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Development of a global online network offering localised eLearning content and services in the fashion and clothing sector - eTELESTIA


At present there is no direct competition in the area of eLearning provision for fashion and clothing with online training for accredited skills in fashion and clothing.

The business vision of eTelestia involves the development of a global multilingual online network for the provision of eLearning in fashion and clothing. The consortium will model business processes and secure business partnerships during the project phase in order to commercialise the localised eLearning products and services in the post-project phase.

Specific business goals include:

  • to establish 6 business partnerships for the global exploitation of the eTelestia products, i.e. one per partner country and/or language localised
  • to develop and run a sustainable business model for eTelestia for at least 1 year
  • to validate the business case and processes of eTelestia in terms of marketing strategy, business relationship models and agreements, business products and services, and market acceptance.

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