
  Speech recognition: Panasonic Selects Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Personal Voice Recorders

  Voice services: State Tax Agency Uses Voice Technology to Automate Self-Service for Taxpayers
  Speech Means Business: V-World 2002 - European Event Scheduled for September
  Web Event: "The World's Largest Event for the Speech Recognition Industry"
  Text-to-speech: Premier Programming Solutions Announces $1 Million Assistive Software Grant
  Voice technologies: Telisma makes a breakthrough in voice technologies
  Speech solutions: VoiceGenie Delivers VoiceXML Solutions on HP Servers

  Voice services: Deutsche Telekom Launches Innovative SMS-to-Voice Service
  Voice applications: ejTalk & Voxpilot bring cutting-edge voice technology to Europe
  Telematics: Fonix Powers Advanced In-Vehicle Computing Systems
  Natural interaction: A Wearable Aid for Special Kids
  R&D: Microsoft looks to China for researchers
  Unnatural interfaces: Family implanted with computer chips
  Barking mad?: Gadget lets owners talk 'dog'
  Knowledge management: New semantic component to be integrated into the X-Fetch software

  See, not speak: A Visual Rather Than Verbal Future
  Voice technology: European Company Offers Talkman Voice Systems
  TTS: AT&T Labs and IDEAS to Market Natural Voices Text-To-Speech Technology
  Speech technology: ScanSoft Launches Dragon NaturallySpeaking v6
  Speech technology: VOCAL Provides the Voice for Sorenson SVX Hybrid Chips
  Infrastructure: ELRA & ELDA launch Mediterranean Language Technology Centre
  Voice services: World's first voice automated hotel reservation system

  Speech technologies: Plum Group Announces Linux Version of VoiceXML IVR Voice Portals
  Voice services: Tell-Eureka Partners with VoiceGenie to Deliver Call Center Automation Solutions
  Voice services: Vialto and SandCherry Team to Deliver Scalable Voice-Driven Multimodal Applications

  Speech standards: 19 More Join SALT Forum in Development of Speech Specs for Multimodal and
  Speech tools: Microsoft Brings Speech to Web Services

  Speech standards: InfoSpace Joins SALT Forum to Further Development of Multimodal Applications
  Speech application: Speech Recognition to Provide Free Health Information to Diabetes Sufferers
  Natural interaction: A Human Touch for Machines
  Speech recognition: Online vote boost for disabled constituents
  Voice services: Phonetic Systems Selects AT&T's Text-To-Speech for DirectoryAssistant
  Natural interaction: 'Emotive Application Layer' Provides Photo-Realistic Characters For Online Learning
  Web speak: Microsoft Releases Tools Enabling Developers To Add Speech to Web Applications

  Voice services: Nuance Powers Voice-Driven Service in Mexico for Wireless Carrier
  Speech tools: SpeechWorks Announces OpenSpeech DialogModules for Building eCommerce Applications
  Voice market: VoiceGenie And General Magic Sign Reseller Agreement
  Speech development environment: LumenVox' Speech Driven Information System V2.5 announced
  Semantic web: Quest for more meaning online
  Voice services: BeVocal bags another U.S. operator for voice services

  Voice applications: uReach Technologies And Nuance to Launch Next-Generation Voice-Enabled Communications Solutions
  Voice services: VoiceGenie and Audium Launch AudiumGenie, the Next Generation IVR Platform
  Voice services: Self-service fails to put people first
  Localisation: Localisation Industry to address challenges in Europe

  EUROMAP Newsletter #9 published

  Voice applications: Leading UK Retail Grocer to Implement First Speech-Based Solution in UK
  Speech applications: Telelogue And Nuance To Launch Voice-Driven Directory Assistance Service Bureau
  TTS, Not: Robot scientist designs 'human' motor mouth
  Technology transfer: Nuance Introduces Customer Success Program
  Translation tools: Getty Images Selects SDLX for Translation Memory
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks Announces OpenSpeech DialogModules for Building Commerce Applications
  Voice services: Nuance Powers First Voice-Driven Service in Mexico

  Voice services: "Now Playing on a Phone Near You!" (TM)
  Speech technology: Sensory's RSC-4x Brings Single Chip Speech Recognition
  Text mining: SPSS Inc. Integrates Text Mining into its Data Mining Workbench
  Text-to-speech: WordQ : hear all about the writing experience with Elan TTS
  Wearables: Infineon Presents Enabling Technologies for “Smart Clothing”
  Speech solutions: Somerfield Selects Voxware's VoiceLogistics™ for Initial Deployment
  Text-to-speech: Gold Systems' Vonetix Product to Provide Software Integration for Nuance Vocalizer 2.0
  Text-to-speech: Vocomo Software and Rhetorical Systems Announce New Choices in Text-to-Speech Technology
  Document management: Inxight Categorizer Provides Superior Method for Automatically Organizing Millions of Documents In Multiple Languages
  Speech applications: Voxware Delivers Speech-Based Solution for for Haggar

  Voice services: Elan makes PAPAGENO speak
  Voice services: Vocollect and Quest Team Up to Provide Talkman Voice Solutions
  Speech recognition: TuVox Closes First Institutional Financing
  Talking heads: PlayMail Can Be Serious Business
  Text-to-speech: Voice Robots and Speech CUBE answering to TV viewers
  Text-to-speech: Voice Robots integrates SpeechWorks Speechify into robot 5
  Mobile applications: Distefora Mobile Navigator & PocketSpeech on the right path

  Multilingual web: Yahoo! en espanol Gears Up For The 2002 FIFA World Cup

  Something completely different: Noise put to work
  Multilingual web: Verizon Announces Enhancements to SuperPages.com en Espanol
  Multilingual TTS: ScanSoft Offers RealSpeak Software for Mobile Devices in Brazilian Portuguese
  Multilingual TTS: Sakrament Announces Text-to-Speech Engine v2.0
  Text-to-speech: Take the Speechify challenge and have a chance to win $1000
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks Launches Speechify 2.1
  Information management: In-Q-Tel Selects Inktomi to Provide Custom Information Retrieval to Government Customers

  Voice services: JC Whitney Selects Syntellect
  Natural interactivity: Volunteers will move into house to test latest technology
  Voice services: ACULAB Teams With NUANCE For Speech Recognition Deployment In Singapore
  Voice services: US IRS invests in call center technology
  NLP: Acetic's NLP Software Used to Analyse International Press Opinion in French Elections

  smART talk: ART Releases World's First Phoneme-Based Embedded Speaker Independent Name Dialing Solution
  Speech markets: GIT and SpeechWorks to Enter Speech-Enabled Device Market in Brazil
  Speech technology: Microsoft revs speech app for cars
  Speech'n'chips: ART's Recognition Technologies Ported to Intel's Applications Processors
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical reports strong financial results as it continues to expand
  Voice services: The Voice XML community is meeting at Loquendo C@fé
  Multilinguality: eBay to Implement Software for Multilingual Content Translation

  Standards: Crimson Medical Translation Recognized as Compliant With EU Medical Device Directive
  Speech applications: Microsoft's Breakthrough In-Car Speech System Promotes Safer, Enhanced Driving Experience
  Language processing: Edify Powers RAC Motoring Services With Combined Statistical And Deep Linguistic Processing Email Solution
  Voice services: Mobility Technologies Selects Voxeo to Power Voice-Enabled Traffic Reporter
  Multilinguality: Translation System Put to the Test in Afghanistan
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical goes Stateside

  Mobile Web: AT&T debuts "mMode" wireless Web
  Speech technology: Integy Software & Voxpilot Announce Partnership
  Voice enabled: Preferred Voice's Voice Dialing Technology Makes Safer Driving
  Natural interactivity: Send Handwritten Messages via Mobile Phone
  FP6 Calls: Workshops in preparation of the first calls in FP6
  Speech recognition: Aculab teams with Nuance for first deployment in Singapore
  Speech technology: Talking tech makes life easier

  NLP: Lingway to Launch New Healthcare Venture with Paris Biotech
  Multilingual web: Nike Soccer Site Goes Global
  NLP: LingoMotors Acquires FocusEngine
  Voice services: Asia's First Speech-Activated 'Postal Code Helpline'
  Voice services: Voicing your expenses
  Multilingual TTS: SpeechWorks To Deliver Korea's First Text-to-Speech Application for the Visually Impaired
  Speech applications: iVoice Installs Order Verification IVR System at ICI Paints

  Text-to-speech: AMTELCO Selects RealSpeak Text-to-Speech for eCreator Call Center
  Analog speech technology: Fast-Talk Communications to Exhibit Audio Searching Technology at Gartner's ITxpo 2002
  Speech applications: Fonix Speech Solutions Selected by Hewlett-Packard for New Jornada
  Voice services: Expanets Launches Voice-Activated Call and Message Management For SMEs
  Speech technology: LumenVox Wins Best of Show
  Speech recognition: Voxpilot and Voice Components partner in advanced speech recognition development tools
  Globalization: New Customers, Expanded Field Operations Propel Idiom to Globalization Leadership

  Text-to-speech: Free Service Allows Blind and Visually Impaired to 'Read' Daily Newspapers
  In-car speech: Industry Executives Prepare for the World's Biggest Telematics Conference
  Text-to-speech: Money Talks - and So Should ATMs
  Location-based services: TelePointer Selects Webraska for Location-Based Services Across Europe
  Multilingual commerce: tdctrade.com evolves into Hong Kong's trading infrastructure
  Voice services: SingPost Launches Speech-Enabled Helpline
  NLP: SRI International's Latest Spin-Off Completes Funding Round

  Information management: Softface and Trigo Technologies Team Up in Enterprise Information Solutions
  Voice services: Large-Scale Directory Searches Solved by Phonetic Systems
  Voice services: IDEAS' Innovative VoiceXML Solution To Help Acheive Savings At etrials
  Contact centres: iBasis selects Eyretel for analysis of customer interactions
  L&H: Vantage Laboratories Acquires L&H Text Processing Assets
  Multilingual dictionaries: How Do You Spell E.T. in Swahili?
  Voice services: BellSouth Launches Free Info By Voice Service In Atlanta, US
  Speech architecture: Telisma Launches Voice Distributed Framework Product Line
  Text mining: Insightful Announces InFact ™ Enterprise Search and Analysis Solution

  Text-to-speech: Pronexus Partners with SpeechWorks to Deliver Advanced CT Applications

  Multilinguality: Plesk, Inc., Announces New Spanish Language Support and Partnership
  Text-to-speech: SpeechWork’s Speechify Text–to–Speech Engine Powers Avaya Unified Communications Center
  Multilinguality: SpeechWorks and Avaya Offer Japanese Language Solutions on Avaya IVR Platform
  Text-to-speech: Talk2U, Inc. Enters New Agreement with AT&T to Distribute Natural Voices
  Speech recognition: 35,000 bets taken through SRC's Speech Recognition System
  Information extraction: Volantia Ltd secures additional funding of €2.4 million

  Localization: Bowne Global in Largest Software Package Localization Ever for Microsoft
  NLP: Megaputer ships PolyAnalyst 4.5 data and text mining system
  Voice services: Unisys and Telisma Announce Global Alliance
  Text-to-speech: 20/20 Speech launches Aurix® text-to-speech solution
  Voice web: Rhetorical is voice of UK's first football club voiceweb
  Voice web: Rhetorical partners with VoiceGenie to develop advanced voice web solutions

  Speech interface: IBM Wants You to Talk to Your Devices
  TTS: Move Over "Look and Feel," Make Room for "Persona"
  2002 Buyers Guide: A comprehensive guide to the speech technology industry
  Speech technology Review: Dragon Speech-Recognition Application Rates 9 out of 10
  Speech technology: Telisma opens offices in Spain and Italy

  MT technology: Lionbridge ForeignDesk Translation Technology Embraced by the Open-Source Community
  Speech.com: iVoice Receives Recommendation from TheStockBroker.com
  Webinar: General Magic Announces Webinar Series ``Voice Enabling the Enterprise''
  More cool speak: UK spending £40m on talking fridges

  Speech solutions: Technology from Chelston and Aculab keeps blind and partially sighted people in touch

  TTS application: Elan Text-to-Speech and Sistel Assist Visually Impaired Operators
  Lip service: Japanese scientists teach cellphones to lip-read
  Speech technology: Persona to Persona - Custom Voice Recordings vs. TTS
  Cool stuff: UK Govt backs talking fridges
  Collaborative RT&D: SDI Supports Language Technology Collaborative Research Project Between Edinburgh U. and Stanford U.
  Voice services: Syntellect Receives Multi-Million Dollar Order From Mortgage Company

  Speech applications: Appriss and Norton Healthcare Use Speech Technology to Address Healthcare Worker Shortage
  Speech applications: Migros Zurich Selects Voxware's VoiceLogistics-TM- to Streamline Operations
  Market survey: New Kelsey Group Research Reveals over 100 Carrier Deployments of Voice Services Worldwide
  Voice services: ThinkEngine Partners with Fonix To Integrate Voice Services on Single Platform
  Text-to-speech: Building Personas with Text-to-Speech Systems
  Speech-less: Lip-reading cellphone silences loudmouths
  Speech recognition: Telisma launches its new product line

  Speech-to-text: Any Palm I705 User Now Can Dictate Email
  Speech interaction: One Voice Technologies Unveils the World's First Voice Interactive DVD
  Voice authentication: SpeechWorks and Vocent Partner to Deliver Speech-Activated Password Reset Application
  Natural interactivity: Backpack PC helps disabled children
  Speech development environment: Wizzard Software Announces the Speech Programmer's Enterprise Application Kit - SPEAK
  Translation tools: Reverso Voice: smart and talkative personal tool translation

  Speech technology: iVoice Announces a Fully Speech Integrated IVR
  Life after L&H: Dictaphone Emerges From Chapter 11 as an Independent Company
  Speech applications: Turning PDAs into chatterboxes
  e-Commerce: Fonix Corporation Selects Digital River to Provide E-Commerce Operations
  TTS technology: AT&T Labs Signs Tellme Networks for Natural Voices Technology
  Telematics: Elan text-to-speech empowering StarRec Car
  Multilinguality: Distributed program to translate many languages

  Enhanced interactivity: 'Cyborg' sues airline

  Voice services: Telephonetics Unveils New Speech Recognition System for the Corporate Market
  NLP application: My[Q]Box announces NLP Question Answering System
  Natural interactivity: Pen&Internet Announces riteScript Handwriting Recognition Technology
  Text-to-speech: AT&T Labs Signs Tellme Networks for Natural Voices Technology

  EU RTD beyond 2002: Help prepare for the first calls of FP6
  Voice systems: Migros Selects Voxware's VoiceLogistics™ to Streamline Operations
  Search technology: Inktomi Delivers Search Technology to Key European Government Organizations
  Smart Bots: Artificial Life releases new Intelligent Email Module
  Multilinguality: Convera's RetrievalWare® 7.0 Introduces Multimedia and Cross-Lingual Search
  Text-to-speech: AT&T Labs Signs Tellme Networks for Natural Voices Technology
  Voice identification: The Business Case for Voice Authentication
  Speech application: ejTalk Talk WITH the Car
  MT: IBM Announces New Languages for Websphere Translation Server

  Speech applications: Glenayre Versera To Be Integrated With Oracle's Voice Portal Application Server
  Text-to-speech: Breakthrough Internet Device for Disabled Uses Fonix Voice Recognition TTS Technology
  Multilingual tools: Tacit Adds Multi-Language Capabilities to Leading Expertise Software Product
  NLP: F5 Networks Migrates to JeevesOne
  Self-service CRM: eHelp's Shrink-Wrap Software Fills Self-Service CRM Gap
  Speech solutions: SpeechWorks and Vocent Partner to Deliver Speech-Activated Password Reset Application
  Speech recognition: ScanSoft Announces AudioMining XML Speech Indexing Products

  Localisation: translations.com Acquires Language for Industry
  Speech analysis: Utopy Delivers Human-to-Human Speech Mining Solutions
  Voice services: Navigation Technologies Unveils Voice Data For Germany
  Natural interactivity: Start-up of the month: "We're building a brain!"
  Speech solutions: World's 'first' talking washing machine unveiled
  Speech technology: Breakthrough Internet Device For Disabled Uses Fonix Speech Technology
  Voice recognition: Voice comes out of the toy wilderness
  Speech recognition: Ascent To Integrate Intel Dialogic Continuous Speech Processing Technology
  Telematics: ScanSoft Speech-Enables New Generation of Citroen Cars
  Voice services: Newspaper to Voice Publishing Software Announced by HighRidge Technologies

  Speech applications: Eland Technologies Partners With VoxPilot To Provide Speech-Enabled Travel Applications
  Assistive technologies: Microsoft and Vendors Unite to Deliver Support for Assistive Technologies via Windows XP
  Voice services: Mitel Networks Multimedia Contact Center Solutions Integrate Voice and E-mail
  NLP: InfoSpace and Ask Jeeves Announce Search Agreement
  Voice web: NetDespatch Announces Mobile Voice Browsing Technology
  Multimodality: Tessa: Sign of the Postal Times

  Terminology management: TRADOS Announces Release of MultiTerm iX
  NLP: Natural Language Processing Technology Boosts PlanetFeedback Products, Services
  Speech-speech translation: CTIA: Nothing Lost In The Translation
  Telematics: Voxeo & Blue Wireless Power Telematics for DaimlerChrysler
  Speech technology: Voice Recognition Leaps Into Appliances
  Assistive technologies: Words+ Announces Windows XP-Based Version of EZ Keys
  Speech standards: Software AG and Cambridge VoiceTech Plan to Deliver Speech Recognition Solutions
  "World's Largest Speech Event": SpeechWorks Hosts Global Speech Day
  Speech technology: Vocomo Software Corporation Announces Availability of Vocomo Voice
  Speech analysis: SpeechWorks Announces The OpenSpeech Insight Tool

  Text-to-Speech: Cepstral Announces Text-to-Speech Contract With DynaVox Systems
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical Systems Creates first Australian Computer Voice
  Text-to-Speech: Frost & Sullivan Study Names ScanSoft as Market Leader in Text-to-Speech
  Speech technology: InterVoice-Brite Introduces Omvia Creator
  Voice services: Internet Speech's netECHO Voice Internet Solution

  Multi-language TTS: Aculab unveils latest text-to-speech software
  Voice interaction: PlaceLinks Launches "Voice-in-Place" Voice-Activated Yellow Page Directory application
  Speech interaction: Xbox games may feature voice recognition
  Embedded speech recognition: Philips Speech Processing Joins Texas Instruments' eXpress Partner Program
  Voice interaction: iVoice Announces User Interface Enhancements to its TAPI Name Dialer
  Knowledge management: Indexing Technology For a Healthy Vision
  Speech recognition: Vocalis wins three new contracts worth over £2 million
  Speech recognition: Nuance Provides Speech Recognition for Avaya Messaging Suite
  Telematics: BeVocal voice platform to be at centre of Wingcast system

  Voice services: Glenayre to Add SpeechWorks' Speech Technologies to Versera(TM) Voice Services
  NLP: US Navy Selects Ask Jeeves to Support its Anchor Desk Web Portal
  Acoustic technology: Sound ID Unveils Next Generation Enhanced Voice Services
  Speech input: Plantronics looks into future of headsets with Bluetooth
  Speech recognition: Software AG, Cambridge VoiceTech Form Alliance
  Speech recognition: Questar Gas Selects Syntellect's Speech Recognition Solution

  Voice services: Thumb Cellular Launches Preferred Voice's Speech Driven Services
  Embedded speech: Fonix Releases Solutions for Embedded Speech Applications
  Text-to-speech: ScanSoft and Philips link on licensing deal
  Mobile solutions: SpeechWorks & Kirusa To Develop Multimodal Mobile Solution
  Speech recognition: Telephonetics Releases Speech Recognition System For UK Market
  Speech recognition: Sorting the ABCs of speech recognition
  Voice services: Sympalog launches SympaFly flight booking service at CeBIT 2002
  Machine translation: Tongues of the web
  Accented Language: Accent Remover available in 3 languages
  Multimodal interaction: Telisma and Kirusa Partner to Pioneer Multimodal Mobile Solutions in Europe

  Speech technology: AT&T Labs Natural Voices Named 'Technology of the Year'
  Localisation: Syncra Systems Selects Lionbridge to Localize Supply Chain

  Natural interactivity: That Computer Looks Great on You
  Speech technology: Brooktrout delivers industry's highest density speech recognition platform
  Speech interface: Microsoft Selects Fonix to Provide Speech Recognition For the Xbox(TM) Video Game
  Speech architecture: Sun, BeVocal and Nuance Form Strategic Alliance to Deliver 'Sun VoiceTone Platform'
  Speech technology: STMicroelectronics To Embed IBM's ViaVoice Speech Technology
  Localization: Multilizer to Partner With Oracle Corporation
  eContent: SDL International & Tridion announce partnership
  Finland: Gurusoft delivers the first generic products to its customers

  Speech standards: SALT Forum Issues Draft Specification for Public Review
  Natural interactivity: Pegasus Technologies' electronic pen integrated with Microsoft Office XP handwriting recognition
  Speech.com: Diaphonics Secures One Million Venture Financing
  Text-to-speech: Bantam To Feature Fonix iSpeak Text Reader - free trial

  Voice services: Nuance's Speech Recognition Software Powers T-Mobile's Voice Activated Services
  Text-to-speech: National Dutch Public TV Selects ScanSoft RealSpeak for Spoken Subtitles
  Natural interactivity: ART'S Leading Recognition Technologies Ported to Parthus' Mobile Computer
  Speech Fair: AVIOS Conference Focuses the Speech Recognition User Experience, Multimodality and Standards
  NLP application: Leverance's Unique Natural Language-driven Report-generating Application

  Voice interactivity: Sensoria And Hitachi to Market Telematics Platform to the Automotive Industry
  Speech applications: Digital DataVoice to Distribute Syntellect's Vista IMR
  Localisation: LISA - Globalization Conference To Focus on Managing Knowledge to Increase ROI
  Speech recognition: V-World to highlight cost savings and revenue gains from speech recognition
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo announces three new TTS voices
  Localization: Microsoft and SDL International enter into Master Services Agreement for localization

  Speech markets: SpeechWorks Named Market Leader in Automated Speech Recognition Software by Frost & Sullivan
  Multilinguality: Simputer set for May rollout
  Localization: Where's that Localization Business Model 2.0?
  Voice applications: EnvoxDevelopers.com Launched to Assist Voice Applications Creators
  Multilingual web: Semantix Acquisition Brings Cross-Lingual Search Capabilities to Convera Customers
  Voice applications: Preferred Voice Signs Two New Telecom Carriers

  Multilingual TTS: AT&T Labs Natural Voices Announces Support for German Language in Multilingual Text-to-Speech Engine
  Language & SMS: Text messaging tests China's freedom
  Language at play: Voice Signal Enhances Toys that Recognize and Respond to Spoken Commands
  Speech application: PIKA Technologies and Red Fig Deliver Automated Speech Recognition Mass Voting for TV
  Text mining: SPSS acquires LexiQuest and Strengthens Linguistic-based Text Mining

  Language Resources: ELDA and LDC agree to cooperate with Distribution of Language Resources
  Speaker verification: "Talk to Me - Is it Really You?!"
  e-Government: European Commission Launches E-Govt Network
  Multilingual CRM: Salesforce.com Releases German Version of Online CRM Solution
  Chatterbots: Vote for the best Bot in AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge

  Speech applications: The Goal of Speech - Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
  NLP: Autonomy makes TV debut
  SALT vs VoiceXML: Standards Controversy Comes to the Fore at the Telephony Voice User Interface Conference
  Voice services: Interactive Intelligence Launches Interactive Voice Response Product at CT Expo
  v-Commerce: Sensory's Speech Technologies for Interactive Kiosk Avatars Make Shopping Easy
  Virtual reps: Ford Signs Enterprise License with NativeMinds
  Globalization: Multilizer speeds up the software globalization process

  Speech technologies: ScanSoft Speech and Language Solutions Included in Microsoft's Windows CE
  Speech input: Patent Issued for Andrea Electronics' Digital Noise Canceling Technology
  Speech applications: Xybernaut Announces XyberKids Wearable Computer Platform for Assistive Learning
  Speech technology: IBM Speech Technology Enables Voice-Controlled Car Infotainment and Telematics Products
  Voice portals: Telecom Italia Mobile launches i-TIM Voice

  Localisation: Agresso Selects Lionbridge as Localization Partner
  Multilinguality: Language - In two minds
  Text-to-speech: Map & Guide on the road with Elan text-to-speech
  Text-to-speech: WTS System speaks to children with text-to-speech
  Voice services: Tecnomen eZONER enables voice services with Elan

  Speech applications: Nuance Voice-Activates Sweden's Royal Mail
  Text-to-speech: Dutch text-to-speech version to enrich Elan’s multilingual offer

  Voice application: New York State's Hands-Free Grace Period Ends
  Text-to-speech: Serotek Selects AT&T Labs Natural Voices
  Localisation: Syncra Announces Local Language Support for International Customers
  Speech application: LumenVox Announces their Speech Driven Information System
  Speech on parade: InfoTalk Launches 2002 Nationwide Roadshow in China
  Localization: Alchemy announces localization support for mobile applications

  Machine Translation: Speak Clearly, Soldier, and Carry a Spare Battery
  Speech application: ScanSoft Ships Dragon NaturallySpeaking v6 Legal Solutions
  Voice identification: Vocent Announces Family of Voiceprint Authentication Solutions
  Speech technology: Andrea Electronics Licenses PureAudio Noise Reduction Technology For Speech Applications

  Market Report: "Telephony-Based Speech Technology Software Markets"
  Speech technology: Devices and dial-ups - Talking up speech recognition technology
  Speech applications: Speech technology for applications inches forward
  Voice services: Merlin Telecom and SpeechWorks Power BellSouth Chile Voice Portal
  Voice services: Conversay To Deploy World's First Distributed Speech Recognition System in Korea
  Voice-driven: BeVocal Introduces Voice-Activated Voicemail Solution for Telecom Companies

  NLP application: Having trouble keeping track of your meetings?
  Interaction standard: VoiceXML Forum Announces Support for W3C's Multimodal Interaction Activity
  Speech applications environment: NMS Communications Provides Linux Support for its Next-Gen Applications Development Environment
  Speech application: TAYLOR Systems Engineering to Provide Vocollect's Talkman Systems
  Voice services: Syntellect's Speech Recognition Solution to Enhance Customer Service

  Voice services: Vodacom Launches SMS-to-Voice Service in South Africa
  Speech technology: Audible Advisor Selected by Handheld Computing Magazine as "Best Audio Product"
  Voice markets: Infonetics Research Forecasts Next Gen Voice Product Market of $1.2 Billion in 2001
  Voice services: iVoice Announces Interoperability with 3Com Networked Telephony

  Text-to-Speech: SpeechWorks Speechify Offers Improved Performance
  Voice services: BellSouth Provides Voice Mail Customers with Next Generation Messaging
  Voice services: Nuance, Net2Phone in Yahoo! software pact
  Voice recognition: Phonetic Systems and RSA to Offer Secure Access Speech-Enabled Business
  Voice services: NMS Communications and Telisma to Provide Speech Recognition for Voice-Activated

  Endangered languages: Can You Say Adios in Ainu?
  Speech applications: Fonix and Motorola's mobileGT Enable Automotive Speech Recognition Systems
  Voice services: Nuance Announces Agreement With Yahoo! for New Voice-Driven Services
  Speech applications: Gold Systems and Provident Bank Announce V-Teller For Anytime, Anywhere Account Access
  Speech applications: Glenayre to Integrate Philips' Speech Recognition Technology in Versera(TM) Voice Services

  Natural interactivity: Voice Signal announces breakthrough speech interface for mobile
  MT: Word Magic Software Launches in the U.S.
  Speech recognition at play: Tech toy box looking empty
  Speech technology: DSP and ART Announce Advanced Speech Recognition Capabilities for SmartCores

  Multilingual web: More Hispanics are using Internet, preferring Spanish-language sites
  Speech.com: ScanSoft Announces Record Q4 Operating Profit of $4.6 Million
  Multimedia messaging: Logica and FunMail Bring Color to Wireless Messaging
  Multilinguality: UK businesses lack language skills

  Voice patent: Telera Granted Broad Patents on Voice Application Technology
  HLT Knowledge base: University of Patras Announces HLTheses Online
  Speech applications: Frank Solutions and SpeechWorks to Provide Speech App for Alabama Medicaid Agency
  Spaced out Language: Space colonists' language could mutate over decades

  Speech technology: NICE Demonstrates Next Generation Content Analysis and Business Intelligence
  Multilingual navigation: Navigation Technologies Announces Six Country, Six Language Voice-enabled Navigation
  Speech standards: Tech coalition readies speech spec
  Speech applications: InfoTalk Speech Understanding Technology Applications for Public Utilities
  Call centres: Frank Solutions & SpeechWorks to Provide Speech Solution for Medicaid Agency
  Voice web: Italian Railways and The Italian Association for the Blind acquire Voice@web

  Multilinguality: Europe's Largest Steel Trading Platform Goes Live
  Speech recognition: Agfa Announces New IMPAX For for Orthopedics
  Multilinguality: SNOMED(R) International Introduces Multilingual Health Care Terminology
  Speech technology: Fonix Speech Solutions Support Intel XScale Processors
  Speech platforms: Preferred Voice Announces Speech Applications Platform for Wireless Carriers

  Speech technology: Syntellect and Philips Speech Processing Strike Partnership
  Multilingual eCommerce: FitBuy.com en Espanol
  Speech solutions: LocusDialog and SpeechWorks To Deliver Speech–Enabled Enterprise Solutions
  Multilinguality: Languages in the palm of your hand
  Text mining: A-Life Medical to Provide Automated Text Mining Capabilities

  Call centres: Unveil Technologies Introduces Contact Centre Applications
  Multi-language technology: ClinPhone's use of language and technology the most creative in Britain
  Voice activated: Talking to your wrist?
  Speech applications: Microsoft Showcases Tablet PC and .NET Speech Technologies
  Web self-service: eGain puts a face on self-service Web app
  Voice services: Voice-activated customer service

  Speech.com: Vocollect Reports Record Growth in 2001
  Speech.com: Director of MIT Laboratory Joins Board of Voice Signal Technologies
  Language Analysis Techniques: Zip Programs Can Identify Language Of Any Document
  Localisation: Saba Announces Industry-Leading Support of Languages and Locales

  Speech markets: Uptime Forms Alliance With European Speech Tech Company SAIL LABS
  Speech applications: ScanSoft Ships Dragon NaturallySpeaking v6 Medical Solutions
  Conference: TRADOS Announces Americas User Conference 2002
  Speech applications: Fonix Simplifies Development of Interactive Voice Solutions
  Speech application: InterVoice-Brite Adds SpeechWorks Address Collection DialogModule
  Speech technologies: Voxpilot launches pan-European VoiceXML VSP

  Speech technologies: PipeBeach and Appium Voice Enable VoiceXML
  Buyer's Guide: Speech Technology Magazine’s "Road Map" of the Speech Technology Industry
  Voice technologies: Toshiba Launches Two New Voice Processing Solutions
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks, Microsoft join forces

  Multilingual tools: PocketNotes 1.12 Adds Chinese Language Support
  Speech standards: Nuance Backs W3C For Multi-modal Applications Standard
  Speech applications: ART to Provide Wireless Speech and Handwriting Recognition Technologies on TI's OMAP
  Speech patent: One Voice Awarded 4th Generation Voice Technology Patent
  Voice services: Audiopoint Rebrands and Relaunches Global Voice Portal

  Speech applications on Web: Microsoft and SpeechWorks To Bring Speech Technology to Web Developers
  Voice recognition: InfoTalk’s Voice Authentication Technology Revolutionizes Security Landscape
  Design Guide: The Best Book on Speech Recognition Just Got Better
  Natural Interaction: Software aids editing on handhelds
  Speech-less: Surgery from six feet away: Robot technology becomes OR reality
  Speech technology: Sympalog & SVOX AG partner for the German speech market
  Speech recognition: New Speech Recognition Program Targets Healthcare Recruitment
  Multilingual web: Overcoming language barriers on the Internet

  Voice services: ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Voice Application to Speed Mortgage Approval
  Speech standards: Speech-recognition group touts new members
  Speech input: VXI Ships "Enhanced Speech Recognition Headset"
  Voice services: General Magic, InterVoice-Brite Partner in Next-Generation IVR Solutions
  Voice verification: Voice Recognition Employed for M-Commerce Security
  Smart spaces: Pervasive computing: The walls are listening
  Technology Transfer: Europe's Scientists Discover Gold

  Machine translation: Language Isn't A Barrier

  Speech applications: Fonix and parvus Sign Agreement to Deliver Speech Recognition Applications
  Telematics: COMDEX Nordic in Sweden Showcases Telematics Industry
  Voice services: Philips Speech Processing Introduces FindIt Technology for Directory services
  Speech standards: Glenayres & Telera Join SALT Forum to Support Standardization of Speech Technologies

  NLP: Entrepreneur Aims To Help Computers Learn To Understand Spoken English
  Speech applications: Dictaphone Optimistic Over Customer Acceptance of Speech Recognition Solutions
  Text-to-speech: Nuance and Elan Join Forces to Provide Advanced Text-to-Speech Applications
  Voice services: i3 Mobile Selects AT&T Labs Natural Voices
  Natural interactivity: PhatWare Ships PenOffice 2.1 With Multi-language Handwriting Recognition Support
  Globalization: Open Source Unicode Library Now Supported by Basis Technology
  NLP: International Olympic Committee Selects JeevesOne
  Voice recogntion: Toshiba eyes auto apps for voice recognition middleware
  Text-to-speech: Necsy speech enables its call centre solutions for banks

  Speech applications: Talk Technology Announces Enterprise-wide Speech Recognition for Hospital
  Pocket voice: ScanSoft's Dragon PDsay Adds the Power of Voice to the Pocket PC
  Speech applications: IBM's WebSphere Voice Server Brings Transcription to the Enterprise
  Speech futures: Syntellect Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Philips Speech Processing
  Text-to-speech: i3 Mobile Selects AT&T Labs Natural Voices
  Multilingual web: Uniscape Integrates Globalization With Microsoft Content Management
  Speech recognition: Motorola and SpeechWorks Develop First Distributed Speech Recognition Prototype
  NLP: Albert Turbocharges Lotus Domino for Smarter Searches
  Text-to-speech: Granada Learning & Elan speech enable educational software
  Multilinguality: Acetic offers new language coverage in its Tropes NLP software
  Text-to-speech: French air traffic control to speech enable its services
  Speech applications: Voice enabled BlackBerry coming

  Speech application: SyVox Enters Into Alliance With Ann Arbor Computer
  Old tech interpretation tool: Language Line Announces Its One-Touch Access Phone for Three-Way Interpreter Call
  Language interface: A Glove That Speaks Volumes
  Speech recognition: Wildfire Enhances Virtual Assistant Using SpeechWorks’ Technology
  Multilinguality: IBM To Provide New Options for Lotus Sametime
  Speech recognition: Talk Technology Enters Into Enterprise-wide Speech Recognition
  Voice services: NMS Communications Introduces NMS HearSay

  Text-to-speech: Siemens introduces talking therapy for sick machines
  Voice interface: Comworxx In-Vehicle Voice-Activated System to Automotive Audience
  Text-to-speech: Tool allows email to speak through mobiles
  Interface: Consumer needs first
  Speech recognition: Aculab and Tisento to provide developers with more choice

  Text-to-speech: Visually impaired find a voice for their needs

  Multilingual virtual agent: InfoTalk Brings First Multilingual Virtual Receptionist to Taiwan
  Voice services: CRM filters down to smaller companies
  Localisation: Nortel Networks adopts Alchemy CATALYST as their localization tool
  Voice interface: iVOICE Files Patent Application for Speech-enabled Name Dialer
  Without speech-to-text: Fast-Talk Communications Lands $8.5 Million in Funding

  Voice services: Nuance Powers Bell Canada's VoiceNet Portal
  Speech recognition: Aculab Provides First Maori Speech Technology System
  text-to-speech: SVOX Enters German Market with Text-to-Speech Software
  Voice interface: Text-to-speech software is becoming more mainstream
  Language learning: Multilingual Mobility Applications
  Voice services: Wildfire Enhances Product Suite Using SpeechWorks Technology
  Voice portals: NMS Teams with VOCEWEB.COM to Deliver Voice Portal in Korea
  Localization: Plateau Offers Multiple Language Support
  Speech technology: IBM to PCs: We Need To Talk
  Voice services: Pizza Hut orders voice recognition with the lot

  Voice services: Comverse And SpeechWorks Team To Provide Voice-Driven Solutions
  Article: Less Is More: Now Wearable Computing Gets Interesting
  Text-to-speech: SVOX Enters German Market with Text-to-Speech Software
  Voice standards: InfoSpace to Integrate VoiceXML Gateway into its Speech Platform
  Natural interaction: Microsoft Signs on as Sponsor of Telephony Voice User Interface Conference
  Localisation: Adelante 'Hispanicizes' Advertising For an Exploding Ethnic Market
  Text analysis: SAS and Inxight Announce Text Mining Alliance
  Voice standards: Syntellect Partners With Motorola to Offer Standards-based Voice Solutions
  Multilingual web: CNN launches Arabic-language web site
  Localization: Lionbridge Wins Global Contract With Microsoft
  Localization: OASIS to Develop Localization Interchange File Format

  European RTD: EC highlights progress on creation of ERA in latest RTD report
  RTD Venture Capital: European technology fund to target information technology innovation
  Text mining: Virtual lies face foolproof software
  Voice services: Universities To Implement IntelliSPEECH™ Speech Recognition
  Multilinguality: SAS Turns to Inxight to Go Multilingual
  Article: Speech Recognition Part 2: Some New Developments and Applications
  Article: Speech Recognition Part 3: Training Your Dictation System
  Telematics: Like Having Lassie Riding Shotgun
  Speech.com: The High Price of CRM Scandals

  Voice activated: Voice-Activated Computer Intercom ``Cynthia'' Available from Synthigence
  Venture Funding: Tornado Research Reports on EUR11.5b of Venture Funding in 2001
  Online language tool: Oxford dictionary updated for Web
  Machine translation: ViA develops wearable translating computer
  Voice services: Voxeo Speech Application for Denver's Transportation District
  Speech recognition: A Smoother Ride With Speech Rec

  Voice services: INTECS Speech Enabled CRM Solution for Taiwan's Largest Insurance Company
  Collaborative RT&D: Advances in Signal Processing Technology
  Speech recognition: Voice-recognition phone line offers Afghan language lessons
  Article: Speech Recognition Part 1: Conversations with Machines
  Localisation: Adobe Selects Lionbridge as Localization Partner
  R&D: Ericsson may cut R&D jobs
  Voice web: Self-Service Apps Firm Integrates Telera's Voice Web
  Speech technology: First Maori Speech Technology System Unveiled
  Machine Translation: Researchers hope translation software can save the vanishing word

  Speech applications: Plant equipment can “talk” using new technology from Siemens
  Babel Fish: VoiceText is used in Fisheries Radio
  Speech application: SRC's Speech Recognition Solution Boosts Efficiency at Morgan Cole
  Its all Chinese: China’s National Flag Raising Ceremony Goes Live with InfoTalk’s Speech Technology
  Speech recognition: Telstra goes for the voice box

  Speech recognition: Japanese, English voice recognition system set up for deaf
  Voice services: Tiscali unveils UK voice portal
  Voice services: Oracle Acquires Assets of Voice Portal Technology Provider
  Simple is good: The Simputer: A handheld for the masses?
  Text-to-speech: TextAloud MP3 Text-to-Speech Now Available With AT&T's Natural Voices
  Natural Interactivity: High-tech's disability mandate
  CRM: Banter and Avaya Join to Enhance Self-Service Solutions
  Multimodality: Telelogue and Kirusa Partner for Multimodal Directory Services
  Voice services: Audium 2.0 Selected by MobileMetrics

  Natural interactivity: Ask Jeeves Acquires Technology of Octopus Software
  Voice services: Mobility Technologies Introduces Voice-Enabled Traffic Service
  Speech applications: Syntellect Announces Siebel Systems Validation
  Language tools: Sopheon Develops Enhanced Version of Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM
  Speech recognition: Nuance unveils version 8.0 of its speech recognition & NLP software

  Natural Language Processing: Virage to Market BBN Technologies' Audio Indexer
  Text-to-speech: CompUSA to Carry Fonix TimeTalk Alert for the Pocket PC
  Machine translation: First 'Smart' Handheld Language Translator Speaks
  Multilingual web: WorldLingo uses Turbolinux Cluster Server 6 to provide translations

  Text-to-speech: Comverse Solutions To Enable Siminn (Iceland Telecom) with email-to-speech
  Bilingual PDA: New Chinese-English Wireless PDA
  Voice services: Union Pacific Railroad Goes Live with SpeechWorks' Speech Technologies
  Voice services: Frank Solutions and SpeechWorks to Provide Citywide Speech Solution for Portsmouth
  Speech technology: AllVoice wins £400,000 on patent claim
  Speech applications: Voice Technology Makes Inroads Among Drivers

  Speech recognition: e-SIM and ART Partner to Offer Combined Solution
  Voice recognition: OnStar at Home Pilot Program Launched
  Globalization: SDL International acquires Language Partners International
  Speech interface: MacSpeech Announced iDictate for Mac OS X
  Multilingual web: Uno Momento, Por Favor!
  Machine translation: Free translation software unveils Arab views
  Speech technology: Speech Recognition Making Its Voice Heard at ctexpo 2002

  Speech recognition: Telephonetics Creates Speech Recognition System for Florist Industry
  Speech applications: iHello and FrontRange Solutions to Offer CRM Voice Application for Mobile Salespeople
  text-to-speech: Ever Smarter and Smaller Chips from TI
  eContent: Palm Says E-book Sales Increasing
  Voice recognition: Toshiba unveils first Bluetooth headset
  NLP applications: Leverance to Incorporate Text Indexing and Searching Technologies into Its NLP Platform

  Voice recognition: Bluetooth™ Car Kit By Motorola Combines Seamless Connectivity With Voice Recognition For New Wireless Hands-Free Experience
  Speech applications: MobileAria and Reuters to Deliver Voice-Enabled News and Stocks to Drivers
  Language identification: Lextek Announces Availability of Language Identification Technology
  Voice services: Voice Application Market Expected to Reach $2 Billion by 2005
  Voice services: MobileAria To Demonstrate Voice-Enabled In-Vehicle Service at CES
  The Ovum View: Speech - IT meets telephony?
  R&D: State aid 'not a guarantee' of better research
  Multilingual web: SearchHound Acquires Web and Translation Services Provider SpeakGlobally
  Speech applications: Union Pacific Railroad Makes Tracks With SpeechWorks
  Speech recognition: Speech Recognition's Next Iteration

  Speech understanding: Robots pick up the pace
  Speech application: Toshiba set to market internet fridge
  Speech applications: Hands-Free in New York
  Speech application: iBasis SpeechPort Wins Communications Solutions Magazine Award

  Multilingual web: UIT, WIPO to jointly resolve domain name problems

  Localization: Lionbridge Joins OASIS Industry Consortium
  Messaging: Your IM said what?

  Voice services: Preferred Voice Pilot Program for BusinessConnect Underway
  Speech technology: Sensory Expands Line of High Quality Speech Chips
  Knowledge management: Wordmap Launches New Taxonomy-Building Service
  Voice solutions: One Voice Announces MobileVoice Instant Messenger

  Machine translation: The Gist of Translation

  Voice web: Using the Voice to Tour the Internet

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