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Goethe-Institut fur Deutsche Sprache

Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes is the largest organisation promoting German cultural and educational policy abroad. The fusion of the Goethe-Institut and Inter Nationes in January 2001 has resulted in a network of 3,100 employees working at 141 cultural institutions in 77 countries.

* Together with our partners we plan and organise programmes of events focussing on the arts, society, education, science and research, the media and information.
* Ca. 100,000 students of German attend courses at our institutes in Germany and abroad each year. We also support teachers in their work.
* Our information centres and libraries are well equipped to supply you with media and information on the language, culture and society of Germany.
* We also stock a wide range of books, magazines, games and documentaries on Germany, supplemented by various online services we produce and maintain ourselves.
* Ca. 1,500 foreign guests per annum take part in highly-qualified study and contact trips to Germany run by our visitors service.
* The Goethe Forum in Munich brings world culture to Germany, thus encouraging the international cultural debate.

Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes is financed by the Foreign Office, the German Press Office, sponsors and income from the various institutes. The budget for 2001 was ca. 242 million euros, around a third of which was generated by the institutes themselves.

President: Prof. Dr. Jutta Limbach
General Secretary: Prof. Dr. J.-F. Leonhard

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