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AUPELF - Agence Francaise de la Francophonie

A world network of more than 400 educational establishments higher and research.

The university Agency of Francophonie (AUF) is a multilateral institution which supports the co-operation and solidarity between the university institutions working in French, firstly with the French-speaking countries of Africa, the Arab World, Asia of South-east, Central and Eastern Europe and of the Caribbean one. It also contributes to the development of the higher education and research.

More than 430 members (public and deprived universities, educational establishments higher, research centers or institutions, institutional networks and networks of administrators related to the university life), divided in the countries pertaining to the international Organization of Francophonie and beyond, are members of the university Agency. To these members, it is advisable to add more than 350 departments of French studies of university establishments of the whole world. The whole of these establishments constitutes a single network partners that the university Agency of Francophonie federates and animates through its eight support and action plans.

The university Agency is present in more than 35 countries, through its regional offices, its centers of access to information, its campuses numerical or its institutes of formation. Its seat is in Montreal (Canada) on the campus of the University of Montreal.

Since 1989, the AUF is a direct operator of the international Organization of Francophonie and it takes part, thus, thanks to the support of the States and governments having French in division, to the construction and the consolidation of a scientific French space.

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