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EUROMAP eBusiness Task Force

EUROMAP seeks to target specific sectors with high application potential in order to encourage implementation and market take-up of Human Language Technologies.

As our final report points out, e-commerce is set to grow globally, and that since this involves the creation, display and exchange of dynamic information there will be a growing need for human language technologies in a number of vital areas.

Since the majority of actions in any successful electronic business transaction involve some form of communication, it is inevitable that human language plays a role, just as it has throughout the history of commerce.

The supreme reason for deploying some form of HLT in of e-commerce is the fact that customers are more likely to navigate their way through the web interface, product information and a commercial transaction if they can do so in their own language.

Multilinguality - the capacity to display, search and process multiple languages - is a basic ingredient of global e-commerce. This is particularly important in Europe with its vast range of languages and fragmented markets.

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