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Sitra, the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development, is an independent public foundation under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament. The Fund aims to promote Finland's economic prosperity by encouraging research, backing innovative projects, organising training programmes and providing venture capital.

Sitra seeks to identify and fund and develop Finnish enterprises that are internationally competitive and profitable.To such companies Sitra is able to offer funding and services that will advance their progress. The focus of Sitras corporate funding is directed towards enterprises that are at the start-up stage.

Sitra has funded earlier HLT companies Kielikone Oy and Lingsoft Oy.

Areas of interest:

* Research information on Finnish society for the basis of decision-making
* Innovative operations to create new cooperative networks and models
* Training for decision-makers, media representatives and professionals in the field of corporate funding
* Corporate funding for the technology companies in the their early stages of existence, regional enterprises with promising future and for commercializing innovations
* Investments in international venture-capital funds concentrating on the high-tech field

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Finnish Parliament

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Centres and Industrials Involved Sitra cooperates with public-sector bodies such as the Finnish National Technology Agency (Tekes), the Finnish Industry Investment Ltd., Finnvera, the Academy of Finland, and Employment and Economic Development Centres (TE-centres). In addition, Sitra tries to coordinate its funding with that of other providers of capital.
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