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Mapping HLT Policy

The purpose of the Euromap 'Mapping HLT Policy' task force is to provide access to HLT policy mechanisms and initiatives from a pan-European perspective. The information has been structured in two forms - Overview, and in detailed tabular form.

HLT Country by Country - Overview

The overview of each National Focal Point's (NFP) policy situation enables us to draw conclusions about the country-by-country similarities and differences of HLT policy, and we intend that this information will feed into the Euromap Final Report to allow for some summaries and conclusions to be made.

The goal of the task force was to produce a package of HLT policy data incorporating detail from each NFP. The objective of this package is to inform and stimulate policy making in project countries by offering a detailed picture of what the situation is across Europe, and what other policy making bodies are offering.

HLT Policy Table - Detail

A detailed account of each NFP's policy situation is presented in table form, and gives an overview of the policy initiatives in each country, in different areas of relevance to HLT. The table provides links to more detailed descriptions of each initiative, and there you will find urls that lead to the initiative websites.

All of those links in the table which are yellow are HLT-specific initiatives, while all other links either do or could incorporate HLT.

For more information about both the project and the report please visit the EUROMAP central website at

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