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Developing Innovative Network for Terminology - DINT/LEATHER INFOCODE

The three domains being addressed by the DINT-LEATHER INFOCODE project are:

  • the terminology of quality management and quality assurance
  • the terminology of terminology
  • the terminology of the leather industry.

The main focus of the project will be to produce a web-site and associated activities to assist the terminology work of international standards. At the end of 1997, one of the partners initiated the creation of a web site, qa9000, to unofficially support ISO/TC-176/SC1 in their revision of the Vocabulary for Quality Management and Quality Assurance, ISO 8402. The revision is taking place within the guidelines presented by the standards of ISO/TC 37. From this beginning, a vision has been created for the site, which has steadily expanded to the extent that the goals encompass most of the activities and actions expected by this call. A user group representing the leather industry is attached to DINT which will produce a multilingual thesaurus for this domain, which will both exploit the tools and concept of DINT and also give feedback on these issues.

The overall aim of DINT-LEATHER INFOCODE is to address serious problems of lack of networking and lack of co-ordinated high quality terminology development. At present most such developments are typically undertaken by individual experts and organisations in isolation from each other. Thus, the project aims to expand the scope, and accelerate the Development, of an Innovative Networkfor Terminology (DINT) that contributes significantly to the solution of such problems and provides a set of tools and services for terminology work, particularly in relation to national and international standards.

Specific objectives of DINT-LEATHER INFOCODE include:

  • to assist terminology workers who are, for the most part, separated by distance in providing tools and services that help their work to continue between meetings
  • to provide term-bank and encyclopaedic reference information that is permanently accessible from the web-site
  • to promote and assist terminology work that combines three elements: subject field expertise, terminology science and quality management
  • to promote and assist organisational quality management of information communication that includes terminology
  • to ensure that all who wish to become users of the web-site tools and services are provided with the appropriate assistance to do so and that multilingual needs are systematically addressed.

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