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Latest News
Speech interfaces: Educational software teaches kids to read using Fonix speech recognition [29.08.2005]
Finnish TTS: YLE Launches Voice Subtitling [29.08.2005]
Speech synthesis: Marketing a doll with a high-tech brain [26.08.2005]
Speech tech: Wi-fi predicted to keep booming [26.08.2005]
SR in practice: Speech Recognition in the Enterprise [25.08.2005]
SR in theory: Speech Recognition Reduces Call Time by 35% [25.08.2005]
Speech codec: Universal codec to set sound free [22.08.2005]
Speech tech progress: Where I'd Bet Against Kurzweil [18.08.2005]
Call for participation: W3C Workshop on Internationalizing the Speech Synthesis Markup Language [18.08.2005]
Text-to-speech: Converting PDFs to Audio Formats Means Easy Listening [17.08.2005]

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FP6 - 4th Call: Semantic based Knowledge and Content Systems 11-Dec-2004

FP6 programme In the latest round of funding of the EU's Sixth Framework programme's (FP6) IST initiative, the European Commission has launched a call for proposals titled Semantic based Knowledge and Content Systems, under its Strategic Objective 2.4.7.

The Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems theme is aimed at the intersection of WWW, Multimedia, Semantic Web and Web Services domains. Its objective is to develop semantic-based and context-aware systems for acquiring, organising, sharing and using the knowledge embedded in web and multimedia content which are driven or supported by ICT systems. The deadline for the call is 22 March 2005. More information from the Cordis site soon.

EUROMAP Final Report: Benchmarking HLT Progress in Europe May-2003

EUROMAP - click to read the report The study provides a benchmarking analysis of the opportunities and achievements of the HLT research effort in Europe. The analysis compares Member States, and indexes them according to two broad measures: the robustness of the opportunity to exploit HLT ('Opportunity Index'), and the prospects for and success of HLT research and technology transfer ('HLT Benchmark').

Various versions of the document are available from the EUROMAP Reports page.

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    You can read the news in any one of 11 original languages, or a translated version in the language of your choice. The results are sometimes unpredictable and more often funny. Look out for the 'American to British' button.

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    HLTCentral.org, the central resource of European HLT developments, is seeking sponsors for the continued operation of the web site in 2005 and beyond. A variety of sponsorship, advertising and content options are available - to discuss further, contact HLTCentral Editors at or Fax | Telephone + (Luxembourg)

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