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LeJournal Archive

This section contains a collection of feature articles, interviews, profiles and opinion columns which originally appeared in LeJournal, an online publication of HLTCentral. The articles were commissioned specifically for LeJournal and they remain the copyright of HLTCentral. Some of the original links in the articles may no longer work.

[The articles are in Adobe .PDF format. You will need an Acrobat Reader, which may be downloaded, for free, from the Adobe Download page.]

Feature Articles Author
Virtual Tourism Lucille Redmond
Lets Look it up! David Pringle
Consumers or citizens? David Pringle
Money Talks: Language technology has the potential to transform the way Europe's financial institutions do business. David Pringle
Multilinguality in Southern Asia: a report from EMMIT'98 John Clews
The long language of the law: technology has the potential to be a powerful weapon in the battle against international crime. David Pringle
Software localisation: the need for complexity in both supply and demand. Lucille Redmond
Language tools in call centres: the agents are still on hold. Lucille Redmond
Search warrant? The Web view on the role of language processing. David Pringle
A controlling interest? Simplified languages to meet the global communication challenge. Andrew Joscelyne
Intranet searching goes multilingual. Le Journal
Dateline 2000 and beyond: the multilingual challenge to information systems. Andrew Joscelyne

Interviews Interviewer
Dimitris Theologitis - Localising the European Union Colin Brace
Lin Chase - Managing Europe's Dialogues Andrew Joscelyne
Ron Verheijen - The Drive to Productisation David Boothroyd
Hans Joachim Novak - Out-of-the-Box language tools for retrieval and intranet solutions Le Journal
Wolfgang Wahlster - Tuning up the VERBMOBIL Ren? Purwin
Marc Bautil - Languaging the Web: How iTranslator will get its translation engines to pull together Lode Goukens
Roberto Billi - Phones, phonemes and multimodality Le Journal
Heiko Schick - Translate! Summarise!Telemedia is keeping an eye on language technology suppliers Le Journal
Soumitra Dutta - Multilingual Enterprise Web Production: the view from market research and corporate Web services Le Journal
Keith Preston - Towards Multimodal Systems Adrian Mars

Profiles Author
The virtues of controlled language Lucille Redmond
Elan helps the machines talk back Katheryn Tyrka
Entropic targets the worlds most advanced natural spoken dialogue systems Adrian Mars
Giunti Multimedia is helping take European language learning to the people Hilary Hanahoe
Kielikone OY: how a Finnish LT supplier is benefiting from industrial experience Le Journal
Online Targeting by Language Bill Dunlap
Phone, he said! DASA's second generation in-vehicle speech system hits the road Andrew Joscelyne
Auralog: The sound of one company growing Andrew Joscelyne
Video-editing: IBM's speech technology to the rescue David Pringle
Europe?s vocal minorities Lucille Redmond

Opinions Author
Good in a crisis? Le Journal
Give us the tools and finish the job! Robin Bonthrone
FAQs about the language barrier Stephen Hagen
Why mastering product life cycles is key to successful language technology Jeremy Peckham
Transatlantic misperceptions in language engineering research Yorick Wilks
Putting Morphologic on the map Ren? Purwin
Why lexicographic quality matters Adam Kilgarriff
Quo Vodis? Europe's voice-operated car information system aims to put a new interface in the driving seat Lode Goukens
Sharing memories: ALPNET's Jaap van der Meer looks at next generation tools for the translation industry Jaap van der Meer
Truly universal digital access Kevin Carey

Editorials Author
First Issue Rose Lockwood
January 1999 (Issue #2) Equipe
February 1999 (Issue #3) Equipe
March 1999 (Issue #4) Equipe
April 1999 (Issue #5) Equipe
May 1999 (Issue #6) Equipe

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