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COLLATE, National Competence Centre for Language Technology at the DFKI.

COLLATE is a new project dedicated to building up a German competence center for language technology in Saarbruecken.

At Saarland University the project will conduct research with the aim to shorten the path from the lab into realistic applications. This research will concentrate on three major application areas:

  • the extraction of information from large volumes of digital texts
  • natural interaction with electronic information services
  • the management of large information repositories by improved search and text

The actual competence center will consist of three components that are hosted at DFKI in Saarbruecken:

  • the virtual information center Language Technology World
  • the German Demonstration Center for LT Systems
  • an evaluation center for LT applications.

The principal investigators of the project are Prof.Dr. H. Uszkoreit, Prof. Dr. M. Pinkal and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster.

COLLATE stresses the importance of HLT research and promotion in Germany, aiming at creating new competence networks in Software Technology, or strengthening those already existing.

It is probable that most policy measures as well as awareness/information promotion will be delivered with help of the Collate Project and/or DLR, who will involve their large project groups and partners in creating new policy measures.

Administerial level behind mechanism

BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research): project contractor for information technology/intelligent systems at DLR

DFKI: German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (winner of German Future Prize 2002).

Saarland University

Budget Budget is: 4.5 Mio.€
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