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  Voice services: MobileAria to Deliver Voice-Enabled Content With Reuters

  Knowledge management: Autonomy Wins Repeat Business In Pharmaceutical Sector
  Speech recognition: Intraco Systems Closes $15 Million Agreement
  Call centres: A Call Center Solution Saves Time - And Customers

  Call centres: Paradigm Speech System Cuts Costs

  Speech recognition: Speech recognition gaining attentive audience
  Voice services: Say Hello to LIRR's New Voice Information System

  Voice recognition: Kanakaris Wireless Working On Voice & Face Recognition

  Text-to-speech: Elan Chosen by Siemens, CAE, Gre for Speech Synthesis
  Text-to-speech: Loquendo Releases Industry-First Greek Text-to-Speech Product
  Multilinguality: Wearable translating computer due out soon

  Multilinguality: iLanguage Teams with WebEx in Multilingual Web Conferencing
  Voice solutions: Unisys to Integrate Fonix Text-To-Speech in Voice and Speech Solutions
  Voice services: SpeechWorks and OTS Technology Launch China's First Speech-Enabled Phone Directory
  Speech recognition: Voxware Completes VoiceLogistics Deployment for Corporate Express
  Voice recognition: LumenVox Announces their Voice Recognition Engine 2.1
  EU Projects: EU project develops speech translation system for tourist domain

  Hands-Free: Nextel & Cellport Deliver Hands-Free In-Vehicle Wireless Phone
  Speech technologies: Thomson Multimedia and Telisma Share Their Expertise in the Speech Recognition Field
  Speech applications: Voxware to Provide 800 Speech-based Systems to US Foodservice
  eContent: Globalization and Localization Services Market Will Reach $10.3 Billion by 2005, IDC Says
  Text-To-Speech: Fonix Acquires DECtalk Text-To-Speech Technology
  Text-To-Speech: EPOS and Fonix to Offer Natural-Sounding Text-To-Speech
  Speech technologies: SpeechWorks Technologies Available on Intel Boards
  Voice services: Philips Speech Processing Introduces Enterprise Voice Dialing
  Voice portals: TellMe The 511 In Utah
  Features: Language Technologies featured in the Economist Technology Quarterly
  Multilingual summarisation: Take control of information overload
  Speech application: SpeechWorks To Deliver Natural Language Speech Solution to Korean National Tourism Organization

  Multilingual technologies: AT&T Labs Introduces Spanish Language Natural Voices Text-to-Speech Engine
  Speech resources: VoiceGenie VoiceXML Workshop Exceeds 3,000 Applications
  Book review: Language and the Internet
  Voice services: GoldK Selects Voxeo to Power 401(k) Voice Solution

  Voice activated: Red Circle Unveils Voice-Activated Ringtones
  R&TD: Brainhat Launches Research Initiative to Improve Speech Recognition
  Voice services: Day-Timers Enhances Order Process with New Speech Recognition System
  Speech application: iVoice and Artisoft Team to Deliver Speech-Enabled Phone System
  Speech technology: SyVox Signs License Agreement With Philips Speech Processing
  Speech technologies: Automatic Speech Recognition to Lead by 2005
  Natural interactivity: NativeMinds Wins New Patent on Context-sensitive Technology
  Speech companies: Nuance's chief financial officer quits

  Voice directed: Robot helps in kidney surgery
  Speech application: General Magic Will provide Voice-driven services for New Mexico Utility
  Language translation, not: Greek Language Not Enough For Greeks
  Voice services: ViryaNet to Offer Speech-Enabled Service With Conversay's Speech Technology
  Voice services: eei Solutions Teams With Nuance to Deliver Speech Solutions
  Voice processing: Dub your own voice to Shrek characters
  R&D: A win-win situation for the lab

  Localization: ALPNET and SDL Announce Merger Agreement
  Text-to-Speech: Fonix Text-To-Speech To Power Nortel Networks Platform
  Localization: Lionbridge Expands Its Relationship With Hyperion
  How it all began: Italy remembers giant leap for radio
  Future gazing: New Dictionary of the Future Predicts the Way We'll Live, Work and Talk
  Voice services: Preferred Voice Completes Deployment for Telecom Carriers
  Speech infrastructure: LOBBY7 Launches x|mode Embedded Server that Enables Simultaneous Speech, Touch and Graphical Interactions
  Multilinguality: Multicity's Chat Named for Software Award
  Voice services: iVoice Announces Speech Enabled Call Initiator
  Voice services: Audium to Develop Speech-Driven Taxi Booking System
  Voice recognition: Matsushita develops BS digital HDTV with voice recognition
  eContent: GlidesTeams With Hitext in Global Content Management

  eBusiness: SDL Announces Complete Solution for Multilingual E-Business Websites
  Speech.com: Voxware Closes Private Financing
  Speech application: USERS Live Interface To Maxxar's Natural Language Voice Response System
  Call Centres: Philips and INTECS Provide Voice Recognition for e-Contact Center
  Voice services: General Magic Ships magicTalk Enterprise Platform
  AI: Pivotal AI Project Comes Out
  Natural interactivity: Intel Releases Software That Lets PCs 'See'

  Speech applications: SpeechWorks Gears Up Auto Division
  Voice services: Bundled IP-Based Voice Applications Speak to Consumer Needs
  Colour-to-speech: ``Cox Color to Speech'' Processor for vision impaired
  Speech applications: Paragon FCU Deploys Maxxar's Natural Language Speech Recognition
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks and TI to Enable Advanced Speech Applications
  L&H: U.S. Court Approves ScanSoft's Acquisition Of L&H Assets
  Voice portals: AT&T Gives Dial-Up Internet Access a New Meaning
  R&D: Xerox to Create Independent Research Center from PARC
  Speech technology: Microsoft in Partnership to Promote Disabled Web Access

  Speaker verification: Philips and Persay to Provide Advanced Speech Technology Solutions
  Speech applications: Warehouse Sees Great Results with Voice-Directed System
  Text-to-Speech: Self-Service Access Via New `Talking ATMs'
  Speech recognition: Mitsubishi & SpeechWorks Team in Next-Generation Wireless Applications
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks Forms Automotive, Mobile Device and Set-Top Box Unit
  NLP: iPhrase Launches Natural Language Facilities on Yahoo! Finance
  Text-to-Speech: Nuance and AT&T Team in Text-to-Speech Applications
  Search technology: LexisNexis Partners with DolphinSearch to Enhance Legal Portal
  Call centres: Voice recognition is speaking for itself

  Speech applications: ScreenFriends Unveils Voice-Driven PowerPoint Presenter
  Speech applications: InfoSpace and finance from Bell Mobility Investments will Enhance Speech Recognition Technologies
  Text-to-speech: VoiceGenie Announces GenieTTS-API Interface for TTS
  Speech.com: OKAMLogic awarded second investment from Aliant Telecom Wireless R&D Fund

  L&H: ScanSoft a Step Nearer to L&H Speech and Language Assets
  Multilinguality: Talking To The Other 90%
  Voice portals: Making Better Voice Portal Apps, Part 1
  Information management: LexiQuest Named One of the Top 200 IT Companies
  Voice services: Blue Wireless Selects Voxeo Voice Service Platform

  Speech application: Speak and Ye Shall Dial - Cingular Announces Voice-Portal Product
  Speech applications: VoiceXML - Enterprise Voice-App Development with Minimal Investment

  Düsseldorf IST 2001: Busquin says IST will play major role in construction of ERA
  Düsseldorf IST 2001: Busquin says IST will play major role in construction of ERA
  Speech application: First Speech-enabled Directory Assistance Service Launched in Finland
  Speech application: First Speech-enabled Directory Assistance Service Launched in Finland
  Voice driven: Strategis Report - Automotive Telematics Industry Poised for Growth
  Voice driven: Strategis Report - Automotive Telematics Industry Poised for Growth
  Localisation: eTranslate Secures Additional $18 Million to Invest in Latest Globalization
  Localisation: eTranslate Secures Additional $18 Million to Invest in Latest Globalization
  Multilingual web: Red Cross Implements Multilingual Chat
  Multilingual web: Red Cross Implements Multilingual Chat
  Content management: Inktomi & Documentum to Offer Enterprise Content Management
  Content management: Inktomi & Documentum to Offer Enterprise Content Management
  Multilingual web: Chinese tipped as main language of web by 2007
  Multilingual web: Chinese tipped as main language of web by 2007
  eContent: Content Management Player Finds Multilingual Partner
  eContent: Content Management Player Finds Multilingual Partner
  Speech applications: Talking It Up
  Speech applications: Talking It Up
  Speech recognition: IVR and Speech Recognition -- A Match Made In Heaven
  Speech recognition: IVR and Speech Recognition -- A Match Made In Heaven

  Speech.com: Interactive Telesis Acquires 100 Percent Interest in Paragon Voice Systems
  eContent: Multilingual User Interfaces For Content Sources
  eContent: Multilingual User Interfaces For Content Sources
  Voice recognition: Speech As Personal As Fingerprints
  Voice recognition: Speech As Personal As Fingerprints
  Speech applications: IBM enables speech applications with Java Speech API
  Speech applications: IBM enables speech applications with Java Speech API
  EUROMAP: Latest Newsletter published
  Natural interactivity: I/NET to Develop Conversational Interface for NASA
  Natural interactivity: I/NET to Develop Conversational Interface for NASA
  Speech-less: Apes have same speech area in brain as humans
  Speech-less: Apes have same speech area in brain as humans
  Speech application: VoiceGenie and ShopTalk Deliver Complete Voice-Driven CRM Solutions
  Speech application: VoiceGenie and ShopTalk Deliver Complete Voice-Driven CRM Solutions
  Speech.com: Interactive Telesis Acquires 100 Percent Interest in Paragon Voice Systems

  Speech.bust: Microsoft shrinks Lernout & Hauspie stake
  Lo-tech: Translation firm has the ear of business & government
  Lo-tech: Translation firm has the ear of business & government
  Voice services: SHOPTALK Launches VoiceCRM
  Voice services: SHOPTALK Launches VoiceCRM
  Voice recognition: Sensory's Voice Biometric Technology Breaks One Million Installed Base
  Voice recognition: Sensory's Voice Biometric Technology Breaks One Million Installed Base
  Voice interface: First Union Direct Launches Speech Recognition Banking Service
  Voice interface: First Union Direct Launches Speech Recognition Banking Service
  Multilingual web: WebEx Launches Support for Multiple Languages Within a Web Conference
  Multilingual web: WebEx Launches Support for Multiple Languages Within a Web Conference
  Speech applications: Customer voice management speaks to growing need
  Speech applications: Customer voice management speaks to growing need
  Localization: eTranslate Secures Additional $18 Million
  Localization: eTranslate Secures Additional $18 Million
  Translation tools: TRADOS Expands Presence in Asia
  Translation tools: TRADOS Expands Presence in Asia
  Speech applications: Xora Integrates Solution With IBM Voice Server V2.0
  Speech applications: Xora Integrates Solution With IBM Voice Server V2.0
  Text-to-speech: VoiceGenie Announces New Text-to-Speech API
  Text-to-speech: VoiceGenie Announces New Text-to-Speech API
  Voice authentication: PIKA Technologies to supply voice cards for OTG user authentication
  Voice authentication: PIKA Technologies to supply voice cards for OTG user authentication
  Voice services: General Magic Announces $4.7 Million Equity Financing
  Voice services: General Magic Announces $4.7 Million Equity Financing
  Speech.bust: Microsoft shrinks Lernout & Hauspie stake

  Language filtering: Vericept Introduces Language Module for Analyzing Spanish Content
  Language filtering: Vericept Introduces Language Module for Analyzing Spanish Content
  Speech.com: iVoice Receives Recommendation from Stockbible.com
  Speech recognition: MobileAria Demonstrates Hands Free, Voice-Enabled In-Vehicle Service
  Speech recognition: MobileAria Demonstrates Hands Free, Voice-Enabled In-Vehicle Service
  Speech.com: Intraco Systems Signs $15 Million Letter of Intent
  Speech.com: Intraco Systems Signs $15 Million Letter of Intent

  Italy: Rome hospital gets Florence Nightingale treatment with PDA system
  Speech recognition: IBM develops technology for faster chip
  Speech applications: Parody of MIT Media Lab Web Site features Erotic Speech Processing
  Tridion ships DialogServer 4.4 in 5 languages
  Globalization & Translation: Idiom and ATRIL announce development partnership

  Machine translation: Translation Software Plays a Key Role in Worldwide Communication
  Machine translation: Translation Software Plays a Key Role in Worldwide Communication
  Voice access: Q Comm Adds Voice Internet Service to Qxpress Platform

  Voice recognition: UK users support biometric testing
  Voice recognition: UK users support biometric testing
  Information management: Coredge Software launches Logik - My Edition
  Information management: Coredge Software launches Logik - My Edition
  Machine translation: Bowne Secures Ownership of L&H MT Technology
  Multilingual web: CMG Launches Multilingual Web Site Solutions
  Multilingual web: CMG Launches Multilingual Web Site Solutions
  Voice services: Nuance & XCOM Launch Germany's First Voice-Enabled Financial Information System
  Voice services: Nuance & XCOM Launch Germany's First Voice-Enabled Financial Information System
  L&H: SpeechWorks Files Objection to L&H Auction
  L&H: SpeechWorks Files Objection to L&H Auction
  L&H: L&H Reaffirms Selection of Winning Bidder
  L&H: L&H Reaffirms Selection of Winning Bidder
  Voice services: Nuance Powers Gradiente's Brazilian Personal Virtual Assistant
  Voice services: Nuance Powers Gradiente's Brazilian Personal Virtual Assistant
  Speech technology: DFKI's Prof. Wahlster awarded Technology & Innovation Prize
  Speech technology: DFKI's Prof. Wahlster awarded Technology & Innovation Prize
  Voice recognition: One Voice to Release Beta II Version of MobileVoice Messaging
  Voice recognition: One Voice to Release Beta II Version of MobileVoice Messaging
  Interview: What now Jeeves?
  Interview: What now Jeeves?

  Speech Technology: Kelsey Group Analysts to Write Column for Speech Technology Magazine
  Speech.com: UK's Vocalis plans rescue placement
  Speech.com, RIP: Lernout & Hauspie, the final curtain

  Mobile applications: Nokia challenges developers of mobile applications
  eContent: Engage Adds AltaVista Search to Content Management Product
  Virtual service: NativeMinds to Make Up a Virtual Face for Revlon's Online Customer Service
  NLP: B-Intercept Developed for Intelligence and Law Enforcement
  NLP: Be-Bee Inc. Licenses Its !metaMarker Technology to Syracuse University
  Translation tools: Translation Group Ltd to Enforce Its Rights to the Gedanken System
  Text-to-speech: ThinkEngine and Rhetorical To Deliver Next-Generation Text-To-Speech Solutions
  Speech recognition: Preferred Voice to Provide Disposable Voice Recognition
  Speech.com: Bankruptcy Auction Begins for Speech Technology Company

  Voice services: AmandaPortal Supporting Multiple Speech Applications Is Launched
  Speech solutions: Vocollect Unveils Talkman® QuickPick™
  Speech recognition: The Asian Challenge for Speech Recognition Unique Text Input Barriers Open Doors for Speech
  Speech recognition: Syntellect to Provide Self-Service Voice services to Bank

  Translation: Online translation courses launched by Logos
  Multilinguality: The European Year of Languages and the world’s biggest multilingual dictionary
  Voice services: Speech recognition and analysis available soon from Eyretel
  Voice identification: Voice prints may speed up frequent fliers

  Natural Language interface: "Please Tell Me the Reason for Your Call"

  L&H: Auction nears for L&H's last assets
  eContent: EUROPRIX 2001 - Europe´s Best in Multimedia celebrated in Lisbon
  Voice services: Speech in the Call Center
  Multilingual web: EC Commissioner Busquin and the "francophonie" inaugurate EurActiv
  Text-to-speech: FONIX/LIPSINC To Develop 3D Facial Animation With TTS
  Text-to-speech: FONIX/LIPSINC To Develop 3D Facial Animation With TTS
  Speech.com: Voxi Receives 746,000 EUR in Second Round of Funding

  Multilingual web: Selling in Tongues
  Speech recognition: Talk to Your Palm
  Standards: Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition
  Lo tech voice services: Rapidtext - Live Voice-to-Text Services
  Voice services: Tiscali to launch UK voice portal
  Speech.com: L&H attracts six potential buyers
  Multilingual search: Albert Search Engine Launches in France (in French)

  Speech technology: Latest e-Blast! newsletter published
  Voice services: Flying Wireless Launches Voice and Mobile Access to Remote PCs
  VoiceXML applications: VoiceGenie Professional Services Receives 2001 Service Award
  Voice applications: A Human-Sounding Voice on Every Computing Device

  Speech recognition: Compaq & Diaphonics to Offer Speech Recognition for Voice Over IP
  Speech synthesis: Cepstral Releases Theta Speech Synthesis Engine
  Translation tools: Mitsubishi & Eupholink In Strategic Alliance With TRADOS
  Low-tech globalisation: Global selling creates full slate for translation firms
  Speech application: See What Your Customers Are Saying About You
  Voice applications: General Magic Becomes Reseller of IBM Voice Products
  Speech.com: L&H unit Kurzweil Education in management buyout

  Natural interactivity: The Write Stuff - Tablet PC
  Multilingual web: APlusStudent Unveils Bi-Lingual E-learning site
  Speech applications: Fonix and Motorola Agreement on Voice-enabled Automotive Solutions

  Video searching: All the News That's Fit for You
  Messaging: MaiSoft Deploys Unified Messaging Solution
  Knowledge management: Toward speech as a knowledge resource
  Messaging: Wizzard Partners with iVoice to Deliver New Speech Solution

  Haptics: The promise of touch technologies
  Messaging: Be-Bee Inc. Announces Products for Message Management
  Speech solutions: SpeechWorks Japan Announces Suite of Speech Solutions
  Multilinguality: ALPNET Launches Its FastTrackXML Solution
  Localisation: LocalizationWorks Launches Website For Professionals
  Lernout & Hauspie: L&H Announces RealSpeak for the Chinese Market
  Semantic Web: The Web's Next Incarnation - Intelligent Talk
  Natural Interactivity: And Now, a Touchy-Feely Mouse That Goes Bump

  Speech R&D: Cambridge Research Laboratory to establish new research group
  Messaging: Nokia and eurosport.com cooperate in Multimedia Messaging Services
  Speech.com: L&H tries to cheat death with new product
  Telematics: Fonix and Motorola in Agreement for Telematics Solutions
  mCommerce: Enterprise Customers Will Drive The Wireless Web
  Voice services: Phonetic Systems & Infospace to Speech-Enable Directory Services
  Speech recognition: ART Announces Collaboration with Motorola
  Technology: COMDEX 2001 - Special coverage
  Speech application: Seostech Develops Voice-Recognition Tool for Teaching English Online
  His Master's Voice: Honda Robot Becomes More Human

  Speech applications: NMS Communications and Trans Cosmos Partner in Speech-Enabled CRM
  Knowledge management: LexiQuest releases Categorize for Document Management
  Text-to-speech: Braxtel Partners With Speechworks to Speech-Enable Customer Contact
  Speech standards: VoiceGenie and Clickmarks Partner to Deliver Mobile VoiceXML Solutions
  Voice services: 365 Corporation and Virgin Mobile form voice partnership
  Mobile computing: Mercedes revs up with Ethernet
  Speech technology: Gates reveals Tablet - Next-Generation Mobile Computing Is Here

  Globalization: Idiom launches the power of WorldServer 5.0
  Multilinguality: Kanisa 3.0 Raises the Bar for Web Self-Service
  Facial animation: Caligari Announces trueSpace 5.2 with New Facial Animator
  MT: It's All Arabic-English to Him
  Multilingual web: English No Longer Rules The Web - Report
  Language applications: Language technologies at forefront of tourism industry
  Speech interface: Lernout & Hauspie Announces PDsay To Voice Enable Pocket PCs
  Speech application: Philips Speech Processing and Aumtech Develop Linux-based Voice Dialing
  International cooperation: Swiss and Indian units to co-operate in multimodal R&D
  Speech recognition: Lanier Healthcare Adds Speech Recognition with Talk Technology
  eContent: Mohenz showcases multilingual comic e-books

  Text-to-speech: Elan Informatique wins decisive round in its lawsuit against L&H
  Voice services: Plateau Telecom to Offer Preferred Voice's Speech Recognition Services
  Voice services: Voxicom Launches Next Generation Phone Service
  MT: Belga to Provide Automated News Translation Service

  Speech R&D: DARPA looks at Speech-to-Text research
  eContent: Think Globally, Act Locally
  Voice services: General Magic to Offer Complete Voice Solutions with Industry Leaders
  eBusiness: TranslationWave completes B2B language translation interface

  Voice services: InternetSpeech and Preferred Voice to Deliver Speech-Driven Email services

  Voice services: Preferred Voice, InternetSpeech enter alliance
  Speech recognition: Telephony Speech Recognition Coming Of Age - Datamonitor
  Speech recognition: Unveil Technologies unveils its speech recognition product
  Speech applications: Phonetic Systems Uses Voice-Recognition to Access Business Telephone Directory
  Multilinguality: Dow Jones Newswires Start Expansion in Europe
  Globalization: Uniscape® and Berlitz GlobalNET Team Up to Deliver Solutions
  Multilinguality: TRADOS HumanTranslations Adds Arabic and Farsi
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical Completes £4.3 Million Fund Raising
  Speech recognition: Speech recognition speaks volumes
  Speech applications: EUROMAP To Present Speech And Language Solutions at World Travel Market
  Speech technology: Speech recognition under-appreciated
  m-Commerce: "Beam me up Scotty" - Wrist PDAs coming soon

  LT Greece: Hellenic Language Technology List - HLTL
  Speech interface: Lucent Technologies Provides Speech Recognition for Digital Music & Voice Player
  Voice services: Second European Directory Market Conference to be Held In Barcelona
  Voice services: Nuance Partners With PipeBeach to Offer VoiceXML Platform

  Multilinguality: New Thai language search engine also pioneers cellphone input
  Multilinguality: Onyx Polishes CRM Tools for Multilingual Markets
  Telematics: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and MobileAria Partner for In-Vehicle Bluetooth Adoption
  Voice services: OnMobile Deploys First Commercial Multi-modal Platform for Orange, India
  Speech recognition: Audiopoint Gives a New Voice to Call Centers
  Tech transfer: Xerox and RIT To Speed Emerging Technologies to Market
  Voice services: Preferred Voice Signs Three New Telecom Carriers
  Speech applications: Fonix Speech-Enables Time Management Software for Pocket PCs
  Multi-language web: Domainoo to Offer Keywords to French Marketplace
  Speech technologies: BBN and SAIL LABS Sign Speech Technology Agreement
  Germany: Comverse To Provide Voice Portal Solutions To Germany's T-Mobil

  Speech platforms: Verascape Markets VoiceXML 2.0 Platform
  Speech recognition: Lucent Provides Speech Recognition for New Digital Music & Voice Player
  Translation tools: Lionbridge Publishes ForeignDesk(R) to the Open-Source Community
  Globalization: Lionbridge and Documentum to provide global content management
  Globalization: GlobalSight And Documentum Form Strategic Partnership
  Globalization: GlobalSight announces the availability of its System4
  Multilinguality: CRM language tools speak to native-tongue issues
  Soft Wear: What Well-Dressed IT Users Will Wear - Gartner
  Multilingual web: Ask Jeeves dissolves Spanish-language joint venture
  Speech interface: MD's voice software a cure for paperwork

  L&H: Opening bids for Lernout assets must total $21 mln
  Speech applications: Want a silicon secretary? Turn to speech recognition software
  Speech interface: New voice-controlled Music Player debuts
  Speech applications: Is speech-recognition software in your future?

  Globalization: Going global means bringing the web into your business
  eContent: Content Management Software Goes Multilingual
  EU.com: Report - Up To 30% Of European Dot-Coms Face Failure
  Lernout & Hauspie: Auction of L&H assets to be held on November 26, 2001
  Speech authentication: Nuance Launches "World’s Most Advanced" Voice Authentication Software

  Natural Language: eHelp Announces Web Self-Assistance Software
  Multilingual web: Content Management Software Goes Multilingual
  Natural language: Banter Installs Web Self-Service Application in 15 Days

  Speech recognition: Is technology talking you out of a job?
  Speech solutions: Quixi Partners With SpeechWorks to Provide Voice-Enabled CRM
  L&H: A frail L&H still gives voice to sales pitch
  m-Commerce: 50 Million To Shop By Cell Phone In 2006 - U.S. Report
  AI: Software, Heal Thyself
  Multilingual filtering: Internet Filtering Tools Found Lacking - EC Study

  Speech technology: Record Registration Speaks Volumes about Voice Technology Industry
  Speech recognition: EADS TELECOM Selects LocusDialog's Speech Recognition Solution
  Speech recognition: iVoice, Inc. and 3Com Announce Platform Compatibility
  Speech recognition: NetByTel and CommercialWare Team Up to Offer Voice Commerce
  NLP: New Neutrino Technologies Software Uses Natural Language
  Speech interaction: Eyretel Provides Voice Analysis Solutions to 3Com
  EU technology: European technology industry growth
  Speech Roadmap: Sprint Connects PCS Customers to Voice-Enabled Driving Directions

  VoiceXML: VoiceGenie Announces Windows XP-Compatible VoiceXML Personal Gateway
  L&H: Judge to set auction for Lernout & Hauspie assets
  Voice authentication: Nuance's Voiceprinting Software Raises the Bar for Security
  NLP: Leverance Transforms Human-Machine Interaction with Breakthrough NLP Technology
  eContent: Sony Online Entertainment to Launch New EverQuest Servers in European Markets
  Speech recognition: VeriSign Opens Registration Period for Global Voice Registry Service
  Speech services: ThinkEngine Networks Partners with SpeechWorks to Deliver Speech Services
  Speech recognition: Edify Electronic Workforce 7.2 Features Speech Recognition and Customer Email Management
  Natural interactivity: Natural Dialogue: SemanticEdge Raises 2m EUR
  Voice services: iTouch buys voice services from THUS
  Speech applications: Voice Signal and Mitsubishi Lab To Develop Speech-Enabled Applications

  L&H: U.S. hearing Monday may reveal fate of L&H assets
  Speech industry prize: Fonix CTO Honored as one of Top 10 In Speech Industry
  Speech interface: Wizzard Software Allows Voice Access to Outlook and Exchange

  L&H: Failed Belgian Company Attracting Potential Bidders

  Voice recognition: IBM Announces New Customers, Partners, Products
  IST Prizes: German innovators dominate European IT competition
  Voice recognition: Chrysler Claims First With Bluetooth Mobile Phone System

  Text-to-speech: SpeechWorks Provides a New Voice for Weather Reports
  Text-to-speech: Rhetorical Systems and Pulse Partnership to Revolutionise Interactive Media on the Web
  eBusiness: European e-CRM market poised to take off
  Speech recognition: Hasbro, Inc. and Voice Signal to provide speech recognition in toys and games
  Speech recognition: Speaklink and Wizzard Software to speech-enable messaging solutions
  Speech interaction: AMTRAK Launches Speech Recognition System
  Speech technology: Brainhat's Voice XML/Web Server Transforms Human Interaction with Machines
  Speech applications: Sensory's Tools Pack Speech Recognition Functionality into Mobiles

  L&H: Belgium's Lernout & Hauspie declared bankrupt
  Speech recognition: Bridging the language gap between people-speak, computer-hearing
  Speech standards: Nuance Expands Global Leadership in VoiceXML
  Localization: Globalization Provider RWS Group Joins XML Interoperability Consortium OASIS
  Speech standards: Industry Adopts VoiceXML, Driving Open Standards into the Telephone Network
  Speech standards: BeVocal Foundation Platform Supports Complete VoiceXML 2.0 Standard
  Speech standards: PipeBeach first to support VoiceXML 2.0
  Speech applications: Paragon Showcases Speech Recognition Engine At SpeechTEK 2001
  Virtual agents: Robot Agents - Coming Soon to Software Near You
  Speech.com: L&H sells transcription unit

  Speech standards: W3C Issues First Public Working Draft of VoiceXML 2.0
  Speech recognition: L&H launch new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Solution Series
  eCommerce: International B2B eCommerce predicted to grow 76% year-to-year from 2000 to2005
  Speech.com: SpeechWorks offers $12.2m in L&H deal
  Speech interface: Tired of Forms? Now You Can Talk in Your Expense Reports
  Speech recognition: Voice-recognition tech comes to CRM
  Speech interaction: Speech interfaces are ready to listen

  NLP: Bristol-Myers Squibb Signs With LexiQuest to Enable Natural Language-Based Search
  L&H: SpeechWorks Makes Offer for Lernout & Hauspie Assets
  Voice services: Avaya Unveils Speech Access to E-Mail from Any Phone
  Speech standards II: Pinch of SALT for speech recognition
  Speech applications: New Applications for Call Centers at SpeechTEK 2001
  Knowledge management: East meets west as new internet tech firm goes international
  Speech applications: Nuance and Informatica Deliver Business Information Through A Natural Voice Interface
  Speech platforms: Compaq And Intel Team To Deliver New Standards-Based Speech Server Platform

  Speech recognition: SRC Announce Telephone Speech Recognition Solutions Alliance
  Speech applications: Tri-Star Voice Stress Analyzer To Be Used For Terrorist Screening
  Voice applications: Voice activated In-car email on the way
  Multilingual web: MSNBC.com and iLanguage to Offer Multilingual News

  Speech standards: SALT vs. VoiceXML?

  Machine translation: It Can't Match the Human Touch
  eContent: MSNBC.com and iLanguage to Offer Multilingual News
  Speech technology: The state of speech
  Speech application: Latest offering from IBM - ViaVoice Pro 9.0
  Speech technology: Philips Speech Processing Patents for Preferred Voice
  Multilingual web: Creating multilingual contents on cyberspace

  Mood recognition: Toyota, Sony Develop Mood-Sharing Tail-Wagging Car
  Truth recognition: Phone lie detectors to test insurance claims
  Grunt recognition: Non-verbal sounds key to controlling computers
  Speech recognition: Dictaphone Signs Agreement to License L&H Speech Recognition Software and to Acquire PowerScribe Assets
  Cross-lingual search: 3M Selects Inktomi to Expand International Search Capabilities
  eCommerce: Europe closing technology gap with US
  Text to speech: VoiceGenie First-to-Market with AT&T' Natural Voices
  Computer wear: Xybernaut Granted European Patent for Wearable Computing Technologies
  Voice recognition: Nuance Verifier Fights Crime in the UK

  R&D Funding: Media Lab: Big Plans, Slow Funds
  Multilingual web: MSNBC Launches Arabic News Site, CNN to Follow
  Speech recognition: Speaking of Voice Recognition
  Machine translation: Translation software targets global e-commerce
  Speech applications: Cruise Line Adopts Syntellect's Speech Recognition Solution
  Speech.com: Speech-Recognition Software Could Change Lives
  Voice recognition: Aspect Communications Announces New Era of Self-Service CRM
  Speech technologies: SpeechWorks to Help Companies Realize Greatest Possible Gains From Speech Technologies
  Voice services: BeVocal to Deliver Next Generation Voicetone Services to BellSouth

  Mobile eContent: Sony Ericsson opens office for Eastern Europe
  Speech applications: Walmart.com Employs Virtual Agents To Field Customer Phone Queries
  Speech recognition: V-World Europe Showcases Successful Speech Recognition Deployments
  Speech solutions: Unisys and SpeechWorks Team to Bring Customers Standards-Based Speech Solutions
  Speech recognition: SpeechWorks Introduces OpenSpeech Server
  Speech recognition: Amtrak Launches New Speech Recognition System
  Speech technology: Cisco, Comverse, Intel, Microsoft, Philips and SpeechWorks found Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) Forum
  Speech technology: New Speech Technologies End The Madness Of Traditional IVR
  Speech recognition: Automatic Speech Recognition Fine-Tunes Self-Service
  Multilingual web: Translation software targets global e-commerce
  Mobile eContent: Nokia Introduces Media Phone
  Technology: European IT report shows widening of EU-USA information technology gap
  m-Market: China Becoming Biggest Wireless Market

  e-Business: Psion Teklogix and SyVox to Speech-Enable the mySAP.com
  eEurope: EC's Liikanen Unveils eEurope 2002 Plans

  Speech markets: Global Voice Market $5.6 billion by 2006
  Speech software: Microsoft, IBM tout speech software
  Speech technology: 'Hey, I’m talkin’ to you!'

  Speech.com: U.S. judge to rule on L&H restructuring

  Speech recognition: The truth about speech recognition
  Voice portals: Europolitan Vodafone and PipeBeach expand voice portal
  Speech applications: Nortel Networks, SpeechWorks to Jointly Offer Speech–Activated Applications
  Speech recognition: Speech recognition isn't enough
  Speech processing: Speech software developed for Holocaust archive

  Voice recognition: Voice Recognition Software From IBM Powers Speech-Enabled Handheld Computer
  Speech recognition: Shoah Foundation Awarded $7.5 Million by National Science Foundation to Help Develop Speech Recognition Software
  eContent: Acrobat eBook Reader goes global with five foreign-language editions
  Knowledge management: Inxight Launches Superior Knowledge Management Solution
  Voice technology: Linguistics Expert Predicts Voice Technology Will Play Pivotal Role in Spotting Terrorists
  Speech.com: Lernout & Hauspie gets offer for core business
  Global m-Commerce: Bell Labs Knocks Down Global Roaming Roadblocks
  e-business: Copenhagen Airport Gets Wireless Internet Access

  Multimodal interaction: Product Weds E-Mail With Cellular Phones
  Globalization: The word wise web
  Globalization: Why A Content Management System Won't Take You Global
  Machine Translation: Web Translation: Human Touch Still Required

  Voice recognition: Voice Recognition Will Clear Up With Wireless, Study Suggests
  Speech recognition & translation: Intel Shows Chip-Packaging Design That Is Thinner
  NLP: Firepond Adds AI to Contact Center, Self-Service Apps
  Multilingual web: Taking on the Web's global language barrier
  Voice services: General Magic and OceanLake Voice-Enable Financial Web Application
  Voice services: Paramon Launches ParaCRM, its Multilingual CRM Product

  m-Commerce: Study: "Mobile Commerce in Europe - Premium Content Remains the Priority"
  VoiceXML: Cambridge VoiceTech Releases VoiceXML Solution for Windows NT
  Speech recognition: Voice Signal Demonstrates Speech Dictation for MS Pocket PC 2002

  Voice services: Sabre Provides Voice Messages for Cancelled Flights

  NLP: Brainhat handles language, naturally
  Multilingual web: Companies Find Multilingual Web Sites a Challenge
  Speech applications: Automated speech enhances customer experience, increases return on investment

  Genetics & Language: Speech gene discovery proves Darwin's instinct was right
  Healthcare: Language & Computing to launch US sales office
  Multilinguality: Paramon Technologies Debuts First Multilingual Product
  Globalization: Uniscape Secures $18.5 Million in Funding
  Speech markets: Sound Opportunities Exist for Speech Technologies
  Speech applications: Edify to provide interactive voice self-service support for Siebel 7
  Voice services: Telia's speech recognition system uses software from Nuance

  eCommerce: Syntellect Partners With Siebel Systems to Speech-Enable ebusiness
  U-Commerce!: Vision of U-Commerce Emerges
  Voice services: Nuance Speech Recognition Software Automates Hotel Booking
  Language Genetics: UK scientists identify first language gene

  Speech recognition: Talking about Speech Recognition
  NLP: NLP vendors are delivering lumber when the customer wants a house
  Telematics: Infineon Technologies Enables Infotainment Functionality In The Car
  Localization: RWS Group, LLC (translate.com) Issues Enhanced Localization Tools Suite
  Speech applications: Telera Launches VoiceXML Developer Community

  eCommerce: EU agrees e-commerce rules for financial services
  Speech applications: iVoice Speech Enables National Design Museum
  Speech applications: Nuance and Rhetorical Systems to deliver enhanced text-to-speech systems

  Speech technology: All You Have to Do is Call
  Telematics: Intel Introduces Telematics Design Center To Accelerate Development Of Wireless Computing Solutions For Cars
  Voice portals: NMS to enable Loquendo's European-based multililingual voice-activated web solution
  Voice services: NetByTel's Order By Number Voice Self-Service
  Text-to-speech: Lernout & Hauspie Announces Breakthrough in Text-to-Speech Technology

  Speech recognition: Gold Systems introduces V-Dialer product
  Speech applications: ELSA and Philips Speech Processing Announce Strategic Alliance
  Natural Interactivity: EU Wants More Web Sites For Blind, Elderly
  Voice services: Voice Portal Launches
  Speech applications: Nuance and Telia to Develop Powerful Voice-activated Dialing System
  Call Centres: CRM's Achilles Heel: We're Only Human

  Multilinguality: Niku 6 provides knowledge workers access to same information regardless of locale, language
  Voice portals: Visual Data Corporation’s TheFirstNews.com subsidiary forms marketing alliance with SpeechWorks
  Machine translation: Sony Online Entertainment Expands Into the European Market
  Multilingual Opera: Opera House Installs Multi-lingual Subtitling
  Speech application: Nuance Powers Speech Recognition System of SAS Denmark
  Standards: Tellabs Implements Voice Technology Standard into Its Access System
  Speech recognition: Lingsoft introduces Finnish language speech recognition product
  Knowledge management: Banter's RME 5.0 sets new standard for analyzing the language of everyday communication
  R&D: NSF announces $156 million in awards for information technology research

  L&H: Brussels word is law for L&H
  Speech recognition: InterVoice-Brite and 724 Solutions team up to bring voice to the wireless internet
  NLP: AskJeeves begins shipments of new software program
  eCommerce: Indian E-business Explosion On The Cards - Study
  Natural Interactivity: LexisNexis Adds New Assistive Features

  Speech recognition: Dremedia partnership with Quantel brings speech recognition to TV, film and the Web
  Speech recognition: Speaklink releases Speaklink Voice Application Server
  Voice portals: Preferred Voice and Indicast in alliance to offer voice accessed content
  eBusiness: Europe set to shape online economy
  Call Centres: Portrait Of A Virtual Contact Center
  Speech.com: Speech recognition firm Conversay halves payroll
  Voice Portals: Voice Portals at Doorstep of New Markets

  eNews: Good News, Bad News
  eCommerce: E-Commerce Still Growing, Despite Setbacks
  Multilingual search: Infoseek Germany To Close After T-Online Quits Venture

  Speech recognition: European First for hosted telephony-based speech recognition applications
  Multilinguality: Self-help vendor expands multilingual features
  Natural interactivity: Disabled surfers get boost from W3C
  Voice services: Audiopoint and Innovata Bring 160 Major Airports Direct to Your Phone
  Speech application +: Surgeons Here, Patient There
  Italy: Loquendo and VocalPoint Combine to Create a Leader in Voice Applications

  Speech.com: L&H's cash to last till December
  m-Commerce: Survey: Wireless Portals Merely Mini-Web
  Wired world: Connected Vending Machines Growing
  e-gov: U.K. Local E-Govt Catching On
  eContent: Digital Video Content Management for Broadcaster
  Speech markets: InterVoice-Brite announces increases in sales and earnings during second quarter
  Machine translation: Lionbridge and Sail Labs form strategic alliance to combine machine translation and workflow automation solutions
  L&H: Court may extend L&H bankruptcy protection

  eBusiness: Dotcoms 2001 - Adapting to survive
  Messaging: Nokia Joins Multimedia Messaging Scramble
  Speech standards: NetCentrex Delivers VoiceXML Media Server
  M-commerce: Post-Hype, M-Commerce Re-Assesses, Regroups, Refocuses
  R&D: R&D funding immune to fears of recession
  Multimedia messaging: Enhanced text messaging comes with a catch
  Speech.com: Belgium's Lernout & Hauspie wins over creditors
  Localisation: Create Customized Cards and Reports in Various Languages

  L&H: Lernout & Hauspie Scrambles To Save Core Biz
  Multilingual web: Microsoft aims to boost China Web presence
  Speech technology: Nuance Named One of Deloitte & Touche's "Fast 50"
  Speech applications: Wizzard Software To Incorporate Speech Recognition Using VoiceTools 7.0
  India wide web: Linux-based 'Simputer' Brings Low-Cost Tech to India
  Natural interactivity: Text messages developed for blind people in Italy
  Multilingual web: i-DNS.net Announces Cultural Awareness Initiative

  Multilinguality: Globalization and Translation
  Localization: Relating to Customers Around the World
  Speech applications: VoiceXML Browser Debuts At Comverse's User Forum
  Speech applications: The Limits of Voice and "Voice Portals"
  Localisation: German Viag Interkom to provide location-based services

  Natural interaction: Ask Jeeves Searches For Next Big Thing
  eCommerce: Germany - Online Sales Grow by More Than 50 percent

  Speech synthesis: New speech synthesis software for English, Finnish and Swedish from Lingsoft Inc.
  Speech markets: BaBel Technologies acquires Infovox
  Speech markets: Nuance Launches Japanese Subsidiary
  Speech applications: Syntellect Launches Solutions Consulting Group
  Speech.com: L&H recovers power of speech recognition

  eBusiness: Robust growth expected for eBusiness globalization support applications and cross-language software markets
  Globalization: MULTILIZER® First to Support Globalization of Symbian EPOC Software
  Voice recognition: India's TechSpan teams for voice recognition
  Multilingual web: Why Don't Government Sites Speak Your Language?
  Speech applications: Speech recognition transforms online gaming
  Study: Telematics Set to Shift Into High Gear
  Search technology: Ask Jeeves to Acquire Teoma Technologies
  Multilingual web: Euro Website With Multilingual Content Management

  Speech applications: Speech recognition transforms online gaming
  Globalization: ExpertEyes enables IT expansion across Europe through software globalization services
  Translation tools: TRADOS announces licensing deal with Microsoft
  Multilingual web: SDL deal speaks volumes
  Speech application: Speech and Software Technologies launches 'TelEmail'
  eContent: This Article Cannot Be Read Aloud

  Natural Interactivity: Handwritten E-Mail Solution for Pocket PCs in Beta
  Speech technology: L&H May Declare Bankruptcy
  R&TD: Eureka! I.B.M. Develops Labs With Profits
  eCommerce: Five Million Brits Sign Onto E-Banking - Report

  Speech recognition: Voice Signal Technologies Demonstrates Large-Vocabulary Speech Recognition
  R&TD: Microsoft shows off research efforts - take #2

  Haptics: Researchers tout touchy-feely technology

  Translation: Skeptics growl over dog translator
  Speech recognition: Less than 40% of U.S. mobile 'phone users prefer it to touch-tone
  Speech applications: BeVocal showcases next-generation voice services
  Speech recognition: Voice Signal Technologies, Inc demonstrates E.L.V.I.S for handhelds
  eContent: WH Smith Embraces Electronic Books In U.K.
  Translation tools: DTB announces new advanced SGML services
  eContent: The Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
  eCommerce: Study - No Threat Yet From Online Banking
  R&TD: Microsoft shows off research goodies

  eContent: In search of the killer app
  eContent: Content Partners With Portal Technology
  AI: The next frontier of CRM
  Multilinguality: UbiQ to use FastForward's EPIC package for e-commerce
  Next Gen messaging: Vodafone Of Sweden And Comverse Conduct A Joint Trial Of Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

  Multilinguality: Broadcast Text in new Canal+ deal
  Translation tools: Transit Satellite PE downloadable free from STAR
  Natural interactivity: BORG Instruments to Deliver an Innovative Automobile Navigation System
  Speech applications: Speech-enabled customer relationship management
  Voice services: Gemini Voice Solutions Distributes Voice Software and Applications
  Voice services: Enid Cellular Launches Preferred Voice's Voice Dialing Services

  Globalising eCommerce: ECCMA membership works together to translate universal e-commerce code
  Multilingual interface: Multiple-Language Handwriting Recognition for Pocket PCs

  eContent: Microsoft e-book security in doubt
  Report: Only six per cent of world online, but Europe is fast growing area
  Localisation: Novo Nordisk keeps web content up-to-date in every language

  Multiligual web: Zuji Asia-Pacific travel site closer to takeoff
  Multliligual web: Advanced Language Translation Inc. acquires Multilingual Microsite™

  Speech applications: IBM's Voice Recognition Portfolio Supports Office XP

  eCommerce: Mobile devices open access to enterprise
  Globalization: Enabling XML documents for globalization
  Localization: Bowne & Co. completes transaction to combine Bowne Global Solutions and Mendez S.A.
  Localization: SDL International introduces comprehensive SDL localization suite
  Voice services: ASR provider set to Merge With a E-Commerce Company
  vCommerce: Scitec Spin-Off In Good Voice

  People: Michael L. Dertouzos, 64, Computer Visionary, Dies
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks Garners Industry Accolades
  Multilingual web: Chinese website heads for Disneyland
  Voice services: Eircom Wins Call Centre Contracts Worth IEP10 million

  Multilingual web: ALSTOM ESCA and Glides, Inc. power up multilingual web site
  Speech markets: Next up for IBM solution providers: wireless, voice recognition, CRM
  Natural interfaces: Greater Accessibility To UK's Royal Mail Online Offering
  eGovernment: Government starts with E
  Mobile web: Cell phones and cars don't mix

  Mobile applications: NEXIQ Technologies and Fonix Corporation Enable Telematics Applications
  Voice services: Voice Microsoft Exchange Server Unveiled
  Mobile Web: Danish-Dutch Joint Venture brings Wireless Hotmail Access to Europe

  R&TD: Seeing and Understanding Sound
  R&TD: It's Not What You Say, But How You Say It
  mContent: Multimedia messages take on email
  Standards: Let Voice XML Speak

  Multilingual web: Rich Content For Global Health

  eContent: E-Textbooks Offer Light Reading

  Voice services: Preferred Voice Install Backlog Now Exceeding $10 Million
  Speech recognition: Uncertain future for speech recognition
  Voice services: Catalog Retailers Choose NetByTel for Phone-to-Web Ordering

  Multilingual web: Globalsight and Day form strategic partnership to deliver multilingual content
  Natural interactivity: Working on a Unified Code for 'LOL' or :)
  Standard solutions: Nuance Brings Speech Recognition to VoIP Market
  Multilingual web: "Simputer" aims to bring web across India
  Speech recognition: Syntellect Introduces First Speech Guarantee

  Text-to-speech: L&H RealSpeak Software Kit available now
  Speech applications: Net2Phone Adds More VoiceXML Support
  Localisation: The Guide to Translation and Localization — Preparing Products for the Global Marketplace
  Natural interactivity: These Ideas Make a Lot of Senses
  Voice services: Coversay To Provide Voice Access to MS Exchange
  Speech application: Voice-activated car phone launched in US
  UN Report: Finland, the world's most technologically advanced country

  Speech application: Voice analyzer tells police who's fibbing
  Speech technology: Speech technology grows up
  Speech applications: Edify and SpeechWorks team to provide speech-enabled CRM systems
  Text-to-speech: AT&T's text reader works to make machines sound human
  mCommerce: Report - Be Skeptical of M-Commerce Studies

  Speech application: Plantronics speaks easy to Microsoft
  Speech application: ART technology chosen for new Matsushita mobile phone
  Telematics: Study - North American Telematics Market Worth $7B by 2007
  Globalisation: SDL Sees Strong Growth as Companies Globalize

  eCommerce IPR: Oracle Acquires 'Seminal' E-Commerce Patent

  eContent: IDC selects ArchiText as eGlobalization innovator
  Speech application: Accounting for speech recognition
  Multilinguality: EU builds army of interpreters to understand new members
  Mobile services: Study - In-Car Net to Grow Rapidly
  Speech-to-text: One Voice Tests Mobile Speech Messaging
  Machine translation: Handheld device promises instant translation
  L&H: Belgian Court approves Bowne acquisition of Mendez

  Voice recognition: Actress's voice resonates with 7 Million MSN users
  Speech recognition: HAL 2001 Is Ready to Take Your Order
  Speech applications: Voxeo joins Siebel Alliance Program as Platform Partner
  Speech applications: VoiceGenie and MessageVine team up in voice-enabled instant messaging
  ASR: Big names talk up voice recognition
  Speech applications: Teloquent Adds Speech Rec

  Speech applications: Voice-controlled ops on the way
  Voice Portals: Spoken hype rather than typed hype?
  Virtual worlds: Pulse™ pioneers “Virtual Cloning” solution
  Text-to-speech: Hivocal and Fonix cross license Chinese and English TTS offerings
  Speech applications: ThinkEngine partners with Telica to provide advanced telecom services
  Text-to-speech: Active Voice announces license agreement with Lernout & Hauspie

  Dial "M" for ?: Yugoslavs develop mobile phone gun
  Multilingual web: Chinese site aids multi-language access
  XML solutions: Alis Integrates IBM Websphere Into own online application suit

  Multilingualism: Linguistic battle at the European Commission
  Speech recognition: Gates shows how 'artificial intelligence' is not so smart
  Barking mad?: Dog Device 'Translates' Barks
  Speech applications: Speech recognition tops call center wish list
  Standardisation: IBM Pushes VoiceXML Standardization with Speech Toolkit
  Speech.com: L&H Chief Says Buyers in Sight

  L&H: L&H can't make it past October
   d-Commerce: Disposable Cell Phones To Debut Soon
  Voice portals: Voice Insures Mobile Data Success

  Multilingual web: Think globally, act locally
  SoftWear: Wearable Computers Replace Laptops
  Speech interface: The wireless world will be voice-activated
  RTD: Speech Recognition - down-to-earth A.I.
  mCommerce: M-Commerce Breakthrough: Parking Meters
  Speech interface: 'Give Me a Coke and A Ring Tone'
  mCommerce: Oracle Follows Voice Plans with Wireless Apps
  Natural interactivity: Iris recognition CAN work

  L&H: First authorisation for the sale of Mendez
  Speech applications: VoiceGenie and VoxSurf announce first VoiceXML-based unified messaging solution
  mCommerce: Clickmarks Adds Multilingual Capabilities
  Machine translation: The Gist of Translation
  mCommerce: Eircell Launches Online CRM With Point
  K9 communication: Japanese boffins offer paws for thought
  Text-to-Speech: Deutsche Telekom and Bogen Give SMS a Voice

  Multilingual web: Lycos Set to Launch Russian-Language Site
  Speech research: Avaya Spearheads Speech Recognition Research
  Localisation: Translators go beyond language as Web sites cross borders
  Speech applications: Big Blue: Talk with a Web Site Via Phone
  Speech applications: Edify to Integrate SpeechWorks OpenSpeech Recognizer for CRM system
  Language.com: Ask Jeeves Reduces Net Loss in Second Quarter

  Speech applications: Travelocity.com implements InterVoice-Brite Speech Recognition to enhance e-Commerce
  Voice portals: Motorola Adds SpeechWorks' Text-to-Speech to Extend Voice Platform Functionality
  Voice services: Netonomy and Nuance to Deliver Voice-Enabled e-Care and e-Commerce
  Voice services: Voice portal 'humanizes' Net ordering by phone

  Speech applications: Playstation 2 does speech
  L&H: Bowne & Co. Signs a Definitive Agreement to Purchase Mendez S.A.
  Speech application: Siebel Systems releases voice-enabled app
  Speech application: Red Circle launches new speech recognition e-mail service

  Speech applications: Telephonetics introduces 'virtual operator' system
  Speech applications: Oracle Adding Voice Access To Products

  Voice Services: Siemens wins Ford voice deal
  Speechless: Wireless Net: Convenience vs. annoyance
  Speech applications: Siebel Claims CRM First With Voice Recognition

  Speech applications: Voice portal technology lives on
  Speech applications: Edify to integrate SpeechWorks OpenSpeech Recognizer
  eBusiness: Omnexus Pioneers Collaborative and Multicultural Commerce Capabilities
  Speech platforms: Nokia announces general availability of IntegraX v.6.2
  Speech applications: AT&T salivates over text-to-speech
  Speech.com: L&H Receives Higher Bid for Mendez in Auction
  mCommerce: Study: M-Commerce Not Yet Ready

  Localisation: LISA announces new industry professional membership program
  Speech applications: Siebel Jumps into Voice-App Fray
  Speech synthesis: AT&T Labs launches Natural Voices
  Speech technology: eDevice Announces First Voice-Enabled Internet Modem for VoIP/Internet Telephones
  eCommerce: SignalSoft Selected by Orange UK for Nationwide Location-based Information Services
  eContent: Is The Internet Becoming A Commercial Directory?
  Speech technology: Design Innovation Allows Mixing Speech and Touchtone

  Speech.com: HearMe silenced by industry turmoil
  SpeechWear: Wearable computing comes off the peg
  Voice services: Filanet and TDC Tele Danmark Demonstrate a New, Advanced ADSL Product
  Speech tech: L&H Speech Products Signs Further Distribution and Reseller Agreements
  Speech platforms: Motorola to private label Verascape VoiceXML speech platform
  Speech applications: Visteon Corporation and SpeechWorks partner in speech applications in vehicles and other devices

  Speech tech: Voice Speech Platform Talks Its Way Into Market
  Multilingual Web: Websites in any tongue
  Voice services: Revived technology of voice portals is humming along

  Speech markets: VOX2001 reveals a voice and wireless community focused on ROI, real-world convergence and perfecting the consumer experience
  mCommerce: Study: M-Commerce Still Set to Thrive
  Voice services: Visual Data Corporation Teams Up with Nuance
  Localisation: Greek Ministry of Education uses localised MSC.Software to Teach Physics in Schools
  Speech.com: Software Magazine Ranks TRADOS as one of the Top Software Companies

  Language Technologies: Brainhat Introduces Natural Language Operating System
  mCommerce: Nine out of ten WAP sites fail usability test
  Voice services: TeleDanmark Chooses InterVoice-Brite for Next Generation Customer Service Bureau
  Speech technology: Nuance Developer Network reaches 10,000 members
  Globalisation & localisation: IDC predicts aggressive growth in services
  Localisation: RWS Group debuts Localization Tools Suite
  Speech synthesis: Handspring's Visor speaks

  Speech RTD: EU's Cencioni Works to Ease Growing Pains of Tech Firms
  mCommerce: Palm On Your Wristwatch?
  Infomercial: Website Translation involves more than language
  Speech technology: Microsoft wants your voice

  eBusiness: A2i selects Inxight's LinguistX platform to enhance keyword search within its electronic product catalogs
  Speech application: InterVoice-Brite Technology Powers Turkey's First Speech Recognition System
  Speech technology: SimplySay Endorses SpeechWorks' OpenSpeech Technologies
  Speechless: L&H Bastiaens' U.S. bankruptcy filing dismissed
  Text messaging: IM grows up

  Low Tech: Power of speech makes a comeback
  Speech applications: Nuance Speech Rec Powers Cisco's Personal Assistant
  Speech applications: L&H in speech licence agreement with Orange

  eCommerce: Multilingual B2B – An ROI Story
  Speech standards: New technology gives Web a voice
  Speech applications: Lip Service
  Speech applications: Voice Recognition Software Helping Dyslexics
  Speech applications: VeriSign plans to set up voice-activated telephone registry

  Speech applications: Voice portals becoming viable way to automate customer service
  Speech tech: Speech recognition enters the mainstream
  Speech applications: A program that speaks your language
  SpeechWear: Vocollect Unveils Voice-Directed Wearable Computer

  Speech recognition: Nuance transforms telephone banking for over half a million UBS customers
  Speech applications: SpeechWorks unveils VoiceXML-based Speech App
  eDverts: 24/7 T0 Offer Voice-Enabled advertising Via eStara
  Speech devices: ArialPhone Voice-Controlled Earset
  Natural Language interface: Schwab taps natural-language search engine

  Speech applications: VoiceGenie ships SpeechGenie™ 1.0 package
  eContent: UniSite Web Center 2.0 solves multilingual web site content control
  Localisation: Magic announces new internet-based self service desk
  eCommerce: First Zulu language e-commerce site launched
  Voice interaction: Ford Motor Company Expands Telematics Offerings
  Speech platforms: Verascape releases VeraServ™ turnkey speech platform
  Speech technology: InterVoice-Brite integrates SpeechWorks' OpenSpeech Recognizer

  MT: Pickuphone Unveils Hands-Free Mobile Gadget
  eCitizen: Online Consumers Now the Average Consumer
  eSpeak: Redefining the Oxford dictionary

  mCommerce: Those On The Go Trade Notebooks For Handhelds
  Voice services: Innovata to Provide Travel Data for Interactive Voice Applications

  Speech applications: Delphi Automotive Systems Offers Hands-Free Products To Help Minimize Distractions
  Multilingual web: From Spanish to Urdu - New Search Feature Allows Users To find Physicians Who Speak Their Language
  eBusiness: Siebel Systems Selects Fonix to Voice-Enable its eBusiness Applications
  Speech applications: Speech Application Designer Wizzard to Support Microsoft's SAPI
  MT: TRADOS Translation Software In South Africa

  Multilingual tools: Multilingual E-mail Client Gets Performance Improvements
  Speech applications: Psion Teklogix Launches Converse Speech-Based Logistics Solution
  Natural interactivity: Search Engine Offers Natural Language Searching
  Multilingual tools: Psion Releases Chinese Language PDA

  Voice services: Viztel to install Speech*Junction for client
  Voice services: Cisco funds voice-activated Web software developer
  Speech: Struggling L&H sells translation subsidiary

  mCommerce: Multi-Language Microbrowser Unveiled
  Speech synthesis: The voice of the National Weather Service
  eContent: Bertelsmann and Inxight to Provide Multilingual Products for data visualization

  eContent: US Grants program bearing fruit
  Speech applications: GM's OnStar to purchase speech software from SpeechWorks
  Speech: L&H founders freed pending trial

  L&H: Lionbridge Technologies to Acquire Mendez from L&H
  New Economy: LexiQuest Named One of Europe's Top 100 Private Companies

  eCommerce: European eCommerce: the future is multi-channel
  Localisation: Media `localization' difficult to implement
  MT: TRADOS Translation Technology helps cut costs

  Multilinguality: Zi manages multilingual interface for ASE Telecom
  Multilinguality: Chrystal and ALPNET to Provide Multilingual Content Management Solutions
  Multilinguality: Bilingualism and multilingualism in globalization: Issues & directions
  Multinguality: Multilingual Insurance Reference Site
  EU Policy: EU Council Backs Net Snooping

  e-Commerce: Lastminute.com in Top 10 European Site Survey
  Multilingual web: WorldSkip Expands International Marketplace
  EU Policy: EU Mandates Internet In Every Home

  Localisation: Palm gets new Thai dialect
  Speech tech: Speech technology grows more sophisticated
  Voice services: Odigo calls for phone-based IM

  L&H: Lernout's ex-chiefs still in custody
  Speech tech: IBM ramps up speech technology products and research
  Speech: Voice recognition becoming fluent
  Speech interface: SpeechWorks Provides Credit Lyonnais With Real-time Access to Financial Information

  Multilingual web: Google in Your Language
  Speech interface: Merriam-Webster Adds Audio Pronunciations to Its Site
  Globalisation: Six Tips for Making Your Web Site Global-Friendly
  Voice Portals: Nuance Powers Voice Portal for Telemar, Brazil's Largest Telecommunications Provider
  e-Commerce: Global treaty could transform Web

  Multilingual web: Microsoft, Telmex to buy Yupi, Spanish language Internet site
  Future tech: Robot Technology Marches Forward

  Machine translation: MT Summit VIII list of accepted papers online
  Multilingual web: Microsoft, RealNames, VeriSign Aid Multilingual Surfing
  eContent: Localization and Synergy Among Top AOL/TW Global Expansion Strategies
  Speech markets: Halle to quit as Vocalis chief
  Portals: Google works on the future of web searching
  Machine Translation: Export site links with translation provider
  Machine translation: What's Next: Roaming the World With a Translator in Your Pocket
  Localisation: MULTILIZER ships software for globalizing Palm OS
  Multimodal interaction: Game Simulations for the Military Try to Make an Ally of Emotion
  Machine translation: News in a Huge Grinder of Translation

  eEurope: EU extends eEurope initiative to eastern states
  Portals: Lycos Europe claims highest European reach
  L&H: Blow to rescue plan
  IST Programme: New initiative on 2.5 & 3G mobile applications and services
  Speech technology: Voice Toolkit for Devices Unveiled
  Standards: The Voice of XML
  Multilingual web: Google Deploys Basis Technology for Asian Language Support
  eContent: Telekom Austria Subsidiary Jet2Web Internet Launches New Portal

  eContent: BBC launches Dubai partnership
  EC: Commission approves IDA 2001 work programmes
  Localisation: Japanese software houses tie up for online games; Target North America, Asia
  Localisation: Lionbridge to localise Oracle University courseware
  Speech: Lernout & Hauspie subsidiary close to sale
  Multilinguality: The Tower of Babel Is Crumbling
  Machine translation: think3 Selects iLanguage To Provide Dynamic Web Translation
  eBusiness: What are the best countries for Internet business?

  Multilingual web: Microsoft introduces server software for mobile, multilingual web services
  Speech resources: 2000 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation Corpus available from The Linguistic Data Consortium
  Speech applications: Speech Recognition - Killer App For Mobile Financial Services
  Standards: Voice Navigation Having Its Say In Mobile Future
  eBusiness: Strategis Group Releases 'Next Generation European Wireless' Study

  Voice portals: Voice Portals Begin to Look Less Like the Ugly Sister
  Speech technology: TI Speechless
  Speech technology: The Digital Signal Processor Derby

  Speech interface: Wireless Internet Pendulum Swinging Back To Voice?
  Speech interface: Do you recognise the voice?
  Multilingual web: Multilingual Content Syndication
  e-Legislature: E-signatures pave the way across Europe

  Mobile applications: M-Commerce Hype Exceeds Reality
  Multilinguality: Smart money goes multilingual
  Speech.com: Investors flee as Vocalis losses soar
  Speech technology: Next Generation Voice Technology for New Jaguar

  Voice portal: AT&T gives voice to wireless Web
  Speech technology: Sensory and TI sign speech processor deal
  Localisation: ALPNET launches worldwide seminar tour
  Text mining:: AltaVista to launch new enterprise search software

  EC: 142 more language projects unveiled
  eContent: SDL introduces new version of SDLFlow software
  eCommerce: Cisco invests more in Net2Phone venture
  Technology: Intel unveils super-fast chip

  EC: European 'safer Internet' site hit by hackers
  Speech interface: Headsets, speakerphones, voice recognition make it safer to drive and dial
  Speech interface: Auto firms eye voice-activated gadgets

  Voice services: Content Delivery Meets Voice
  Speech interface: Say good bye to your browser as computers learn to converse

  Speech recognition: First Europe Based Voice XML Applications Hosting Service
  eBusiness: Amacis Visibility Breaks the Language Barrier
  eBusiness: E-Biz Speaks in Many Tongues
  eContent: Microsoft ties XP to the Web
  Speech.com: Lernout's Davignon quits one month after appointment
  Speech application: Voice Meets IM

  Speech markets: ASR And TTS Follow The Money
  Speech applications: Nuance and Jabber.com team to provide voice instant messaging solutions
  Multilingual web: English losing clout as language on Web
  Speech applications: Full-Feature UK Voice Portal Debuts
  eContent: E-Books Out of Print Already?

  Speech applications: InternetSpeech inks deal with TranslationWave to provide language translation
  Lernout & Hauspie: L&H wins right to restructure
  Patents: AT&T Sues Microsoft Over Voice Recognition Patent
  Speech applications: Automatic speech recognition: Taking humans out of the reservations loop
  Natural language: Ask Jeeves Launches NL Navigation Services in Japan

  Translation: TRADOS brings HumanTranslations to your desktop
  Speech research: Computer aid for speech disorders
  Web enabled: Intelligent appliances strive for consumer recognition
  Speech applications: Talk to me - Speech recognition hits the corporation

  Speech applications: Speech technology goes mobile

  Speech: Lernout & Hauspie Announces Appointment of new President and COO of Dictaphone Corporation
  Talking web: Text-to-speech programs improve

  Speech wear: XYBERNAUT® and Texas Instruments developing speech recognition for wearables
  eContent: Software AG and Tridion in content management solution
  Speech recogintion: Microsoft Office XP to include speech recognition

  Speech synthesis: The accent is on sounding natural
  Multilingual web: GlobalSight to hold inventive global ebusiness 'webinars'
  eContent: iLanguage launches new global multi-language content syndication service
  Speech wear: Xybernaut's Next Gen Wearable Unveiled
  Text-to-speech: Did You Hear That E-Mail I Sent You?
  Speech applications: WAP with one word - Samsung tries harder

  Speech technologies: Conversay and QUALCOMM to Embed Speech Technology Onto CDMA
  Speech technology: Xybernaut, TI Not Speechless Over Deal
  Speechless: Former Lernout & Hauspie chief arrested

  Lernout & Hauspie: Shareholders group propose recovery plan

  Lernout & Hauspie: U.S. arrests ex-CEO
  Speech products: Philips launches speech recognition products in India
  Multilinguality: New handheld aims to bridge digital divide
  Speech applications: Envox partners with SpeechWorks in advanced text-to-speech solution
  Localisation: EverQuest goes multilingual

  Speech.com: NetByTel's $18.1M round led by Lazard
  Speech applications: West Debuts Speech Recognition Platform
  Speech applications: The power of voice
  Multilingual web: European Travel Site Eurotrotter Offers Language Filter

  Voice services: Sprint Begins Voice-Activated E-mail
  Market Survey: Speech Recognition
  Voice services: BeVocal Introduces Platform for Enhanced Services
  Speech: Troubled Lernout may offer creditors shares in new firm

  Speech: Lernout & Hauspie proposes forming new company
  Text processing: Document clipping with annotation
  Multilingual web: Procter & Gamble to use room 33 for Product Launch

  Speech applications: ThinkEngine Partners With Nuance to Deliver Speech Solutions
  Speech products: Force Releases DECtalk Text-to-Speech Software for 6 Languages
  Localisation: eTranslate releases latest version of GlobalLink
  Speech: Speaking up for future of voice-controlled systems
  Speech applications: Net2Phone Announces Voice Dialing Services

  Speech applications: Contact Centers Make Room For Speech Recognition
  Speech markets: Speech Recognition Markets Show Promise
  Speech products: Nuance Expands Global Product Line

  eContent: English-only a mistake for U.S. sites
  Speech application: Study Shows Iris Recognition Technology is Superior Among Biometrics
  Speech technologies: L&H Speech Products Reaches Agreement With Sail Labs
  Speech interface: A voice-activated TV remote that doesn't hear so well

  Speech applications: Latest Technology for the Voice Web At 4th Annual V-World Conference
  Speech technology: L&H Announces New Approach for Mobile Speech Recognition
  Applications & Markets: Europe's 5 rising tech stars
  Multilingual web: Mondosoft unveils MondoSearch 4.1
  Speech applications: Nuance expands global product line

  Speech applications: E-Plus introduces EVA, its new voice assistant
  Speech technology: Philips Extends Voice Recognition Vocabulary to More Than One Million Words
  eContent: Outsell launches European content study
  eContent: British Airways finds a new interactive partner
  Europe.com: Europe challenges US web dominance

  eContent: eBook Reader 2.1 released
  Speech applications: VDS Partners with SpeechWorks to Deliver Speech Solutions to Enterprise and Service Provider Customers
  Speech: TellMe, MagicPhone Merge in Voice App Union
  Translation tools: TRADOS 5 launched

  eBusiness: European internet market turning the corner?
  Speech applications: Giving voice recognition a map and compass

  Speech technology: VoxMail Text To Speech Application Goes Live On Belgium's Largest Wireless Network
  Multilingual web: The Language of the Web

  Speech applications: Companies Partner to Offer Voice Access to Enterprise Data
  Speech applications: Smart Wheelchairs Will Ease Many Paths
  Europe.com: Are Europe’s Startups Too Expensive?
  Speech application: Voice-driven Mobile Messaging Unveiled
  Speech technology: Webversa Creates Voice Access Appliance
  Multilingual web: Bowne Global Solutions and GlobalSight form strategic alliance

  Multilinguality: A 'stateless' language that Europe should embrace?
  Speech technology: Lucent and Sound Advantage to Incorporate ASR in their products
  Speech wear: Wearable computing: More than geek chic

  Natural Interactivity: Automotive On-Board Information Service to Run On Conversation Server
  Natural Interactivity: Motorola Releases iSKETCH
  NL applications: Gauss Introduces Natural-Language Personalization Engine
  Speech technology: Philips Unveils its New Speech Recognition Chip
  Localisation: New IDC program explores globalization and localization services industry

  Multilinguality: Cross-cultural training can elevate your bottom line
  Speech applications: Speech-Enabling Your IVR: Worthwhile?
  Speech applications: TelePaq to License VerbalTek's Speech Recognition software

  Speech applications: When any old app won't do
  Speech technology: L&H pair to spend extra month in jail

  Speech markets: SpeechWorks Recruits Wireless Veteran to Drive European Growth
  Speech technology: Nuance's Say Anything Says A Lot
  Machine Transaltion: Systran aims to translate SMEs into customers
  Speech technology: Gold Systems to Provide VoiceXML-Based Speech-Driven Solutions
  Speech market: CGI Group is predicting a boom in speech-enabled software

  Multilingual web: Plumtree Ships Internationalized Portal With Eight Languages

  Localisation: Prolyphic Globalization Solutions Company Announced
  Speech technology: Lucent Speech Server wins award
  ePublishing: You Write, They Edit, iPublish
  Multilingual web: Search engine developer Mondosoft lands $3.6 million investment

  Speech application: InfoTalk Provides Phone-based Horse Racing Results
  eContent: Watermark to protect natural language electronic documents

  Speech applications: Preferred Voice and Comporium to Offer Multiple Voice Recognition Services
  Translation: Translations.com Raises $2.5 Million

  Speech: Lernout & Hauspie founders jailed
  Speech: Lernout & Hauspie put up for sale

  Speech applications: Intraco Receives $3 Million in Financing for Speech Services
  Speech: Lernout founders reject auditor's report
  Multilingual web: Foreign language email queries pose problems
  Speech applications: Voice Net System Coming to Japan

  Multilingual web: Web to speak callers' language
  Multilingual web: Sybase Adds Translation Server to its Portal Manager
  Speech: Lernout Asks Prosecutors to Investigate Former Korean Head
  Multilingual web: International Web Sites Demand Translations
  Speech technology: L&H Korea files for bankruptcy protection and files complaint against former employees
  Multilinguality: Email is double Dutch to UK firms

  Translation tools: Advanced Language Translation Announces Partnership With E-Merge Strategies
  Speech applications: Conversations With The Machine
  eContent: translations.com closes first round of institutional financing
  eContent: Uniscape launches in Europe

  Speech application: Atlas Cold Storage to Integrate SyVox SpeechNet Logistics
  Speech application: INVESCO Funds Introduces Speech Recognition Service
  eContent: Systran revenue up 23.6% in first quarter 2001
  Multilingual web: VeriSign to offer domain names in over 350 languages

  Speech technology: Speech Recognition Getting Faster, Better & Cheaper
  Speech awareness: Industry Leading Panelists for Global Speech Day Event - May 2, 2001
  Speech applications: Telematics Set for Big Euro Growth

  Speech applications: In-Car Comm Systems to Explode
  Speech applications: Conversay, Mobile Mutant to Provide Voice-Driven Applications For Mobile Devices
  Speech technology: New Speech Recognition Technology to Hit Market
  Speech application: SpeechWorks Launches Bilingual, Speech-Activated Flight Information System

  Speech awareness: Global Speech Day
  Speech application: Speech Recognition Application for Home Decor Industry

  Speech application: Intel climbs into the driver's seat
  Speech technology: Israeli firm claims breakthrough with computer speech

  eCommerce: Clarus selects ALPNET as localization partner
  Speech application: PipeBeach delivers the world’s first VoiceXML voice portal to Europolitan Vodafone

  Speech recognition: Boom Predicted For Speech-Recognition Software
  Speech application: InfoSpace Liason speech-based technology solution to be distributed in Europe by Datapulse
  eCommerce: Ariba expands capabilities of its global B2B network
  eContent: Documentum delivers first comprehensive global content management infrastructure

  eContent: EUTELSAT in Open-Sky initiative: its new platform for rich multimedia content and high-speed internet
  eContent: Broekmate to lead roll-out of enterprise-scale globalization technology
  eContent: TRADOS enhances J.D. Edwards' Enterprise Content Manager

  eContent: Telefonica plans asset swap with Bertelsmann

  Speech application: L&H report slams accounting fraud in Korean unit
  Machine translation: Google adds machine translation feature
  Speech application: Microsoft to license SpeechWorks Speechify engine

  Machine translation: Online translation portal traffic: Softissimo & Reverso
  Machine translation: Softissimo releases new bi-directional language pairs for Reverso

  eContent: European content syndication talk

  Mobile commerce: VerbalTek offers multimodal speech access to the mobile internet
  eBusiness: eTranslate helps Asera deliver multilingual eBusiness solutions

  Standards: Speech recognition heads to Web via XML

  Multilinguality: 1 billion people, 18 constitutional languages, 10 scripts, over 1650 dialects - HLT in India
  eContent: SDL International partners with Vignette to provide seamless delivery of multi-language websites

  Natural language understanding: Making Search Engines Speak Naturally

  Multilingual web: Web portal translates English to Malay
  Multilingual web: Al-Bawaba continues to grow: offers country localization, new services

  eCommerce: US will lose global eCommerce stronghold

  Speech application: Voice Signal Announces Voice Dialing With Continuous Digit Recognition for Mobile Phones and Handheld Computers
  Award: Government Computer News Announces Best New Technology Award Winners at FOSE 2001
  eCommerce: Say it. Buy it!: Nuance and Qpass Team to Offer Voice-driven Commerce Services To Wireless Carriers
  Speech application: Voice Applications Will Generate $41 Billion in Worldwide Revenue by 2005
  eContent: Lionbridge and Documentum demonstrate multilingual content management

  Speech application: IRS (US) to Provide New Speech Services for Taxpayers
  Technology integration: Cisco to Integrate Nuance Speech Recognition Into AVVID Product Line
  Speech application: SpeechWorks Advances Multimodal Access on Wireless Devices

  Mobile application: Europe Gets Real Time Traffic Information Service on WAP
  Medical application: Dictation Recording & Transcription into Handheld Devices
  eCommerce: Speaking the Language of E-Internationalisation
  Machine translation: GIST-IN-TIME® offers French and German pivot languages
  eContent: Content has to pay and broadband is opening the door
  Speech application: Pixo and Conversay partner in mobile speech recognition

  EU Policy: Can EU Narrow Trans-Atlantic Tech Gap?
  Speech application: Symbol to Resell Vocollect's Voice Recognition Products
  Speech application: Prairie Systems Teams With Nuance To Improve Telephone-Based Customer Service
  Natural interaction: In-car Net access ready to hit the road

  eContent: Oxford University Press gets global content management
  Speech application: Conversant Taps Into Nuance Speech Recognition
  Natural interaction: LIPSinc is ''Hot'' at eCRM/Spring Internet World 2001

  Speech applications: Nuance enables the first completely voice-driven wireless phone
  Speech applications: Flanders Startups Abandon Ship

  Machine Translation: Oracle Teams With Systran to Provide Machine Translation Services to Oracle.com
  Speech applications: Edify Opens Speech Solutions Center in the Boston Area

  Localisation: ALPNET wins localisation contract with Intuition

  Translation tools: TRADOS announces launch of TRADOS 5

  NLP application: Udate.com Pushes Internet Dating With Natural Language Search
  eContent: Bertelsmann set for showdown with Autonomy
  Machine translation: Alis to provide services for IBM WebSphere Translation Server

  Speech applications: L&H plans break with the past

  Data Security: Elva Grants VocaliD Distributorship to VNC
  eContent: E-ink for e-Content

  Voice Portal: Indicast and Centennial Wireless Launch Voice Portal Service
  Language Tools: Inxight Ships LinguistX Platform and Summarizer With Asian Language Support
  eContent: E-Books Are Now on the Shelf

  Multilinguality: VeriSign joins multilingual domain name party

  Multilingual web: Tucows offers multilingual domain name registration service

  Mobile applications: Driving While Internet - application ripe for speech?

  Multilingual web: Speednames launches multilingual domain name service

  Speech applications: L&H gets 66 million euro cash injection
  Mobile applications: Fonix Develops Speech Technology Solution for Cellular Phone Manufacturers
  eCommerce: Thrifty and SpeechWorks Bring Speech Recognition to car rental

  Speech applications: PipeBeach launches complete VoiceXML service suite for mobile operators

  eContent: Wearable Computers Get Web Content

  eCommerce: Location-Based Directory Assistance Platform Launched

  eContent: Bots to Deliver Content to Net Devices

  Machine translation: SDL buys into machine translation
  Multilingual web: GlobalSight to lead LISA web globalisation standards initiative

  Speech applications: 'Speech sight' system helps the visually handicapped to achieve better quality of life
  eCommerce: Wavemakers & ViaVis sign agreement for Voice Portals

  eCommerce: Comverse signs agreement with Nuance
  Financial Times Survey: Multilingual websites widen the way to a new online world
  Digital copyright: In Defense of Copyleft
  eContent: Alis Technologies and Versacom in multilingual content joint venture

  Speech applications: Autonomy starts to ship iVoice speech technology

  Machine translation: Systran expects healthy turnover increase in 2001

  Speech applications: Sprint PCS offers Voice Command

  Multilingual applications: Palm adds Arabic

  Speech standards: Voice Platform Gets WAP-Compliant

  Speech applications: Speech-Driven Wearable Device Developed

  eCommerce: Europe's web firms keep burning cash

  Multiligual Web: GlobalSight announces web globalisation seminars
  Speech applications: NowSpeed Introduces Email-By-Voice
  Speech applications: Net2Phone Unveils Speech Strategy

  Speech applications: Conversay and Xybernaut partner in speech-driven wearable computer
  Speech Technologies: Nuance announces Vocaliser and speech development lab in the UK
  eContent: Adobe's Novel Approach to E-Books
  Language learning: Computerized TOEFL challenges examinees

  eContent: ISyndicate Europe Takes Majority Share in nFactory
  Speech applications: L&H clean-up CEO resigns from the board
  eContent Legislation: European vote near on Net-era copyright law

  Automatic Translation: English translation set for Handspring's Visor
  Web translation: Glides speaks the many languages of e-commerce

  Localisation: Vignette Selects Lionbridge For Localization and Internationalization Services
  Speech applications: Conversay Speech Engine Drives Learning Applications on Linux PDA
  Speech applications: L&H chairman resigns
  Mobile Applications: DoCoMo to Launch European Version Of Its 'I-Mode' Wireless Web Service

  Speech Applications: GM's OnStar Unit Licenses Software From Nuance for In-Car Gadgets
  Speech Technology: Daimler Is Considering the Purchase Of Lernout Voice-Recognition Unit

  Speech applications: General Motors subsidiary licences Nuance's speech recognition software

  Solutions for the 70% of Internet Users That Don’t Speak English
  eContent: eTranslate launches web content localisation system

  Speech Technology: Voice recognition still selective
  Speech Applications: Ask Jeeves Reveals What Was on America's Mind in December 2000

  Speech applications: L&H to close South Korean unit
  Speech applications: L&H to close South Korean unit

  Terminology management: Bowne Global Solutions announces new online terminology management application
  Terminology management: Bowne Global Solutions announces new online terminology management application
  Speech Technology: IBM using software to break language barriers
  Machine translation: IBM unveils instant translation for online communications
  Machine translation: IBM unveils instant translation for online communications

  Speech applications: L&H to cut 1,200 jobs
  Speech applications: L&H to cut 1,200 jobs
  eServices: Voice services on Palm devices soon

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