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Web-based Translators

Altavista Translator
A multiligual web-based translator and a good laugh, all bundled into one. Based on the Systran translation system
A more recent alternative to AltaVista's on-line translation service. Powered by the Enterprise Translation Server
InterTran (tm) - Internet Translator
A free web translation service that claims to translate single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages between an impressive number of language pairs (756!).
Linguatec Various Language tools - including vocabulary training, e-translation server, mobile translatiors, dictionaty - available from the one site.
Pertinence claims a 'first' for its online multilingual automatic text summarizer. Six European languages (FR, DE, EN, ES, IT and PT) are catered for, as well as Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic. Free registration in exchange for your e-mail address.
Reverso - on-line translation
Reverso provides a free on-line service between a number of language pairs (EN, FR, DE, ES). Plain text or a web page URL input
The original web translation engine (see also Altavista) available for translation between English and German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese plus a host of Asian languages. With Systranet.com, you can also translate your personal files and keep the formatting of the original documents

Worldlingo provides an on-line service between a large selection of language pairs, including simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian and a large selection of specialised language dictionaries. It uses the Systran translation engine.
Laurie's Links
A more comprehensive (albeit rather old) list of free on-line translator sites is maintained on the European Association of MT web site by Laurie Gerber

Natural Language Search Engines

Albert - intelligent language search
A flexible natural language search interface. This is a demonstrator of the Albert(TM) product
Applid Psychology Research (was Smartlogik)
Uses Smartlogik technologies to provide searching, indexing and categorisation solutions to businesses.
Ask Jeeves
"The original search engine with a natural language interface"
Fast Search
The multi-language web search facility is powered by alltheweb ('all the web, all the time'), with an impressive array of language options.

This highly polished search engine offers various multi-language search options, by-country search, translation service (beta) as well as special image and news search options.
Has an impressive array of natural language-based tools for knowledge management and data mining.
Invention Machine
A young Dutch company, spin-off of Delft University, with its offeringTwenty One in a Boxwhich promises a self-tailored cross-language search engine that straddles 6 languages.
Northern Light
Offers four categories of search - 'Simple', 'Power', 'Business' and 'Investext' options.


Acronym and Abbreviation Server
A web resource for all those TLA's Three Letter Abbreviations you could never figure out
An interactive reference and learning tool for German, including a meta-search across a number of dictionaries, and comprehensive descriptions of specific areas of German grammar, courtesy of canoo.com
The European Commission Multilingual Terminology Database
A Multilingual thesaurus covering the fields in which the European Communities are active.
Foreign Languages for Travellers
Interesting bookmark for your mobile communicator on your travels
LOGOS Dictionary
A useful family of dictionaries from LOGOS
One Look Dictionaries
A one-stop reference to on-line dictionaries of all sorts
A set of on-line tools comprising Thesaurus/Translator/Dictionary (including computing, rhyming and pronounciation dictionaries)
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Useful for the surfin' rapper in need of a quick rhyme
Visual Thesaurus
A visually appealing and unique approach to presenting the results of a word lookup. (Try online - then buy.)

Search for Dictionaries in most Languages

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