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Voice styles: Posh and Jamies' estuary accents now more liked than Queen's English
The estuary accents of Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham and Jamie Oliver are now more liked than the Queen’s English, a study reveals. More than four in five (82%) Britons would question the honesty of someone who speaks like Hyacinth Bucket or the Queen. The study found that two in five (37%) consumers prefer to speak to someone whose regional accent matches their own.

Businesses should also use ‘lifestyle’ accents when they are talking to consumers, the study says. The estuary accents of Victoria Beckham and Jamie Oliver work best for young, dynamic brands; a bank maybe best represented by a trusted Scots accent, like that of Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark.

The ‘Voice of Business’ report from Vocalis also showed that workers who don’t speak ‘properly’ are no longer discriminated against by employers. Seven in ten bosses say they’re not prejudiced about accents. The study has been compiled by Vocalis to help businesses understand the role of voice in communicating with customers.

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