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Finnish TTS: YLE Launches Voice Subtitling (29.08.2005)
YLE, Finland's National public service broadcasting company, is set to provide a voice subtitling service on the YLETV1 digital channel.   more

Speech codec: Universal codec to set sound free (22.08.2005)
A team of European researchers working under the EC supported IST project ARDOR has developed a codec that will code any piece of recorded music, or speech, for any device.   more

Future interfaces: It makes sense to communicate with computers (15.08.2005)
Laying the foundations for future research in human-computer interactions, EC funded PF-STAR's speech and gesture databases, and virtual agents open up new approaches to machine-based communications.   more

Old fashioned speech recognition: MyJotter Turns Talk-to-Text (14.08.2005)
UK based has announced the launch of its 'voice-to-text' solution enabling callers to dictate voicemail messages which are then transcribed to text by a team of professional audio typists and sent to the destination of the caller's choice   more

Multilingual tools: Spanish-German Dictionary uses for Grammar Content (11.08.2005)
Basel (CH) based Canoo has announced that it is cooperating with the Spanish-German dictionary, DIX, to provide grammatical information during dictionary lookup for DIX users.   more

Speech recognition: NSC Adds Spanish-US Support to its ASR Engine (11.08.2005)
Natural Speech Communication Ltd of Israel has announced today that its ASR engine now supports Spanish as spoken in large parts of the US.   more

HearWear: Hearing Aids for the Unimpaired (09.08.2005)
Aa new exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum shows off trendy deaf-tech prototypes like gadgets that can filter out annoying noises and memory glasses that replay the last few seconds of conversation -- handy for wearers who might have missed   more

Speech agents: (08.08.2005)
Paying your water bill through telephone conversations with virtual agents is set to become the norm in the UK water sector.   more

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  Success Stories

Our success stories show how organisations of various kinds are applying language technologies to achieve more efficient and effective use of resources in different areas of their strategic or operational environments.

They can be viewed by category, Paths to Market, Dictionary applications, Speech applications, Internet applications and Translation & Localisation, or here in a table with the newest stories Solcara, CartaS?, Pro Langs and Hellas Flying Dolphins at the top.

  Task Forces

Final reports from EUROMAP eBusiness, Tourism, and Technology Transfer focus on encouraging implementation and market take-up of language technologies in those particular sectors.

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